Best color lights for the night: Viable solutions or indispensable styles?

As scientifically demonstrated, the color of a night light has a great impact on the human body. The intensity of light literally boosts the effectiveness of the body to adapt to the environment of night light as such, especially when you want your body to relax after a long day of exhaustion and fatigue. But what should be considered when it comes to choosing the best color lighting products? Let’s figure it out on your lonesome with the list including the top 5 of the best color lights for the night as reviewed below.


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Top 5 best color lights for the night

Top 1: GE Color-Changing LED Night Light

Plus points:

  • Color-changing: There are 8 vibrant colors that you can choose from, ranging from red, green, blue, pink to yellow… These colors are perfectly suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and any other space that you can redecorate.
  • Multiple lighting modes: At night, the human brain tends to gravitate toward profound thoughts, hence, a solid color mode allowing you to choose your go-to color from the list of 8 colors above, with 3 lighting modes generally stimulating more positive emotions before turning in.
  • Light-sensing: When I was absolutely clueless about sensing technology, I felt it kinda absurd for a lamp to automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn, lol, such a silly thought. But for the time being, light-sensing has been a part of technological applications in my house, and this product plays a very important role in that collection.
  • Good-looking design: Sleek and compact style is designed to save more space and attract attention as such. It fulfills our expectations to a great extent when it comes to the elegant appearance that no one can simply resist the temptation of beauty.

Minus point:

  • The button of color mode is sort of flimsy, leading to a plausible cause that one day it will just break if you often change the color.

Top 2: Ocean Wave Projector, Night Light Projector with Adjustable Lightness

Plus points:

  • Convenient: With a remote controller and touch-sensor keys, the light is far more convenient for operation whenever it works. Those can be applied to activate or deactivate the lamp alternatively. Its automatic function of timer also contributes to the advantages of this lamp.
  • Color-changing lighting modes: A range of 8 different colors gives your emotions more options to choose from. Whether you feel cheerful or you are in a mood, those colors can soothe you well, at least, it is worth the money you will pay for.
  • Automatic timer: Just picture this, you need a romantic light for a proposal, and here comes the role of the light that either makes or breaks the proposal. Of course, I know your hands down wanna make it, and this lamp can help you out by an automatic timer enabling you to set up first, and it will automatically shut off when it comes to the most amorous part as desired.
  • Especially suitable for kids and family: This product is specifically designed to suit kids and family best, as it produces a watery ocean atmosphere for use in the bathroom, living room, baby room and absolutely compatible with parties and room decoration as well.

Minus point:

  • The light cannot ensure its own durability, and you may get a bit disappointed when it ends up being out of work after several months of use. 

Top 3: VAVA Home VA-CL009 Night Light for Kids

Plus points:

  • Adorable: At the very first glance, it looks like a toy and also actually be made from toy-graded materials, being suitable for your baby, whether he considers it a toy or his dad supposes it to be a lamp.
  • Smooth touch control: Nothing appears to be greater than having a smooth touch controlling system for night lights at home. In fact, speaking of this product, the warm light is dimmable with a long touch, bringing you romance and peace at the moments the universe is gonna put an end to one more day.
  • Long-lasting battery:  Compared to other products offering the same price, this one proves its transcendent power over all of which, ensuring the light lasts for as long as possible. Dream nights cannot be interrupted by just such a thing related to the battery.
  • Functional design: Aesthetically speaking, a lamp should make a balance between functionality and design. If this product may be still pale in comparison with others regarding the former factor, it outweighs other rivals in terms of the latter one with wide applications, especially useful for travel.

Minus point:

  • Chances are you will get irritated with an on-and-off device working unstably. 

Top 4: Emotionlite Plug-in Night Light LED Nightlight

Plus points:

  • Beneficial lighting: Soft multi-color helps you rotate glow, gentle and absolutely comfortable illumination. Other than that, ambient light guards your way in the dark, giving a sense of peace of mind.
  • Automatic on-off: It seems like not actually a striking feature compared to other products, but if you have ever used it, you will see the difference. Built-in intelligent sensors automatically turn on only when ambient lighting gets insufficient, surely.
  • Multi applications: If you still keep looking for a product that blends in well with all spaces in your home, this lamp may be a good fit. It works well with bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, and a range of other kinds of rooms that I cannot even envision.

Minus point:

  • The brightness is not actually up to par, its intensity doesn’t live up to my predictions. 

Top 5: Sensor Led Night Light

Plus points:

  • Adorable: It appears in a form of three super cute mushrooms symbolizing 3 different colors: blue, yellow, and white. Thanks to these colors, we have different levels of lightness in the dark, rekindling our memories and suiting distinguished needs for lighting.
  • Enjoyable: You can literally insert 5 leaves and a flower to the grass you love with LED technology applied. This enhances more experience for you at night being around your friends, your family, and your little kids as much.
  • Automatic: The light brightness is able to change automatically based on light source brightness with the rule of thumbs: the darker the light source is, the brighter the lights are. The advancement of technology has changed the minimum details of how a lamp works and what it can basically offer, right?

Minus point:

  • Its size seems too small to be compatible with large spaces. 

Why do you need best color lights for nights?

Cheaper to use

A vast variety of color night lamps need less electricity than ordinary ceiling lights as sure as hell. By using these color night lamps, you save money to a substantial extent. They are also helpful in controlling the intensity of the emitted brightness that may do harm somewhat to your eyes.

Be able to see well at night

When having a color night lamp, the light that is emitted beneficially helps you navigate in your room. For mothers, this kind of lamp allows them to breastfeed or changes their babies’ diapers without much effort or any obstacle. As a consequence of its soft light color, the night lamp will not irritate the baby, believe me!. When playing its role well, a color night lamp has weak and robust gears enabling you to adjust in the case that you want more brightness.

Easy to sleep

Color night lamps assist your sleep when you hit the sack. Even if you visit the washrooms at night, being back to sleep is much more relaxing. Color night lamps also aid people who fear the darkness in sleeping more comfortably.


The color night lamps generally come with many designs as well as a range of colors to choose from. At night they go well with your internal decorations, and the colors might cheer your rooms beautifully.


People who have an undying passion for different aromas and color night lamp bulbs can buy a night lamp with an added fragrance when the bulb is already heated to remove undesirable odor and purify the air also. It aids you in the reduction of any psychological tension, giving you more chances of falling into sleep better. 

Best color lights for nights FAQs:

What is color therapy?

Also known as chromotherapy, color therapy is on the basis of the idea that color and colored lights are able to help treat physical or mental health problems. According to this idea, they create little-by-little changes in our moods and biology. Color therapy typically has a long history. Records show that color and light therapy used to be practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece, China, and India. Our relationship with color has constantly evolved alongside our cultures, religions, and lives as well. Color as the manifestation of light obviously held divine status to many. Egyptian healers used to wear breastplates of blue to show their sacredness. In Greece, Athena once wore a golden robe to indicate her wisdom and holiness. Today, color therapy is largely regarded as a complementary or from time to time an alternative medicine therapy. For instance, many spas provide chromotherapy saunas and claim they provide advantages to their clients.

How does colored lighting affect perception and mood?

Colors in lighting are able to be transformative. Each color of light features a wavelength that has a great effect on our psychology and physiology. In a variety of ways, proper lighting can provide individuals with a number of benefits. In work areas where natural light is nowhere to be found, blue or cooler-colored light has been demonstrated to increase employee alertness and at the same time, reduce eye strain. Warm and middle-colored light tones, for example, yellow, are also applied to make inviting, intimate or relaxing spaces. Red light, in addition, has been indicated to make improvements for memory and attention to detail.

How can you solve color consistency in LED lightings?

Color consistency is actually a very big problem if you’re buying lighting from a company that doesn’t have a tight policy on it as sure as hell. You could end up in a circumstance where there’s a striking difference in the visible color from one kind of fixture to another. (Here, please ask yourself a question like this: have you ever been in a space that generally has green, pink, and white color lighting in a single run of a track or never before?)

On the basis of development in technology, there have been loads of game-changers that can help mitigate the differences visibly in color hues. One of those is color tuning. Color tuning is basically done by separately dimming arrays of warm as well as cool LEDs, giving the user the chance to “tune” the color to whatever they wish within a specified range from warm to cool as well. 

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