Best Clip-on Lamps For Small Space

Modern life in big cities forces people to adapt to limited space and small apartments. Thus, modern designs have created the clip-on lamp to support the comfort of users in such a busy and quick flow of big city life. Let’s imagine if you have the same working desk as your daughter and even do not have enough space for standing on a sturdy lamp. Even worse, you have to read while standing because you do not have a table. Do not worry anymore with a clip-on lamp. You could bring it everywhere with you in your apartment, office, etc. to clamp it on the shelves, get bright light, and enjoy the comfort of modern life. Let us help you to seize some of the best clip-on lamps in the current market that you may want to accompany. 

Minus point but not deal-breakers: this lamp, as said, a mini lamp with an only 18 lumen LED bulb so it should go for personal use more than for a tea or a big space. 

It also could only offer you white light with a color temperature of 5000K.


==> Reading books in the dark? Why not when having best convenient clip-on book lights

==> Reading at night time with the best clip-on reading lights

Top 6 best clip-on lamps for your house

Top 1: BOHON Clip-on Reading Light

Outstanding features:

  • Eye protection: the lamp offers professional eye care function, which comes from the parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) LED bulb, which controls lighting more efficiently, reduces blue light, and makes light softer like natural light. Another index stated by the manufacturer is color rendering (CRI), which is higher than 90 (typically LED bulbs’ CRI is 80 and incandescent bulbs’ is 100). Higher CRI means more continuous spectrum and reduces eye fatigue.
  • Color & brightness multiple choices versus memory function: another strong point of this lamp is that it offers 3 color modes: 3000K for warm white, 4500K for natural white, and 6500K for cool white; and 10 levels of brightness with two dimmer buttons (up and down). Choose a setup that matches your mode the best and push the memory button for next time use. Hold the power button for 2 seconds then the 1-minute auto timer will be activated.
  • Sturdy & flexible: the strong clip is made from aluminum alloy attached with the pads for protecting your furniture. Any edge which is within 2 inches could get clipped on. The 3600 gooseneck helps you to direct the light to your desired angle. A long USB cable (59 inches/150cm) also helps to increase your reach from a power source.

Minus point but not deal-breakers:

  • It is a good lamp at a lower budget and I did not find any particular downside of this product.

Top 2: LEPOWER Clip-on Lampfor Desk, Bed Headboard and Computers

Outstanding features:

  • Eye-caring & multi-lighting choices: this lamp gives you high-quality LED light which is soft and non-flickering. Especially, the color temperature is in a broad range and goes from 2700K to 6000K, which means you could enjoy both the warmth of yellow daylight, which is very nice for reading in bed and the mellowness of blue moonlight as well. The brightness that it offers is also very gorgeous with up to 160 lumens LED bulbs. 
  • Sturdy: unlike the other designs from ABS plastics, most of the lamp’s parts are metal, which increases the sturdiness of the lamp. The clip is also very strong with the metal base and the pad inside for protecting the clipped-on parts. This lamp’s clip also offers a big gap to be clipped up to 2.36 inches.
  • Portable and flexible: portability is a common characteristic of the clip-on lamp and the Le Power’s is not exceptional. Moreover, I must say that though most parts of the lamps are made of metal, the lamp weighs only 1 pound. With both an electric cord and USB chargeable battery provided, the lamp gives you the flexibility to bring it everywhere. The gooseneck design is also this lamp’s good offer of adjustability. 

Minus point but not deal-breakers:

  • The lamp’s life expectancy is around 10,000 hours, which is also not a big deal. 

Top 3: Miday Clip-on Lamp for Bed

Outstanding features:

  • Portable and flexible: this is a cordless lamp that you could bring everywhere with you. As long as it is fully charged within 3 hours, you could use it within the next 10 hours and do not have to care about the power source. The gooseneck makes this light very adjustable to direct to all angles. You could even twist the neck to make it shorter or you could make every type of curved line to add some more artistry to your space. 
  • Mini-compact: the mini-compact design makes this light functional in a great little and space-saving appearance. It is a 3-way LED lamp that offers you 3 levels of non-flickering brightness: 100%, 80%, and 40% with a touch sensor. There is also a USB port for battery charging and a light indicator to show you if it is fully charged or not. Because of its small size, the illumination is small though it will be very suitable for spotlighting. For example, it makes your face a spotlight when you have a remote meeting at night.
  • Long-lasting: This lamp could burn for as long as 50,000 hours so it could be your good friend for a very long time.
  • Budget-friendly: you will have to spend only not yet $12 for such a mini comfortable and long-lasting lamp for reading, meeting, camping, etc. Thus, I think it is quite worth a click.

Top 4: Clip-on Light Reading Light

Outstanding features:

  • 3-color mode with multiple choices of brightness: this lamp also offers 3 usual color shades of desk lamps: 3000K for warm white, 4500K for natural white and 6500K for cool white, and 10 levels of dimmer function. Thus, you will have a total of 30 choices. Don’t worry, it also provides you memory function to quickly access the setup of last time use. 
  • Eye protection: with CRI ≥ 90+, which is the same as the above Bohon clamp lamp, this lamp gives you cool white color at its best by removing any glare or flickering that may cause eye fatigue.  
  • Wide application: the strong metal clamp helps it easily attach to any furniture in your apartment such as bookshelf, bed headboard, table edge, etc., and light up your space. The color temperature range makes it suitable for nearly all the activities at your desk such as reading, working, studying, etc. 
  • Gorgeous after-sales service: the manufacturer offers an excellent warranty so that you could exchange a new one for free if any defect is detected within the first two years.

Minus point but not deal-breakers:

  • The clamp’s gap is a bit narrow with only 1.2 inches. 

Top 5: LEPOWER Led Clip-on Light

Outstanding features:

  • Great color temperature: the lamp nearly offers a full range of color temperature which is in the normal necessary range: 2700K to 6000K. The color temperature at 2700K could offer you warm exciting light and at 6000K is cool white light. The warm light is best for reading in your bed while the cool white light is best for task lighting and security lighting.  
  • Sturdy and flexible: the clamp is from aircraft aluminum material so it is both strong and lightweight. It also provides a gap of 2.36 inches which makes it suitable for most kinds of edges. There are two levels of brightness and two color modes (warm and cool) with two push buttons. The 38cm gooseneck going with a long USB cable (59inch/150cm) and an adapter gives it a very long reach. There are 3 colors for your design: black, silver, and white.

Minus point but not deal-breakers:

  • Some people will feed limited with only 2 levels of brightness. 

Top 6: Desk lamp 360° Rotation Clip-on Lamp

Outstanding features:

  • Sturdy and stylish: the clamp and gooseneck are made of metal and the lampshade is made from plastics. Moreover, the black color plus the modern stylish gives this lamp a strong beautiful look. 
  • Long-lasting & long warranty: the life expectancy of the LED bulb is up to 40,000 hours, which is rather impressive. The bulb is 5 wattages going with 550 lumens which could replace a 40 wattage with a 550-lumen incandescent bulb, which helps you save electricity bills significantly. Besides, the manufacturer offers an 18-month warranty, which increases its credibility. 

Minus point but not deal-breakers:

  • There is only one level of brightness, which is rather inconvenient and limits its application.

What is the best clip-on lamps? 

Going through the list of the best clip-on lamp in the current market, I think you have understood the common characteristics that all consumers expect when searching for the keyword clip-on or clamp lamp.

1# portability: the clip-on lamp is mostly designed so that it is highly portable: it should be lightweight and small in size so that could be held by the clamp. Most of the clip-on lamps are equipped with batteries or otherwise, they could be equipped with a USB chargeable cord and adapter.

2# space-saving: the lamp is a bit more space-saving than the usual desk lamp because it nearly has no base; only the clamp to be clipped on the table edge.

3# flexibility: all clip-on lamps are designed with gooseneck so that they could hang at every position and direct to every angle.

4# functionality: though most clip-on lamps are not equipped with some extra conveniences like USB for charging phone or pen holder, which belongs to the usual desk lamp base, all the clip-on lamps’ functionality focuses on the bulb and lighting quality. Normally, you should choose an energy-saving LED bulb with many color modes and levels of brightness to add versatility to the lamp. However, some people just focus on battery life and brightness for certain tasks.

5# budget-friendly: due to those above characteristics, the designs of the clip-on lamp are usually very basic so it could save you normally half of the money compared to normal desk lamps.

Best clip-on lamp FAQs

What is the color rendering index (CRI)?

Color rendering simply refers to how an illuminant affects the colors of the objects. Color rendering index CRI) is usually measured by comparing with a reference illuminant as a standard. Normally, LED bulbs have CRI ranging from 80 to 90 while an incandescent bulb may score an excellent CRI at 100. Thus, the incandescent bulb produces more natural light though it has a much shorter life expectancy compared to the LED bulb and consumes more electricity. Below is the color rendering index chart from

 Could I still buy an incandescent bulb?

As stated above, though an incandescent bulb produces more natural and exciting light (LED bulbs are following very closely to incandescent lighting), it has many downsides, and most incandescent bulb and halogen bulbs nowadays could not meet the standards of EISA (Energy Independence and Security Act) signed by Former President George W. Bush in 2007. The 1st phase of EISA has officially phased out 60-watt incandescent bulbs between 2012 and 2014.  The Department of Energy is working on the updates of new restrictions for general service lamps (GSLs) and following those restrictions, GSLs should produce at least 45 lumens per watt. When those restrictions come out, most incandescent and halogen bulbs will phase out. 

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