Best Bedside Floor Lamps Will Be A Good Friend Near Your Bed

There is a catchphrase that “how your bedroom looks will show who you are”. That’s absolutely true as each way of decoration reveals different styles, especially when it comes to a bedside lamp for being around. As an indispensable part of the harmonization of any bedroom, a bedside floor lamp plays its role of an excellent illumination provider where some are dimmable so as to reduce the proportion of lighting produced.

I hope you feel the flowing review useful as I am gonna share with you top 5 of the best bedside floor lamps for your bedroom to be bright as much.



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Top 5 Best Bedside Floor Lamps For Your Bedroom Update 2021

Top 1: The first name in the “best bedside floor lamp” list: CO-Z Floor Lamp, Etagere Lamp with Shelves, Standing Lamp with 3 Wood Display Storage Shelves for Bedroom Bedside Corner Living Room, Simple Modern Floor Lights with LED Bulb, here it is.

Standing Lamp with 3 Wood Display Storage Shelves for Bedroom Bedside

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Plus points: 

  • Impressive:

You are surrounded by soft ambient uplight which is diffused with the fabric lamp share, optimizing the best moments of your own experience. Your cell phone, remote controls, vases, or even books are all perfect in any of the most visible corners of the room.

  • Space-saving decoration:

Worry about something taking up your precious space? Now your concern has been relieved as the appearance of this lamp proves that even if your rooms are narrow, you still have the right to enjoy the most beautiful floor lamp.

  • Multipurpose use:

An advocate for simplicity is also an aesthetic person with very sensitive eyes. Do you consider yourself to be him or her? If your study, guest room, or anywhere requires warm light and shelving, this lamp can serve your demands well.

  • Durable:

Looking for the best durable and high-quality in the name of low maintenance and replacement? Here you are, the flawless lamp that is made for a lifetime warranty.


Minus point: two of the long poles are likely to break after a certain time of use.


Top 2 Floor Lamp, 2-in-1 Multifunctional LED Floor Lamp & Desk Lamp, Programmable Timer Floor Lamp

LED Floor Lamp & Desk Lamp Standing Lamp for Bedroom

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Plus points:

  • 2-in-1 multifunctional:

Flexibility and adjustability are both ensured well when it comes to this multifunctional lamp. You basically can have your work enhanced easily without any expensive overheat-light installation.

  • Eye-friendly reading modes:

In the case that you have an eye problem, there is a likelihood that you will lean toward the lamp that can offer you a soft light for eye protection, this product can be a perfect choice for sure.

  • Long lifespan:

More than 50,000 hours of use, alright, you didn’t mishear at all, that’s an ideal plus point that I want to emphasize greatly. Energy-efficient function assists you with the reduction of electricity bill by up to 75%.

  • 4 different modes of lighting:

With the provision of 4 color temperatures, ranging from cool white to yellow warm, the lamp for multifunctional purposes can be used anywhere for any task lighting such as reading, relaxing, studying, or even when you wish to hit the sack, the product is committed to work best also.


Minus point: The item normally doesn’t come with any instructions, which would be very disappointing when it requires your assembly yourself without any guidance.


Top 3  Miroco LED Floor Lamp with 4 Brightness Levels & 4 Colors Temperatures, Adjustable LED Floor Light

Miroco LED Floor Lamp

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Plus points:

  • Adjustable color and brightness:

You can get satisfaction as there are up to 4 color temperatures varying from the candle, warm white, natural white to cool white, and 4 brightness levels, which seem to ultimately meet your specific needs at any circumstance.

  • Long-lasting:

Elegance is not the first and foremost factor considered when people make up their mind purchasing this product, as one of its striking features probably is a long lifespan with up to more than 20,000 hours, which ensures lower replacement and maintenance costs.

  • Flexible and adjustable:

If traditional lights to some degree disappoint you in terms of inflexibility and non-adjustable features, this model is technically proven to offer rotation with ease. Illumination of any item by controlling the lights is also possible.

  • Touch control:

The provided panel located on the top of the lamp can be one of the reasons why you don’t can’t help having one. You can easily choose the personalized color temperature and brightness no matter where you are at.


Minus point: the cord is a bit thin with only a couple of strands of copper and an insulated coating that may crack off and pose a hazard after just several months.


Top 4 Floor Lamp, Joofo Led Floor Lamp, Remote and Touch Control, let’s chill.

Floor Lamp, Joofo Led Floor Lamp, Remote and Touch Control

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Plus points: 

  • Longer lifespan and brighter lighting:

With the provision of 1000 lumens brightness, which is tantamount to 150W incandescent lamps, the light is absolutely safe for your eyes. Additionally,  50,000 hours of maximum use can satisfy any of your demands as such.

  • 2-in-1 smart remote control:

Have you ever imagined that you can intelligently operate the led standing lap from anywhere by the remote? Yes, certainly you have ever, at least, when you were still a kid with an aspiration of taking control over the whole world around like a superman. Stepless dimming gives you the most relaxing moments after a long day of working exhaustion.

  • Best memorization:

With high-quality materials, the product is promised to provide users with long memorization of the previous task, at least, can help you less snow-under as you don’t have to adjust the brightness at a high frequency

  • Stable safety and easy installation:

Technically, safety requirements are the first priority of the brand, as it increases brand awareness in the long run for sustainable strategies. Hence, you can certainly expect no harm will affect your kids’ childhood experience around the adorable lamp. Moreover, you can assemble effortlessly in 3 minutes. Isn’t it amazing enough?


Minus point: The base was too small in diameter to work well as per any desire, making the lamp fall over on carpeting, anyway.


The game-changer – top 5 of the list specialized for you as best is Brightech Leaf – Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp for Reading, Crafts & Precise Tasks – take a look at.

Brightech Leaf - Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp

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Plus points:

  • Very bright lighting for any tasks or hobbies:

Want your books to be illuminated and even any of your preferred materials like newspapers, as well,  for example? You are reading the most objective review coming from the experience of a customer, believe me, this lamp is highly suitable for any use that you may have cared for.

  • Modern vintage style:

Probably I am a bit self-centered when it comes to style, but I bet you that no one can resist the temptation of a gorgeous vintage style provided as such. Its thin, skinny design allows it to properly blend in with any corner in your rooms. Regardless of contemporary, industrial, urban, traditional decorations, the lamp works best.

  • Brightech 3-year warranty:

Some of my friends who once used a product say that what they highly recommend is its caring customer service to guarantee what literally provides us with satisfaction. 3 years is equal to the lifespan of a product, which means your lamp will be carefully protected all the time without any concern related.


Minus point: Probably no big problem found during the time of use.


How to choose a bedside floor lamp?

Here are our professional tips on choosing a bedside lamp that you may witness take effect:

  • Sufficient Lighting:

There’s a basic rule that applies when it comes to how many lamps are needed for a bedroom. Purchase one lamp if you sleep alone, and two lamps if you have a partner around. In the case that you have a big-sized bedroom, and your mattress is king size, consider having two lamps even if you’re the only occupant. If the room lacks a ceiling fixture, the two bedside lamps are not sufficient for the illumination of the entire space.


  • Think About the Style:

Be aware of the style you’re trying to get and want it to be reflected in the lighting? Make sure that the style and color are harmonious with the bedroom decoration. For example, if you have a contemporary bedroom style, a chrome or glass finish bedside lamp would be your best choice possible. Give your bedroom an elegant look by improving its appearance with a bedside lamp that can feature a retro-finish.


  • Getting the Size & Shape Right

Normally, the size of the bedside lampshade provides a balance. The rule of thumb is choosing the lampshade to be roughly two-thirds of the bedside lamp body.


Similarly, the width of the lampshade has to be approximately 2 times larger than the width of the most extensive part of the lamp itself. For a reading bedside lamp, make sure the lampshade is really close to the level of your eyes for the best experience.




How to think about the most suitable style in detail?

As far as your bedside lamps blend in with the rest of your bedroom’s décor, the color and style are all up to you for sure. A contemporary bedroom with a sleek glass or chrome lamp may be perfectly compatible or pick a traditional ginger jar lamp for a country bedroom as my suggestion may be best. Have some fun with a lamp shaped or decorated in a motif typically applied for your own style: anchor or seashell for a coastal-style room, palm tree for use at a tropical room, or even wine in a Tuscan-themed room, and so on. Just imagine that your bedside lamp has a powerful accent in your bedroom, and choose accordingly.


Some mistakes when it comes to the decision to choose the right bedside floor lamp?

  • Incorrect lamp height:

The most common question – What is the correct height for a bedside lamp. The answer to that depends on the height of the adjacent bedroom.

A rule of thumb when purchasing a bedside lamp is that the combined height of both the lamp and the bedroom should not be more or less than 54 to 61 inches high. This rule seems to hold true for all kinds of bedside rooms, personally. It helps give the room a cohesive look that you may feel better somehow.

  • Wrong shape of the character of lamp:

This is a very common mistake – and I think one of us has made it at least once. A too-small lamp beside your bed will not only make the lamp and the appearance of the room look disproportionate but it will also make the bed next to it look wrong as well. Have a look at your bed. Is it a big heavy one? Only you know your answer.


Is a plan for choosing bedside floor lamps needed?

Obviously, when you are gonna do something, you have to take your budget and things related into consideration, and plans to choose the right floor lamp are of course not an exception.

Before shopping for bedside lamps, consider the size of your room and how you typically use them as such. If your bedroom is small and mostly used for sleeping only, choosing lamps is just a matter of personal taste. Nonetheless, if you own a large bedroom you may need a task lamp for a desk or reading corner for the optimization of your staying time at home.

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