These best computer lights will increase your efficiency of working from home

We are all surprised at how a special circumstance has changed our life. I and my little 10-year-old son were extremely anxious at the time schools first closed. White-collar workers could not get to the workplace as usual on account of the outbreak of Covid19. And there come the presence and ubiquity of virtual work performance. However, there are still other issues that may slightly keep us from working from home being inclusive of the proper lighting environment for work. Today, I am gonna share with you the top 5 of the best computer lights made for your computer tasks that probably can tackle the issue concerned so far.


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Top 5 best computer lights for your work

Top 1: Cyezcor Video Conference Lighting Kit

Plus points:

  • Adjustable temperature and brightness: It is such a pleasure that the video conference lights have 3 color temperatures which are respectively white, warm, and natural. You probably will be excited about changing your ideal lighting with the switch to make your skin perfectly beautiful and partly protect the environment.
  • Circle design and multi-utilization: Using ring light design, the lightness is more even than solid light that illuminates your face with no glare, no shadow and I am certain that you never get dazzling. Moreover, If you consider yourself a screen addict who cannot leave video conference, zoom call, live streaming… for a while, you may need this product as it could be remotely controlled.
  • Stable and flexible: With the provision of a clip set design, you only need to clamp the clip to the edge of any computer screen without being loosened off. Users are informed that they can adjust the direction and angle of the light as wished at any time also.
  • USB powered: Task lighting products normally feature a USB port so that the device can be easily powered with a wide range of options and you can expect the same thing when it comes to this brand. One more plus point for USB is that it is environmentally friendly at all costs.

Minus point:

  • This product shines so brightly that it seems to be more of a distraction than a lighting assist, to some customers who lean towards the great intensity of brightness, it might not be a good fit. 

Top 2: QIAYA Selfie Light Ring Lights LED with Circle Light

Plus points:

  • Rechargeable: I once had to buy extra batteries for sparing when needed, but since using this kind of light that includes a built-in rechargeable battery, I have not resorted to any other back-up. For the aforementioned reason, I save a lot of money from cutting back on replacement and I guess so do you.
  • Brightness adjustable: Three-level light settings for a wide range of uses from make-up to dark scenery vlogging and so on, every demand is ensured. You can actually abandon darkness by using the light hailing from this manufacturer.
  • Compact and lightweight: Remember that something big is not all the time good but compact products at times can make a big difference. It will not take up much space and then you can take it along to anywhere and highlight every breathtaking moment of your life as well.

Minus point:

  • The sole downside is that it just puts off pretty much white light and users may get a white brightness to their videos or pictures sometimes.

Top 3: Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting Kit

Plus points:

  • Adjustable brightness: Now it is more fantastic than ever when you can easily take control over your lighting from 1% to the maximum percentage to get the right lighting needed for your setup, soever.
  • Easy-to-change color temperature: Adjusting from warm light to a cool light is not that hard as you hold the assumption. If you are conscious about your skin color and hesitate to be present in front of the screen, this light can actually help you out.
  • Soft and professional light: I still remember once my colleagues came to my house and saw me conducting my lessons via Zoom, they were extremely with the lighting as it looked nothing but a real professional working environment. And then, they got one too.
  • Long lifespan: The built-in extended battery offers hours and hours of illumination even when you try to make use of it. No concern related to your distraction during your work anymore, mark my words.

Minus point:

  • While the lighting is generally good, the item sometimes does not remain “stuck” or attached to the laptop for more than 10 minutes. It keeps falling off anyway.

Top 4: HumanCentric ScreenLight – Video Conference Light

Plus points:

  • Video-conference lighting: In the crisis of the pandemic, when working from home should be the priority over getting to the office, the workload seems to be heavier when it comes to virtual conferences via online platforms. However, you now can improve your lighting with the product specialized for the aforesaid need.
  • Adjustable: Users are able to adjust the brightness and color temperature to get the ideal lightness for whenever and wherever they are working with no difficulties affected.
  • Enough lighting: In the case that you are not willing to be exposed to the heavy intensity of brightness, this diffuser provides a soft light for a natural glow that is not only dazzling-free but also healthy.

Minus point:

  • Some purchasers complain about the item’s stability and if you don’t mind experiencing some cut-off at times, it is still a good choice after all. 

Top 5: EYOCEAN Clip-on Light Reading Lights

Plus points:

  • Three lighting modes and 9 brightness levels: Nothing seems to be more relaxing than having your product adjusted remotely with 3 lighting modes and 9 lightness levels. For whoever you are, a variety of choices let you create the most comfortable and perfect lighting mood for work.
  • Eye protection: I am not sure how much time you spend on the screen of electronic devices such as TV or laptop, but it is obvious that the more you allocate your time, the bigger the chance you suffer from eye strain is. Nonetheless, this product is an exception, because it provides you with a soft eye-care lighting source and anti-glare without ghosting and then you can be free from eye fatigue.
  • High-grade materials: Generally, you get what you pay for, meaning that the item is made of high-quality for the better dissipate heat and heating-free guarantee.
  • Energy-saving and eco-friendly: You may be surprised at the fact only 20% of energy in comparison with what incandescent lamps do in the same brightness. It is environmentally safe as sure as hell, also.

Minus point:

  • The lamp has a redundant light on the switch that cannot be turned off anyway. It glows with a blue light all the time unless you unplug it.

How to choose the right computer light?

Choose ones that tweak the overhead fixtures.

Low-level and glare-free ambient lighting provides the greatest overhead illumination for your computer working. Tone down excessive or intense ceiling lights by the removal of some of the light bulbs or fluorescent tubes from currently existing light fixtures, or opt for the replacement of high-wattage bulbs for low-level ones. Indirect light fixtures that hang from the ceiling can actually help to evenly distribute the illumination and light diffusers like frosted globes as much. You should also install one or more rows of ceiling lights that are parallel to your computer screen’s line-of-sight for your vision to be safer. 

Target the Task Lighting.

Proper task lighting offers targeted illumination for paper documents and reading without sacrificing the clarity of your screen images and the related objects. Choose a low-glare, adjustable desk lamp, like a bendable gooseneck lamp enabling you to easily alter the light path. Place the desk lamp to the side of your computer screen with a view to ensuring the light shines on your working papers in lieu of the computer monitor. Keep in mind that the foot candles, a measurement of light intensity, are basically necessary for task lighting with an LCD monitor up to 73-foot candles. You can multiply one foot-candle to convert the lighting to the more commonly used lumens as wished.

Best computer lights FAQs

How to naturally reduce eye problems when using the computer?

Sunshine is a healthily natural mood brightener in a home office unless it’s deterring you from viewing your computer monitor clearly. Bright sunlight that streams through windows located behind or in front of your computer screen is able to create counterproductive problems. You can effortlessly adjust the amount and direction of outdoor light entering your home office by simply closing the blinds, shades, or drapes to soften the natural illumination as much as possible. You can put your computer monitor parallel to the windows to keep natural light from bouncing off your computer screen as well.

Should the light be in front of or actually behind the computer?

To deter glare, the task light should not be put behind you, because it will shine directly on the screen. The best location for this is resting on or mounted just above the computer or the desk as well. It should be positioned on the same side as your paperwork to work at best.

What is blue light?

Blue light is a kind of light with a wavelength typically between 400 and 450 nanometers. As the name suggests, this type of light is recognized as blue in a range of colors. However, blue light may even be present when light is perceived as white or any other color if possible.

Blue light is of concern to most computer users because it has more energy per photon of light than other colors in the visible spectrum and can do harm more than good. Blue light, at high enough doses, is hence more liable to cause damage when it is absorbed by a great variety of cells in our body.

Can you reduce the blue light on the computer by applying task lighting for it?

Except for proper general lighting, task lighting is considered to be a great way to reduce blue light while you are scrutinizing on the computer. Task lighting tends to be more focused such as a computer light being in front of you. One of the primary reasons people experience eye strain is because they are working on a computer, which is full of blue light, and the rest of the room is a lot darker, and there are always shadows on either side of the screen. This makes the eyes have to unceasingly adjust and refocus to the changing light levels. With task lighting specifically for computers, you can eliminate the shadows by offering more illumination for an easier time on your eyes to keep it healthy as such. 

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