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It is obvious that loads of items placed strategically in a room contribute to the ambiance. Ambiance generally is accomplished by natural light from your windows, but how about not having this special lighting source, for example, when you live in an apartment without windows? It is the right time for ambient floor lamps to function. Consideration for the best ambient floor lamps should be taken right here, as the top 5 of the best ambient floor lamps are now available to be reviewed. 


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Top 5 Best Ambient Floor Lamps For Consideration

Top 1: Brightech Parker – Decorative Tower Shade Floor Lamp

Plus points:

  • Decorative lamp: It looks like a tower that is beautiful in every living room with a combination of contemporary, mid-century modern, and farmhouse styles, for a gorgeous appearance that you can place anywhere as such.
  • Easy to adjust: The upscale elegance of this product can be mixed with the warm, soft light emitted by itself, making it a perfect option for guest bedrooms as well. You can turn both lights on for your rooms to be a lot brighter, or just one for ambient lightness.
  • Long-lasting: Including 2 LED bulbs that are tested to last for up to 20.000 hours, meaning it can work up to 20 years with proper use and regular maintenance without having to replace any bulb. Furthermore, you can actually save 90% on your electricity bill compared to halogen or incandescent bulbs as LED generally doesn’t waste loads of energy.
  • 3-year warranty: With just a small amount of money, you get a product that features 3 years of guarantee for every defect, the period long enough for some people to replace no less than 5 products in their house surely.

Minus point:

  • The shade is 2 pieces of fabric that velcro together, which seems to lower its grade regarding design. 

Top 2: Joofo Living Room Floor Lamp

Plus points:

  • Stylish design: Made of high-quality metal with a fabric lampshade, the lamp is super easy to operate. Especially, it features a look of the combination between modern and traditional, being perfect for every corner, ranging from the living room, bedroom to office as well.
  • Adjustable 3-color temperatures: Personally sharing, I would love to personalize my own vibe by adjusting the temperature of lamps. Fortunately, this floor lamp meets my demand well, with 3 color temperature modes for sufficient brightness. Additionally, it features an eye-caring function for your reading task to be more comfortable and healthier.
  • Comfortable: In order to supplement your interior design scheme, this lamp will offer a comfortable ambiance to every corner of multiple spaces inside your home or office.
  • Sturdy: Safety is taken into consideration carefully, thus, the base of the floor lamp is made of metal, which is heavy enough to hold the whole lamp all the time. Other than that, the paint lamp pole is thick and elegant, giving you a sense of pleasure.
  • Easy to install: No tools needed, it takes you around 5 minutes to finish this LED floor lamp effortlessly. The Installation has never been as easy as it is now.

Minus point:

  • It is actually shorter than it actually looks in the advertisement. 

Top 3: CHIPHY RGB Standing Floor Lamp

Plus points:

  • Homey atmosphere: Two bulbs of the lamp offer a pleasant warm light for your space to be as comfortable as home, even though you are not at home. You can use it for any decoration, as it is all compatible with those.
  • Fantastic light effect: There is a range of 7 colors and 3 modes of changing frequency for you to customize your device. Especially, the brightness and color temperature of those bulbs can be easily adjustable based on your demand. When you are chatting with your friends or watching TV with your family members, some soft ambiance is possible to maximize your experience also.
  • Remote control: A controller can help you to take control over the 2 smart bulbs of the standing light, even if you want it to work separately. It features a timer with two options for you are 30 and 60m.
  • Easy to assemble: Thanks to the detailed instruction, little by little you can assemble the fabric lamp with ease, don’t worry about the assembling process anymore, I did it on my own and I believe you can too.

Minus point:

  • A little bit more expensive than other products with the same quality.

Top 4: Brightech Helix – Modern LED Floor Lamp for Living Room

Plus points:

  • Modern: Are you looking for guests to come around and for conversations to start? This unique, elegant style of modernist chances impresses your guests greatly and maintains the conversations for so long.
  • Stay cool: Featuring a built-in foot pedal dimmer switch, this lamp is suitable for every night story with the highest setting for bright lighting. It is also safe in kids’ rooms because it is nothing but lightweight, and thus, even if it is knocked over, your children will hardly get hurt.
  • Versatile matches ranges of decoration: Its versatility allows it to go with a wide range of decorations from the living room, bedroom to office space. You can pair it with urban, contemporary, minimalistic or futurist modern decoration as well, since things will never break, for sure.
  • Long-lasting: Being inclusive of a built-in LED light rated to last for up to 20,000 hours, meaning that its lifespan can be up to 20 years with the normal use of around 3 hours of lighting every day. You can expect not to replace a bulb and thus save 90% on your electricity bill monthly.
  • 3-year warranty: I am happy to share this piece of news that you are perhaps into it. Its maximum time allowed for warranty is 3 years, alright. From now on, every issue arising after receiving your package can be addressed at any time.

Minus point:

  • It is made of plastic and if you are a bit material-conscious, you probably don’t want to purchase such a product, if not, it is completely okay. 

Top 5: Brightech Jaxon – Mid Century Modern Floor Lamp

Plus points:

  • Stylish: For any type of decoration that you lean towards, this product serves your needs best, ranging from modern, industrial vintage, traditional and other range of decoration styles. It has a unique stem with 3 metal legs rising separately, adding on its gorgeousness all the time for every use.
  • Warm and contemporary lighting: High tech is never as easy as a cake-like when it comes to this floor lamp, as it works with smart outlets to turn on or switch off easily. The glowing warm light of Jaxon offers a comfortable ambiance being compatible with nurseries, doctor’s offices, or even kid’s rooms…
  • Durable: It is estimated that if used in normal conditions, your lamps can be as durable as much of up to 20 years. You can hope not to replace a bulb if using your floor lamps properly.

Minus point:

  • The product generally arrives with differently separate pieces, so if you are not mechanical-literate, chances are you will feel so challenging assembling those. 

How to choose the best ambient floor lamps?

Think of the overall vibe

Aesthetically, an ambient floor lamp can add verticality, scale, and sculptural quality at the same time to a room in your house. The flexibility coming from having distinguished types of lighting and separate styles of lights in a room enhances the experience and visual interest in the room as sure as hell. A single ambient floor lamp can basically balance something weighty on the other side of any space, while a pair of lamps can emphasize a part of the chosen corner that you might be in an attempt to guide the eye to like a window or a mantle for sure. If you have two lamps that literally don’t match, you don’t want the two to compete; there should be a balance in the end. For instance, you don’t want a weighty lamp adjacent to a weighty chair.

What you are trying to achieve will dictate how much wattage you need for specific products. For instance, if you are trying to light up a room in a house, you need a higher wattage than usual. If the ambient floor lamp is actually functioning as a reading or task light, you only need 60 watts to light your page and that is generally enough for use.

Care about the room itself

You perhaps prefer to add a floor lamp to a space that is a bit distinguished from the style of the architecture of course. For instance, in some ultra-modern spaces, we use ambient floor lamps that are modern, rather than using ultra-modern, this helps to bring in an element of earthiness and softness simultaneously. 

Best ambient floor lamps FAQs

What is literally ambient lighting?

Ambient lighting, or what is usually called general lighting, plays the role of the primary source of light for a certain space. It is actually the foundation of all the lighting of a room from the very early ages of lighting technology. Apart from the basic lighting functionality, the ambient lighting makes improvements for the sense of warmth and depth of a room or space as well. It works to provide a relaxable level of illumination without too much glare at times. This enables you to navigate a whole room safely as much. A central source of it for every room is vital to accomplish an excellent lighting plan. A perfect source needs an obvious strategy in choosing which lights should be used and in what area or part of the room to place the lighting product.

How to accomplish ambient lighting? 

Ambient lighting can be gotten by applying basic lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, track lights or recessed lights, and wall or even ceiling-mounted lighting fixtures as such. There are a couple of ways to achieve balance in ambient lighting and this generally is dependent on what type of room you are using it for. In some spaces, this can also serve as the main source for task lighting.

How important is lighting intensity?

Choosing the bulb wattage when installing the lamp should not be ignored. This will be dependent on the function of your lighting fixture at first. If the fixture is aimed to serve as the primary source of light like in a reading chair, you probably will need a higher bulb wattage. However, for warmth creation and a little personality particularly for subtle accent lighting, no need to use glaring lights for sure.

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