Best brightech sky LED torchiere lamps – A part of your house’ essentials

Torchiere lamps are obviously a staple of interior home decoration, they offer not only functionality but also make a design statement through the materials applied, the positioning of the lamp within the room or even the choice of light bulbs also has a great effect on the moods and ambiance of a room that you probably use most. But how to choose the best one among a range of options that seem to be equally beneficial? The top 5 of the best Brightech sky LED torchiere lamps will perhaps be advantageous!


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Top 5 best brightech sky LED torchiere lamps for your need

Top 1: Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

Plus points:

  • Super bright lighting: Do you really want very bright light without exorbitant or harsh fixtures? This is made for you, it offers the lowest price possible with the highest-quality ever, including very high lumens for a very large room to be bright!
  • Widely-applicable: The Sky blends in well with minimalist, urban, casual, and even contemporary decoration, or whatever you can imagine! You can use it at home, for a range of corners needing both lighting and decoration; or take it along to your office. Wherever it is applied, I bet, it works aesthetically and appropriately.
  • Energy-efficient: If you consider yourself belonging to the group of customers complaining about the electricity bill every month, you should also consider using this lamp, as it doesn’t waste energy like halogen and incandescent bulbs do, so this literally means you can save a whole lot from its usage. Other than that, frequent maintenance and replacement are barely necessary as well.
  • Safe design: The safety of users, especially kids are taken as a priority when designing the product. You never have to be mindful of the chances of your kids accidentally touching the light and getting hurt, or simply the lamp tips itself. That’s the reason why I chose it for the bedroom of my little girls.

Minus point:

  • Once in a while works unstably regarding lightness emitted. 

Top 2: Brightech SkyLite LED Torchiere Floor Lamp and Bright

Plus points:

  • One-and-one needed: Not to mention energy-saving purposes, some people choose to use the offer of this brand just because of no need for another lighting product simultaneously. It actually is bright enough to be the only source of lighting for every demand in your bedrooms, family room, hobby room, or even for its role in the office.
  • Safe for use: Lamps are already the safest home appliances that you have ever considered for your family. However, some people are still skeptical about its safety in terms of contact with children around. If so, you cannot make any excuse for having it right away, because it is 100% safe with kids when there is a base keeping its body from falling down on the floor.
  • Dimmable and cool: This light has a dimmer that you can set the lightness on the basis of your mood. Nothing can hold you back from showing your true emotions over time.
  • Durable: A lamp’s lifespan is supposed to be less than any other household appliance, but it actually can last longer than expected, if you consider this product in place of any else. 20 years of use is the max lifespan not too hard to achieve, with appropriate usage and maintenance.
  • 3-year warranty: For me, personally, a 3-year period is basically enough for 3 romantic relationships to renew themselves. Alright, but, this lighting company still claims to give you 3 years of guarantee, meaning that they promise to stand by the product as long as possible, and I guess, this is actually a bargain nowhere to be found. Thus, you’d better grasp this opportunity.

Minus point:

  • The only downside lowering its grade is probably its performance, sometimes it works best, from time to time it shows instability. 

Top 3: Brightech Sky Dome Plus and Super Bright LED Torchiere 

Plus points:

  • Infinite lighting possibility: I guess, none of you want your space to be restricted to a lamp providing the only color mode, because lighting products need to be both useful and decorative, honestly. Regarding that, this lamp is suitable for your constantly changing mood, as you can adjust the color personally according to your needs.
  • Durable: Durability is obviously more of a need than pleasure, right? However, it is kinda important when considering lamps for daily use based on lifespan, no matter where you intend to put it. This product is as durable as such, and thus, lessens the possibility of your money being wasted for regular maintenance or even replacement of bulbs.
  • Easy assembly: The hardest part of bringing a lamp home perhaps goes to the assembling process that all of us have to overcome. In general, I gotta say that technology is not my forte, but for this product. I feel it extremely easy to assemble, and hopefully so do you.

Minus points:

  • The product, as complained by many customers already, normally arrives in very poor assembly order, making it more intricate to handle. 

Top 4: Sky LED Modern Torchiere 3 Color Super Bright Floor Lamps

Plus points:

  • Multiple control ways: With the remote control, you can take control over the lamp with ease without leaving your chosen spot, maybe a sofa or a cozy bed. Furthermore,  stepless brightness adjustment is also available there, for you to personally change your go-to lightness at any time.
  • Longer lifespan than others: With high brightness and low-heat advanced tech, it can be compared to an incandescent lamp but not heat up with long use. 100,000 hours with proper use is actually possible also.
  • Space-saving: Lamps generally don’t take up much room in your house, and this product shares the same vision of being space-saving as any other. You can put it under your sofa or any small corners that are compatible.
  • Healthy light: Your health is ensured to the best, thanks to the glare-free function offered, meaning that brightness is emitted without adversely affecting your eyes.

Minus point:

  • Its size is a little short for tall people to use conveniently. 

Top 5: Brightech Halo Split and Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

Plus points:

  • High-intensity light with a beautiful design: Not many occasions do aesthetics go hand in hand with quality, except for this. If you are in search of a lamp that is both beautiful and effective regarding high-intensity lightness, you should think about this.
  • Highly-adaptable: It can be used at any place needing lighting as a replacement for a natural lighting source, but it works best for bedrooms, living rooms, and offices as such.
  • Long warranty: An offer of 3 years for a guarantee is obviously a very big point convincing you to purchase the lamp. If there is any defect you suppose it to be related to manufacturing, you can contact the team of customer service right after and get your issues tackled in no time.

Minus point:

  • Assembly instructions are not really clear for old people to apply. 

Why do you need to have a torchiere floor lamp?

Torchieres generally do not take up or need a great deal of floor space, and the unobtrusive shape may have a whole lot to do with their popularity as well. The other benefit that a torchiere has is its capability to offer general light. Its shape directs light up at the ceiling, where it can be able to diffuse into a pleasant general light that covers the entire room.

A lamp that basically features a dimmer switch and technically equipped with dimmer lamps will add to the versatility of this style, allowing you to soften or easily turn up the light as wanted. And as there are torchieres in a vast variety of styles, ranging from conventional to contemporary, you can actually find one that fits into your surroundings and your style as much.

What are additional factors to consider when choosing a torchiere lamp?

Line of Sight – Height

The classic rule of thumb used for torchiere lamps that you should bear in mind is that the lower edge of the shade should be at eye-level when seated or even can be a bit taller, but be conscious that they don’t basically obstruct your view of artwork or other decoration in the house. If you’re using a combination of table and torchiere lamps in any room, it’s a perfect idea to make sure that you are willing to keep the tops within a few inches of each other.

Relative Proportion – Size

No shocker here – you should never get a massive lamp if you just have a small room. Most torchiere lamps are narrow, so they can effortlessly fit behind furniture as well as conserve space. Nevertheless, if you’re using an adjustable swing arm, you need to be sure that the arm can clear sofa and chair backs as sure as hell.

Best brightech sky LED torchiere lamps FAQs:

Statistically speaking, what is the most amazing thing that users love in torchiere lamps?

In light of its construction, one of the primary points of a torchiere floor lamp that people fancy, as reported by experts, is the fact that the light will never be in your face. Being directed upwards, you will be able to enjoy the advantages of a diffused light without having the lightbulb blind you as you switch between positions. The consequence is a light that’s healthy to the eyes, and one that produces a beautiful and cozy ambiance in whatever room it’s placed in also. That is what people love most when it comes to torchiere lamps.

How can you secure a torchiere lamp?

For an easy fix, you should try taping the cords to the baseboards or you also can simply run them under furniture or a rug for better results. Then you secure the excess length by easily wrapping the cord with a rubber band or velcro strap also. For another easy fix that I suggest, you should also try rearranging so that lamps are put as far back on the table as possible surely.

How often should you clean your torchiere lamps?

Accumulating dust and dirt on your lighting can literally have a great impact on its performance, no one wants a dirty light fixture at the center of their well-cared space as hell. According to the safety measure before cleaning fixtures, you have to ensure all of your fixtures are unplugged or powered off before doing anything more.

For torchiere lamps, dusting it every one week will do the trick. Since lamps like this have a tendency to be used more often, it’s a perfect idea to keep them clean. Take a dry or slightly damp microfiber cloth and then gently users can wipe away dust and dirt with ease.

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