Best contemporary table lamp to color your house

A lamp has been not only a lamp for thousands of years. The Ancient Greek ever used the simple oil stone lamp as a decorative item on their table since the 7th century BC.

Nowadays, the contemporary table lamp has become an indispensable item in a house today because of a highly-artistic decorative item it is. Let us help you to choose out the best contemporary table lamp in the current market for your ideas of design that could have room to blossom. 


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Top 5 best contemporary table lamp for your need

Top 1: SkyeyArc 4-Circle Dimmable LED Table Lamp

Outstanding features:

  • Artistic & contemporary design: with only 18.9 inches tall and 10 inches wide, this slim and elegant lamp only has the size of a vase. It creates more space around it with the 4 ring shapes standing together. Thus, this minimize and unique design with a sleek black color is very suitable for modern houses and apartments of minimalism.  
  • More color choices: there are 3 choices of color: warm white, cool white, and user-defined white (manually set between cool and warm). Each color choice has a dimmable function.
  • Multipurpose lighting: the brightness is from 100 – 550 lumens so it could light up a table and the surrounding area, which is enough for a romantic dinner or a warm meeting at the table. The color temperature is from 3,200 – 6,000K, which means it is ranging from evening sun to warm white LED, from noon daylight to cool white LED. You could also use it in the office for adorning your working place with this stylish but sturdy and bright LED lamp.

Minus point but not deal-breakers:

  • It could not be connected to a remote-controlled outlet and you will have to use the button manually instead.

Top 2: Megan Modern Table Lamps

Outstanding features:

  • Contemporary but friendly-looking: the lamp contains a modern metal structure X-shape base going with bronze finish color and a friendly-traditional looking created by the rectangular fabric lamp shades.  
  • Extra-conveniences: there is a built-in USB charging port. Each package comes with two lamps and each lamp is equipped with a 9.5-watt standard LED bulb, of which brightness is equal to a 60-watt incandescent bulb. The maximum wattage is 150.
  • Multipurpose lighting: this lamp creates a warm feeling which is suitable for both living room, bedroom, reading or workplaces.

Minus point but not deal-breakers:

  • The dimmable function only comes with a compatible bulb, which is sold separately. Thus, if you want to put it into your bedroom, you should invest a little more for this function.

Top 3: Henn&Hart Modern Industrial Bedside Shade

Outstanding features:

  • A chic & seamless design: this lamp is inspired by mid-century design ideas with a metallic, bronze-coated structure base and seeded or milk-white glass shades. The handcrafted blackened bronze finish is combined with a brushed nickel coating on it creating metallic silver color to the eyes, which makes the lamp look both luxurious and elegant. The milk glass or seeded glass shade once more time adorns the elegance of the room where the lamp is located.
  • Multi-purpose lighting: the contemporary and simplistic design makes it fit every modern space whether it is the living room, dining room, bedroom, or workplace. The maximum wattage is 100 watts, which is enough for every activity around the table.  
  • Sturdiness: the metal broadened frame base actually creates the sturdiness for the lamp though the glass shape triggers a flimsy feeling.

Minus point but not deal-breakers:

  • It is not controlled by a remote outlet but a button so if you want it smarter, you have to invest more money.

Top 4: JONATHAN Y Crystal LED Table Lamp

Outstanding features:

  • Classic design in a contemporary construction: the body of the lamp stimulates the antique candlestick yet the crystal material creates an elegant style. The cotton drum shade evokes contemporary inspiration while the silk coat of the cord set releases a traditional feel. 
  • Sturdiness and long-lasting bulb: the metal base plus real crystal body creates the sturdiness and high-class appearance for the lamp that you will never find in other lamps with the same budget. The energy-saving Jonathan Y LED bulb can last as long as 25,000 hours, which means nearly ten years if you turn it on for 6 to 8 hours per day.
  • Multi-purpose lighting: using a 120 voltage power source with 12 wattage bulb and functioned by a simple button, this lamp is suitable most for the dining room, bedroom, living room, or restaurant décor. 

Minus point but not deal-breakers: There is nothing you will have to mind about it.

Top 5: Elegant Designs Modern Leather Table Lamps

Outstanding features:

  • Contemporary look: inspired by modern minimalism, this lamp poses two parts: a standing rectangular base and a horizontal rectangular drum. The base has many color sets while the drum has gray or white shades for awakening the designer in you to choose. The base is leather-coated and the drum shade is from fabric, which gives us a simple yet elegant modern stylish look.
  • Replaceable bulb: the lamp set includes two bases and two shades and does not include the bulb. The bulb type is incandescent and could be up to a maximum of 60 watts. 

Minus point but not deal-breakers:

  • The bulb is incandescent so it is not energy-saving and you will have to change the bulb more frequently. However, the incandescent bulb also creates healthy yellow illumination, which is still popular in our modern life.

What are the characteristics of a contemporary table lamp?

According to the website of Del Mar (, below characteristics could be considered as contemporary lighting:

  • Inclusion of shapes and patterns.
  • Glass and metal elements.
  • Reflections of past trends or current trends which have been combined into one design to be seen as “trendy.”
  • Combinations of elements from different time periods.
  • Curved lines.
  • Unique forms.
  • An emphasis on comfort.
  • The inclusion of dynamic design.

Thus, a contemporary table lamp should bring the convenience of modern functionality and traditional classic inspiration design. Modern table lamps usually present a minimalistic look with clean lines instead of curved lines. However, if the curved lines in the base of a lamp go with the modern functionality like a LED bulb with many lighting choices then it could be considered contemporary.

How to figure out the best contemporary table lamp?

It just depends on your imagination. The table lamp is mostly used for reading and as décor of the space or sometimes dining light. Thus, to awaken the designer in you, you should measure your space for the lamp first to find out the optimal dimensions and space for the lamp. The second step is using your imagination to put the table lamp into your pre-setup space. If your apartment stimulates with antique inspiration, a contemporary yet antique table lamp should be a good pair. If you are chasing minimalism, the simplistic yet unique design with only clean lines and basic colors shall be a suitable lamp. Last but not least, look into your pocket to see how far your budget allows you to go.

Best contemporary table lamp FAQs

What is a table lamp?

As its name represents, a table lamp is usually placed on the table, bench, couch, or near the bedside. Those places are going with its using purposes, mostly for reading, other times is for dining. From ancient times, the table lamp has been used as a decorative item. In modern houses, this using purpose is becoming more and more a popular trend. 

Thus, its designs usually make it a piece of art. Moreover, its heights are usually not over 32 inches to make it fit with the spaces of most tables or counters and so on. Due to this characteristic, its illumination is hardly enough for the entire room and you need other lighting sources as well.

What is a three-way table lamp?

A three-way lamp is a lamp that owns a 3-way bulb, 3-way socket, and usually a rotary switch; and offers a configuration of lighting at three levels: low, medium, and high.

A 3-way incandescent bulb is different from a bulb which is controlled by a dimmer, each filament in the bulb is operated at a full voltage so that the color of light is kept the same through 3 configurations. And a typical 3-way bulb shall provide 3 levels of wattages: 50, 100, and 150.

Nowadays certain compact fluorescent bulbs have been developed to replace incandescent bulbs LED lamps also have been developed in a 3-way configuration as well.

What is a modern table lamp?

This question is often raised by people who have scrolled down till the end of this piece of writing and also because there are popular misunderstandings between modern and contemporary styles in certain situations.

Contemporary lamps are lamps that could combine classic breaths and modern functionality or combine many other elements in selecting material from the past till the current flow of life. The color choice is also very diverse and much more colorful than modern lamps.

Meanwhile, modern lamps often go with minimalism, simplistic designs with clean and straight lines. Modern lamps also focus on natural materials, such as wood and stones. The color choice often goes with minimalism by using solid and neutral colors.

What is art nouveau lighting?

This is a style that is rooted in Europe at the end of the 19th century. The movement in the designs which started by an English man William Morris with the Arts and Crafts movement leading the trend by choosing simpler, more organic, and handcrafted elements. Meanwhile, a similar trend but more industrial-friendly emerged. It lasted from 1895 till the start of World War I in 1914. It is considered the first movement of the industrial age. It characterized the patterns from nature such as flow stems, wavy lines, and asymmetrical shapes. The name of this industrial aesthetic and design movement went from the “Jugendstil” (young style) in Germany to “the decorative style” in Britain and “Stile Liberty” in Italy. However, it was the French name “art nouveau” becoming the final one that appeared everywhere on mass products or at art exhibitions. 

The art nouveau lighting in the US was led by the New York designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, who took glass lamp design to a new level of art. Among his most famous table lamp designs are the Pond Lily Lamp and the Pink Lotus Lamp

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