Reading at night time with the best clip-on reading lights

CEOs are generally some of the busiest people on the planet for the reason that they have to run at least more than one business, but they still find the time to crack open a book before hitting the sack. It has been evidently pointed out that reading before their bedtime is one of the best periods to wind down and allows your brain to accumulate knowledge more efficiently. However, how about lighting sources when it is already midnight? You basically can count on clip-on reading lights for better concentration without harming your eyes. Here are the top 5 of the best clip-on reading lights!


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Top 5 best clip-on reading lights good for your eyes

Top 1: Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

Plus points:

  • Range of colors and brightness: With 3 useful color temperature modes, ranging from yellow to warm white, and even cool white, you can choose the most comfortable setting as desired for reading, camping, or repairing in the dark. Even if you blow hot and cold constantly and lean towards all modes, you can change over time with ease.
  • Rechargeable and long-lasting: The USB type-c is rechargeable, which literally means that it is convenient for use. It allows up to 80 hours of general reading with non-diminishing brightness and you can take advantage of this for more concentration during the time holding the book.
  • Eye-caring and ergonomic design: No flickering and blue light appears throughout any time of use, making sure your eyes are 100% protected, whether adults or kids. Other than that, its arms are supple and adjustable for the most comfortable angle as per personalization. Ergonomic neck design makes it completely hands-free also.
  • Partner-friendly: Featuring the special narrow beam with an angle of 90, the lamp is bright enough within the area chosen without disturbing your partner who is being sound asleep.

Minus point:

  • You generally cannot lay on your side or back while reading, this causes you to feel a bit uncomfortable and inconvenient as much.

Top 2: LEPOWER Clip-on Reading Light

Plus points:

  • Clip-on: The light brightens up with the click of a switch on the cord and is ideal for a range of use, from the table, desk, bed, and even computers when you prefer online reading.
  • Adjustable: It is adjustable of arm and lamp holder, enabling you to place your book light anywhere you wish, for the best viewing possible.
  • Multiple brightness: Nothing appears to be more amazing than having a device adjusted personally. I love customization and happily, this product can offer such dim and bright modes for more options.
  • Long-lasting: With proper use daily, you can expect its battery to last for longer than its opponents on the market. This fundamentally enhances your experience and you absolutely will feel it a far cry from every other product once used.
  • Eye-protection: Comfortable! Just one word for my problematic eyes. My eyes are not really healthy but since using this light, I feel reading far more comfortable and the darkness has no longer been the primary culprit for eye strain anymore.

Minus point:

  • The delivery service directly associating with this brand still leaves a lot to be desired, as packages generally arrive badly wrapped. 

Top 3: LED Clip On Reading Light by Vont

Plus points:

  • Adjustable: Featuring 3 levels of light intensity, your lamp can be easily adjusted for your personal taste. You can use the high mode for reading and then turn it into low for not disturbing your partner.
  • Flexible gooseneck: No matter how dim any space is, by clipping the lamp to the edge of a book, you can effortlessly light it up. Its bendable neck enables you to position the lighting direction anywhere as long as you feel comfortable focusing on reading.
  • Longer battery life: Rechargeable batteries are aimed to last longer than usual, and users don’t have to be concerned with the battery being depleted while you are enjoying the twists of any novels. Your experience will be as complete as expected.
  • Reliable illumination: High-quality LED bulbs generally enhancing clarity regarding vision and providing flicker-free brightness are supposed to be the game-changer of this brand when compared to others.

Minus point:

  • Its size is a bit bigger than usual for a reading light, so if your corner is narrow, it is not a good fit actually. 

Top 4: Cute Rechargeable LED Eye-Care Clip-on Book Light,

Plus points: 

  • Eye-caring: If you regard your reading habit as a little frequent, this device is probably suitable for it, because the light color is eye-caring and health-protecting as well, lowering chances of eye-related problems like eye strain, surely.
  • No more money wasting: Chances are this product is not the first one of you investing in lighting accessories, if so, it is such waste without certainty in terms of quality. However, when it comes to this brand, your concern is just nothing but a trivial thing, because a prominent-quality battery offers up to 2.5 hours of use.
  • Lightweight: The weight of any product can adversely have an impact on the experience of users, understanding this, the company designs a super lightweight lamp with a view to optimizing the reading feeling of book enthusiasts.
  • Adjustable: I guess that positioning sometimes is no more of anything than a must for reading lovers. It is super annoying impossible to get the right direction chosen. This light can offer you such a thing.

Minus point:

  • It is hard to charge without the cable, which seems to be occasionally absent from the package delivered. 

Top 5: Amber Clip-On Reading Light by Hooga

Plus points:

  • Health-protecting: Reading in the dark has long been an obstacle for many book readers, but how can this hold those back from pursuing their passion? This lamp can assist your reading in low-light conditions and make sure your eyes are well protected, especially avoid eye strain.
  • Convenient: Not only being sleep-friendly but also lightweight, this product is compatible for backpackers devoting their entire life to travel. It is portable so that it could be brought anywhere needed.
  • Flexible: With a flexible gooseneck, users can basically customize their direction after several times of use for a better lighting experience as such. Things will become easier if it features flexibility being inclusive of this lamp.
  • Reliable customer service: Getting bored of waiting long and long before receiving any late response from the manufacturer? Just forget about that, in the sense that the company’s customer service team is attentive to customer’s claims and you can have these handled in no time.

Minus point:

  • After some tests of performance, a couple of experts advise that this device should be around two additional lower lighting intensities than that of the current lowest, for better use.

How to choose the right clip-on reading light?

Quality of light: 

Even though most reading lights are generally made with LED lights, there’s still substantial variation with regards to warmth, intensity, and brightness as well. Some actually emit cool white light in the name of clear illumination, while others feature an amber glow for sure. Some have dimmers, whereas others have fixed settings that are all advertised widely on loads of online trading floors. It is recommended that you choose one that matches your preferences most.


As mentioned above, take what you’re using the light for consideration or, do you need illumination in narrow spaces or targeted light to let a partner be sound asleep all night? And when it comes to a clamp, you, hands down, want it to be wide enough to fit the surface without being so big that it generally gets in the way.


Most reading lights feature USB-chargeable, but some still use tiny coin cell batteries for some specific reasons. Whichever you opt for, you also need to be sure that it can last for a certain amount of time before having to be recharged or the batteries necessarily replaced.

Best clip-on reading lights FAQs

What are advisable lumens for reading lights?

For spaces like bedrooms, you’ll want to make sure there will basically be no light of extreme brightness levels inside your rooms when reading books. This is because lightness with high intensity can confuse your brain to some extent, tricking it into the false recognition that it is daylight, not evening anymore. Before you actually can realize it, your body will have already chemically reacted by producing serotonin, causing you difficulty tuning in. 

Hence, a good lighting source for the bedroom should obviously have luminous flux somewhere between 1,500 to 4,000 Lumens for the best performance as much.

After reading tasks accomplished, cuddling to watch a romantic movie, or simply playing chess before you hit the sack, a soft, warm shade is most ideal for creating a relaxing and intimate environment in your bedroom than anything else that can be able to lead you to fall asleep. The maximum color temperature is generally 3000k, and as it is a lamp for reading, it should not be under 2700k in order not to create extreme emotions or anxiety right away.

Is reading books at night bad for your eyes?

Not necessarily, but it will be all dependent on the position you lie in. In the case that you lie flat on your back with the book that is straight above your face, the position will actually put a strain on your eyes and your neck as well.

Many recommendations indicate that propping yourself up on a wedge pillow is a must if you don’t want to unintentionally put any unnecessary strain on your body. Bend your knees or place a pillow under them to keep your legs far more relaxed is best

How long should an adult read a book at night time? 

The suggested time will vary from person to person, but a general recommendation is to read long enough to help you find drowsy but not compromising on the amount of sleep you get every night. Try reading around 20 minutes to start first. If you feel that you’re tired prior to the twenty minutes being over, then consider reducing the time to ten to fifteen minutes for better performance.

Nonetheless, if you’re still wide awake after 20 minutes of reading finished, consider extending your session a little bit longer. This may require you to go to bed earlier to deter cutting into your beauty sleep.

Is reading a book in the darkness with a book lamp good for insomnia sufferers?

Yes, it can be useful in accelerating the amount of time it takes for those to fall asleep. In the sense that reading a book prior to bedtime is a known stress reducer, it can also make you fall asleep faster than usual. Further, by distracting your brain with new information consumed or someone else’s story listened, it can take your mind off of your own troubles temporarily and get you into your dream faster also.

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