How to choose the best bathroom light fixtures for your room to be luminous?

Whether you’re intending to renovate an existing bath or thinking of a brand-new construction, a light fixtures for bathroom vanity is a vital component of any well-designed bathroom. Several homes, especially older homes, feature the conundrum of either no dedicated light fixture at all or the lighting working as the only light for the room. Neither of these cases is fantastic, as the tasks performed at a vanity (generally grooming and hygiene) need more careful consideration than an ambient light applied basically just for general illumination only. For that reason, in this article, you will be guided on how to choose the best bathroom light fixtures.


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Top 5 Best Bathroom Light Fixtures

Top 1: Wall Sconce with Crystal Drops for Bathroom

Plus points:

  • Real crystal: No matter how much money you allocate to your home appliances, just a fake crystal fixture can also break everything and lower the overall value of your house. With a real crystal product, you can be proud of the aesthetic look when introducing it to any house guests coming by.
  • State-of-the-art design: With a minimalist and modern design suiting any home or apartment, this product offers an exquisite finishing touch. Just imagine that a clean, simple design can obviously make this attractive modern sconce a welcome addition to any type of room, mounting effortlessly on a wall to shed pleasing light on your reading at night. Life will be far easier if there is a proper lighting fixture around.
  • Easy to assemble: There was a time I suddenly tore out just because of the incompetence to assemble a lamp. It was not that easy, honestly, to install even if I had finished a course in Electricity. Yet when it comes to this light fixture, it took me a bit of time to get it completed easily, just with a cup of delectable coffee.

Minus point:

  • The metal frame leaves a lot to be desired as it is kind of thin and fragile.

Top 2: Pauwer Industrial Bathroom Vanity Light

Plus points:

  • A feeling of being back to the old days: Old memories get us going back to the moments when things were not up to par enough but still, fortunately, remained their own essence, a sense of classical architecture. If you are looking for a light fixture that is able to rekindle the ancient atmosphere in your own apartment, there you go. This product is greatly compatible with such.
  • Durable with metal construction: You still dream of a product standing the test of time for up to 10 years? No way, even if you are in search of it until the next era, you cannot find anything suitable. However, if lowering your demand to a standard of several years, there is actually still a light that can prove its durability with metal construction, for as long as the duration of use as such. This bathroom light can not be easily ruined just in light of time during a short period.
  • Convenient to use: Though made specifically for bathroom use, not everyone intends to apply the lamp to a bathroom only. There are plenty of uses that vary from living rooms, bedrooms to kitchen, or for wherever you are interested in.

Minus point:

  • If you are generally not capable of installation, you probably cannot yourself assemble it owing to the fact that it is as complicated as hell even with a technician. 

Top 3: Vanity Light Fixture All-in-One Bathroom Set

Plus points:

  • Easy on the eyes for make-up: You have been tired of straining your eyes since making an attempt to blend your makeup in a dimly lit bathroom? Transparently you need to look for a better lighting product to make your makeup application a breeze every break of dawn. If still considering for the best, why not take a look at this one?
  • Flexible: The most interesting part when it comes to this light feature is that mixtures can be mounted with glass globes facing up or down for more flexibility in design. It is not that tricky to install the light with glass shades up or down to light up in every corner of your bathroom.
  • Easy to assemble: Any obstacle related to the assembling process can result in frustration and loss of time also, which you probably never want to experience. If so, choosing this bathroom light fixture can help you out substantially as it is super easy to install and gives peace of mind touching and assembling.

Minus point:

  • No bulb included, meaning you need extra money for another item aside from the package. 

Top 4: SOLFART Modern 4 Lights LED Vanity Lights for Bathroom

Plus points:

  • Elegant design: With the exclusive design, this would be an answer to your friends when you are asked about hobbies and daily activities, as the lamp itself will reflect exactly who you are and why you decided to use it in the bathroom.
  • Energy-saving: Money-saving has always been a priority when it comes to choosing a lamp for lighting, but how to purchase an ideal product is still an enigma. With LED lights, this one offers more brightness than traditional bulbs can then would reduce the electricity bill monthly in your house too.
  • High-quality: Bathroom environments are supposed to be less safe for household appliances, aside from this light fixture. You really don’t have to worry about it being adversely affected as it is made from stainless steel for the most durable use ever.

Minus point:

  • Should the bulb fail, no way around it to change the bulb, meaning that you are liable to resort to an entire replacement if broken.

Top 5: Effimero Black Bathroom Vanity 3 Light Fixture

Plus points:

  • Good look: With its second-to-none rust-resistant matte black finish as well as clear glass cylinders, this vanity light fixture complements your home with contemporary, industrial decor for the best look soothing the eyes of every guest coming around. A lamp cannot be the primary factor deciding the look of the whole apartment, but without it, your house would be as empty as such, so just appreciate this light fixture!
  • Durable: While most of my friends think about appearance and price when looking for a lamp, I consider myself different, as I just do care about how it actually works over the test of time, and how much maintenance cost I need to spend every month after use. Generally speaking, this light hasn’t disappointed me out, as it lasts pretty long and I haven’t had to waste any unanticipated money for maintenance fees since I got it home.

Minus point:

  • In the sense that the holes in the glass are uneven, it is impossible for the light to be straight.

How to choose the best bathroom light fixtures?

The first and foremost step in choosing bathroom lighting fixtures is deciding what style of lighting best suits your decoration style. Once you have already settled on how your lighting fixtures will look, begin to think of the best lighting temperature—warm or cool because each of which has a specific purpose—to aid you in achieving your vision of the ideal bathroom. The following are a few things to take into consideration as you shop for the best lighting fixtures:


The number of lighting fixtures you really need to have in your bathroom is all dependent on how big your bathroom is, how big your light fixture is, and how bright you want your space to be as well. There are four primary styles of bathroom light fixtures: single-light fixtures, multi-light strips, sometimes people also think of bar fixtures, and sconces. Single-light fixtures hardly cast enough light to lighten a bathroom and should hence be reserved for smaller spaces in the case that they are the room’s only light source. Generally, multi-light strips hold between two and eight bulbs as well as are typically installed above the mirror. A cutting-edged bar-style light that is a multi-light strip encased in a frosted shadow box, is a not-too-hard way to update a bathroom. Sconces are commonly hung in pairs on either side of a focal point, like a bathroom mirror.

Color Temperature 

When you look for the best lighting texture for your bathroom, be conscious of the color temperature you wish your bathroom lighting to cast. Bathroom light fixtures can cast either warm or cool glows, and a couple of lights have dual temperature options too. Warm temperatures generally cast a cozy, flattering light while cool (or white) light is similar to natural light and is good for detailed tasks like makeup application as well. Energy-efficient LED bulbs, coming in a variety of hues, are another choice for bathroom lighting fixtures.

Water Resistance

Since you shop for the best lighting fixtures for the bathroom, you’ll take notice of the fact that products are labeled with Ingress Protection ratings. These ratings start with the letters “IP” followed by most of the time two numbers ranging from 0 to 8. The first digit shows how protected a lighting fixture is against solids such as dust as well as large particles. The second number shows the fixture’s resistance to moisture or water. Zero lets us know that there will be no protection, and 8 obviously shows full protection. An IP rating of IP15, for instance, provides minimal protection against solid things yet moderate protection against sprayed jets of water as such. In the case that your light fixtures are similar to your tub or shower, you should take a higher IP water rating into account.

Best bathroom light fixtures FAQs

What is a bathroom vanity lighting fixtures?

Lighting fixtures comprise any light that is actually installed over a bathroom sink, typically on either side of or above a mirror. The sink mayor from time to time also may not have a vanity cabinet surrounding it, and the mirror sometimes can be installed against the wall or part of a medicine cabinet; the lighting requires it to remain the same.

For the best use, the light will be the only component of a bathroom lighting scheme. Like any other type of room, the bath benefits hugely from layers of light: ambient, task, and even accent lighting. While a couple of smaller or under-designed bathrooms are dependent solely on an overhead light, others may have only the lighting fixtures to lighten the space. The latter is more preferable than the former one, as you can have lights that function as tasks as well as general lighting.

What is the proper ratio of mirror and light fixtures?

It’s highly suggested that lighting fixtures should be three-fourths as wide as the mirror. In the event that you have two sinks, nonetheless, two lighting fixtures will provide a more symmetrical look for sure. So be mindful of that before getting your home a proper device.

What type of industrial bathroom vanity lighting is best for make-up application?

Cool light, which features a clean glow closer to natural light, is chosen for applying makeup generally. Warm light is basically very flattering but does not precisely represent a real color, which is known to possibly lead to heavier than needed makeup application.

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