Best bedroom light fixtures – Detailed reviews and Buying guides

Lighting a bedroom is generally considered to be a task that is both fun and tough at the same time. Various types of lighting installations and the endless options for design styles enthrall us all. However, getting the lighting fixtures right for the bedroom is often an act of walking the tightrope that most of us can’t master. Hopefully, today, a list of the best bedroom light fixtures will gently be a source of useful information so that you can easily choose the best of your own!


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Top 5 best bedroom light fixtures

Top 1: DLLT Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light Farmhouse

Plus points:

  • Standard of sleep lamp: Conventionally, bedroom lights have been the go for task lighting to read by in bed and these lighting products are a key decorating feature in any bedroom. With this light, vintage design is meticulously mixed with both industrial and contemporary elements, making sure the right atmosphere for your sleep, especially if you consider design to be the first priority for turning in more easily.
  • Compatible with various bulbs used: A nightmare will actually appear if there is no bulb suitable for the light that you have chosen, how can you handle such a case, throw it away or keep it and wait for a miracle? If you have been in a similar dilemma, you will feel life much easier somewhat if using this lamp. It is compatible with a vast variety of bulbs, making bulb replacement far more effortless. Say goodbye to money-consuming days.
  • Wide application: I don’t know whether this is a piece of good news or bad news, but, personally, for me, this is such a happy sharing, as the lamp is suitable for application in any type of room, not just specifically meant for bedroom only. For some of you who lean towards specialization, this is not a good idea, but generally speaking of its flexibility, it is worth your money, anyway.

Minus point:

  • The glass shades should have been a bit more opaque to better hide the bulbs for sure.

Top 2: Modern Farmhouse Flush Mount Light Fixture

Plus points:

  • Design: Go beyond the standard issue regarding designs, many customers show their great affection towards this product just in light of its combination of modern industrial style and classical memorization. If you consider your style somewhere between the past and the present, this might not be a bad option, believe me!
  • Easy installation: Work has kind of gotten in the way, so many times, we directly call professional electricians without any concern related, that is totally okay if you are not hesitant to waste money on such an easy-to-install light fixture like this. Honestly, even if you are not a mechanical-knowledgeable person, you can yourself still assemble it, just with a bit of endeavor and carefulness.
  • Ideal application for old architecture: If you are currently owning a rustic house, chances are you will be fascinated with this bedroom light fixture, since it is ideal for every application in every type of house, especially for old architectural apartments for sure.

Minus point:

  • For this lamp only, the addition of a bulb is needed, as it is not included in the package when arriving. 

Top 3: Farmhouse Chandeliers Pendant Lighting

Plus points:

  • Special design: For ones who have never felt like parallel designs, this product might be a bit far cry from what you have been familiar with. However, after getting it home, you basically will change your mind because of its super convenience and it matches well with your interior furniture as such. 5 lights with each one adjustable in terms of height, you can easily satisfy your own personal preference at any time of use.
  • Up to 2 years of warranty: I individually cannot take a risk of buying a product without any information regarding the warranty. For that aforementioned reason, I decided to choose this one for its obvious terms of warranty of up to 2 years. That is enough for me, and I guess, you will possibly share the same thought.
  • Great for every type of room: Here’s where you can really have fun with a light fixture that can serve you well in any type of room, ranging from a bedroom at first, to living rooms and even a cafe if you have any intention of doing business.

Minus point:

  • The customer service still leaves a lot to be desired, and if you have any issue with the warranty, you practically have to wait, wait and wait for too long before getting any official response. 

Top 4: ZEEFO Crystal Chandeliers Light

Plus points:

  • Decent and elegant look: For a modern take on bedroom lighting, a decent and elegant appearance of the light fixture will never be old-fashionable, particularly if you love beauty and wish your room to be a place nowhere to be found on this Earth, you can give this a go. It is extremely suitable for people who fancy crystal decoration.
  • Durable material: Highly selected from the very durable material, this light can stand the test of time regardless of whatever it is used for. Just alone hanging there and illuminating a whole room of your home whenever you get home from the workplace, it is such an ideal option for aesthetic minds. A new replacement? No way, if you apply it properly with appropriate use.
  • An indispensable part of a kid’s room: You can actually regard it as a master suite or use the light to add a little bling to a kids’ bedroom because there is one-hundred percent that your kids will love it a whole lot, due to its brightness. Mine loves it so much that my intention of a periodical replacement for the lighting fixture has gone failed.

Minus point:

  • The chandelier doesn’t live up to the expectation of mine because of its restriction in terms of bulb included. 

Top 5: Flush Mount Ceiling Light for Bedroom

Plus points:

  • Second-to-none deal: This ceiling light generally features three levels of brightness that enable you to create the perfect setup for a relaxing atmosphere at any time, because you decide your own vibe, actually!. The flush mount ceiling light will be a good fit for all types of rooms, thus, you can add this stylish modern flush mount light to your ceiling in your bedroom, or even the living room for sure, without any discrepancy.
  • Special design for every curiosity: With a black iron canopy under a round wood frame, the lamp itself looks like a bygone decoration for houses in the past. The light fixture, hence, will hands down be an eyecatcher for anyone who steps into your house. Why don’t you get them a big surprise? I bet it works and it is worth doing so!

Minus point:

  • It needs to be fitted by a qualified electrician, or else, I cannot be sure whether or not you get into trouble with the product during the installation.

How to choose the best light fixture suitable for your bedroom?

Never forget about size as it matters most

The first and most vital aspect that defines your lighting options in the bedroom (or any room, for that matter) is actually the room’s size. You generally have to pick fixtures that emit enough light to lighten every corner of the room suitable for your style. The typical tendency is to place way too many lighting products with the hope of the presence of ample illumination reflecting your design planning in detail. But in fact, this does just the opposite only, and the room looks too bright in one corner and dim in others will practically break the harmonization of your room’s things inside. Even as sculptural additions, the pendants as well as chandeliers that you select must be always proportional to the size of the bedroom as well as the surrounding decor. 

Why not various layers of lighting?

There are hands down, no possible substitute for incorporating a couple of different layers of lighting that work in conjunction to provide your bedroom with the perfect look. Every space that is beautifully designed is inclusive of various types of lights, and you cannot even replace this with plenty of recessed lights and at the same time make up for the loss of accent and task lighting. While ambient light decides the general aura of the room, task lighting will basically offer focused illumination for specific nooks inside the room as well. In terms of lighting fixtures only, there is still a need for accent lighting, as it enables you to highlight the feature that you think is the focal point of the room. 

Don’t forget about a floor of colors:

It is undying that warm and fuzzy white lights bring a sense of serenity as well as calmness and are great even for those passionate, romantic evenings and nights whether you are alone or wanna be around with a partner. Brighter lights have a tendency to elevate the grandeur of the room and even make it far more alluring. In the case that the bedroom backdrop is more neutral than usual, then a simple color can alter the accent hue of the space.

Best bedroom light fixtures FAQs:

How can lighting help accommodate various demands in your bedroom?

The key is creating flexibility, and the capability to take control over light levels, so if someone wishes to sleep but someone wants to work at the same time, you can accommodate that for sure, with ease. In place of one big overhead light, it is also advisable that you should consider different lighting in each area.

How can you incorporate state-of-the-art lighting into a traditional bedroom?

It’s all about the mix that matters most. You have two choices here: either select one big statement piece – a fixture in the center of a room that features scale and presence and is obviously an anomaly, the thing that eventually breaks the rule. Or, you can think of applying several modern fixtures, with a view to helping create a rhythm as well as train the eye that it’s an intentional move so as to easily introduce this new design language, and will never be a mistake or lonely leftover. Natural materials work best, for example, a chandelier with wood material as described above. Those with texture and irregularity such as alabaster, natural stones, or even metals with patina, and linen also work best. Chrome and white glass, personally, will look a bit cold in that type of setting.

Is there anything that humans should avoid when choosing light fixtures?

Installing only overhead cans – too many at the same time – is a typical mistake that we commonly make. It flattens everything out, there is actually no dimension, and it’s unflattering, leading you to look older and saggier as well.

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