Lightning Up Your Bedroom With Best Bright Floor Lamps

There are many ways to change the look of your bedroom. Some people think of the presence of a good-looking flower pot, others likely to cherish the principles of aesthetics with a lamp. If you choose to pursue the latter way, I hope you will read my review from cover to cover, as it is all about the top 5 best bright floor lamps for your bedroom, what you are in bare need to uncover. Even when you are one of the advocates for the benefits of a flower pot to make your room brighter, you still may change your initial decision afterward, so, give it a try, I guess none of you will feel remorse about spending time here.



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Top 5 Best Bright Floor Lamps For Bedroom Update 2021

Top 1: The first option in the list of the best bright floor lamps for the bedroom: Floor Lamp, Adjustable 2-in-1 Multifunctional LED Floor Lamp & Desk Lamp, Bedroom Office

Floor Lamp,Adjustable 2-in-1 Multifunctional LED Floor Lamp

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Plus points:

  • Multifunctional:

If you care deeply about flexibility before purchasing any products, chances are you will need an adjustable height and gooseneck when it comes to bright floor lamps. Just imagine, we can easily finish our tasks and fulfill work commitments without criminally expensive overhead lights. Users can also reposition the lamp by adjusting its height and angle.

  • Timing function and automatic shutdown:

Unlike any other floor lamps currently being advertised in the market, users of this brand can effortlessly click the switch many times to turn on or switch off the feature as such. When you are gonna hit the sack, the lamp automatically shuts down as there’s no interaction anymore.

  • Four adjustable lighting modes:

You have an endless passion for color and want to be in the relation to your essentials in the room? No problem, as you have 4 different color adjustable temperature choices, ranging from a cold white to natural white, to a warm one… If wishing to fully concentrate on study, work, you may lean towards cool lights, and literally, if you belong to the group of the others, who just vote for being sound asleep, you definitely prefer a warm light, I can say for sure.

  • Eye-friendly and anxiety-free:

People always committing to work, study or even light-hearted entertainment is likely to suffer from eye problems. If consider yourself a health-conscious person, you may have thought about the idea of purchasing a lamp that helps create the most friendly environment at home. If so, here you are, soft light produced from this product can basically play the key role of a protector for your eyes, and relieve anxiety-related as much.


Minus point: No written instruction is found when the delivery comes.


Top 2: Adjustable Black Floor Lamp with Reading Light by Light Accents 150-watt

Adjustable Black Floor Lamp with Reading Light by Light Accents

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Plus points:

  • Space-saving:

From now on, users can be free from the worries associated with space, in the case that your rooms are sort of small-sized, as this lamp is specifically designed for small to medium-size rooms.

  • Adjustable settings:

Adjustability has been embraced recently since any product aimed at the trend often serves a wide range of customers’ tastes and preferences as well. As a consequence, this lamp is preferred in the light of its adjustable lighting modes, which means you can generally switch over and back to any settings available with ease.

  • Good customer service:

As a purchaser, I have to pay this brand a compliment as they are really caring in terms of customer service. You can even have your product replaced if there is any problem relating to the manufacturing process.


Minus point: For some users, including me, the lamp is a bit cheap-looking.


Top 3: LED Floor Lamp White with 5 Brightness Levels & 3 Colors

LED Floor Lamp White with 5 Brightness Levels

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Plus points:

  • Super-bright:

Some sleepers love enjoying their dreams at night with gentle light, some have enthusiasm for the super bright lamps. I am not certain which type of person you normally expose, however, if you consider a very intensive lighting product, I strongly recommend this one, which can provide the light at 1800 lumens.

  • Customized Illumination:

That mood change leads to the demand for abnormality has been scientifically pointed out. That sounds a little silly, but some customers, I know, can blow hot and cold frequently during the day. If so, you can think about the choice of having this product, which offers 5 brightness levels for the maximum customization, meaning it satisfies you as much as possible, irrespective of conditions.

  • High flexibility:

The maneuverable neck can go any direction you want it to. Its round-weighted base apparently results in high stability, deterring it from unintentionally being pulled down by humans around.


Minus point: The first piece to be screwed into the base is often stripped so they will not stay together for a long-lasting assembly. Nevertheless, it can be obviously seen that the cheap price partly causes this to happen right out the box, and remember that you get what you pay for.


Top 4: Modern Floor Lamp for Living Room Bright Lighting Tall Stand Up

Modern Floor Lamp for Living Room Bright Lighting

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Plus points:

  • Elegant appearance:

Before coming to the decision to purchase anything, normally customers take durability and other essential functions into account, but some say that they still lean towards the best good-looking ones. If you are into elegant appearance, there is a likelihood that you may love this lamp, as it offers a unique rustic industrial style that nowhere seems to be found.

  • Adjustable light head:

Convenience is ensured with three 180 up and down adjustable iron lamps head, which can produce and diffuse light anywhere within its range.

  • Easy installation:

Still remember the first time of mine, trying to assemble a lamp, it was super tough, and finally, it turned out to be a tangle. If I were you, I would buy this brand as its clear instruction speaks for itself.


Minus point: The segments of the lamp post are built in a way that they may not screw in together in some cases.


Top 5: Brightech Jacob – LED Reading and Floor Lamp for Living Rooms & Bedrooms 

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Plus points:

  • Elegance:

Brightech’s stylish Jacob lamp enables you to fulfill any commitment of both task and mood lighting simultaneously. With up to 2,400 lumens of light, the product is demonstrated to blaze enough to be the only lighting in your rooms chosen.

  • Versatility:

Legends say that there is a lamp that can serve you well no matter where you place it. You didn’t mishear, as it is totally true. The Jacob offers a versatile design that fits into any type of decorations preferred, from art deco, contemporary, urban to classic decor.

  • Long lifespan:

With up to 20,000 hours of working with proper disruption, Jacob is the pioneer in the field of the lighting industry and this gives customers a sense of comfort as you neither have to resort to replacement nor monthly maintenance.

  • 3-year warranty:

From time to time, even provided by one of the top-ranked manufacturers, your products cannot help being ruined on account of the annihilation of time and use. If there is any defect, please contact for help, since the staff in charge of customer service are generally amicable, making sure that you have your all issues troubleshoot right after.


Minus point: probably no downside was found, personally.


How to choose a bright floor lamp for your rooms:


  • First and foremost note: A typical oversight is purchasing a lamp without estimating the territory it’s going in firstly. Keep away from the purchaser’s regret and measure the aforementioned factor first (with a genuine measuring tape – no eyeballing!) Think of the light’s stature and outline above all. Likewise, think about weight — lighter is fine in more uncommon spots in your house, heavier and more steady is better for zones with little children and intensive traffic.
  • Don’t oversize them all: Choose one single light or one incredible pair of enormous lights and add additional lighting pieces to space in an unforeseen and saving style, this means you are gonna have an impeccable lamp for sure.
  • Take pattern, shape, and color into consideration: Since a big-sized lamp or pair of lamps can steal the spotlight in a focused space, make use of their eye-catching capability and choose the lamps that feature an avant-garde style or whimsical pattern as such. A big lamp can be fantastic for setting the scheme of your whole room.



=> What are some of the most basic types of bright floor lamps?

  • Arc

Arc floor lamps provide you with a good solution for the large seating areas inside. Arc is normally designed with a long arm that extends like an arc, making it suitable for you to have light in the middle of the room but still keep the lamp off to the side as much.

  • Column

Traditionally, this is nice ambient lighting and can demonstrate to offer her advantageous features such as a shelf or more than one.

  • Pharmacy

This kind of lamp is the best option for you who are looking for a task lighting or reading assistant, not so great for lighting an entire room. Most Pharmacy floor lamps have an adjustable lamp head and base.

  • Standing

This type of lamp has a traditional design with some unique features specializing for each user such as an adjustable height or light brightness, you see?

  • Swingarm

Just as the name obviously you can see, the benefit of this one is that you can swing the lighting over to your workspace and have your money saved only with one product.

  • Task

This kind of lamp provides a downward-facing light on your workspace. This can be useful if you need light on one detailed location, but it wouldn’t be a perfect choice if you will light a whole room with this one option.


=> Do you really need to have a bright floor lamp?

You need one so as to Illuminate your space at first. The lighting selection is various with many kinds of different brands and specific features provided for the living room or bedroom. The right floor lamp can lighten your house, inspire you to work better, and ensure a good range of well-being.

My response is different from yours, I know I cannot fulfill the expectation from all of you, who are carefully and enthusiastically holding the phone to gain insights into the question, so just flick through and have your own answer. You decide your own vibe.


=> How does a power surge damage your lamp?

A power surge may consistently overload and short out the circuitry of electronics in your house or anything else plugged into the wall, making the electronic circuit boards impair. This will hence destroy the household appliances over time and lead to their shorter service life even though they are still functional as such.

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