Reading books in the dark? Why not when having best convenient clip-on book lights

If you are one of the passionate readers having undying devotion for books, chances are you know how challenging and tiring that leisure activities can be when the lighting source in the room is insufficient. Scientifically speaking of reading emotions, the way you feel while immersing in book content is mainly dependent on the types of lights in use. Thus, choosing a good lighting product is a must, if you don’t wanna hurt your eyes. I am gonna take you along to the world of the best convenient clip-on book lights, commence first with the top 5. 


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Top 5 best convenient clip-on book lights 

Top 1: GearLight NiteOwl Rechargeable Book Light

Plus points:

  • Proper daylight modes: Not being like the standard book light, with this product, you can be happy with amber and white daylight lighting modes eventually. As far as I know, true amber lighting is able to eliminate up to 90% of harmful blue light, reducing eye strain and promoting better sleep then on. It can be also greatly advantageous for concentration and improvements on color perception and visual clarity as well.
  • Long-lasting bonus rechargeable: The reading lamp features a high-capacity battery that is also rechargeable, so you can read books or other types of materials without interruption that may cause inconvenience. The battery quickly recharges and lasts up to even more than 30 hours between charges, ensuring the best experience, especially for bookworms.
  • Optimal light: This reading light produces constant brightness, eye-friendly reading conditions at an affordable price. It is designed to optimize reading tasks without disturbing people adjacent to you.

Minus point:

  • This product produces two different colored lights, meaning that the white light brightness may be alright for one of them, but regarding the second one, the white light is sometimes more amber than being white. 

Top 2: VAVOFO Clip On Book Light for Bed Kids

Plus points:

  • Multiple color temperatures: The reading light is equipped with 7 LEDs whose lifespan is more than 50,000 hours for more uniform luminance than usual. It also features up to 9 different color temperature modes from warm white, warm cool white to cool white, for optimal usage.
  • Many brightness modes: With 9 different brightness modes, you can adjust different levels by one button touch and then choose your go-to comfortable setting based on your personalization, like reading, working, study, and so on…
  • Rechargeable and long-lasting: 32 hours of use! Yes, absolutely you didn’t mishear, that period is long enough, I suppose, to meet your demands of reading for the rest of the day. At a high-brightness setting, the lamp can last up to 5 hours, making sure all your tasks would not be left incomplete.
  • Convenient design-power indicator: You can be informed about the battery level at any time thanks to a power indicator on the device, this gives you a correct warning on time whenever the battery is gonna run out of energy, for better preparation.
  • Adjustable: You can easily position the light wherever you lean towards, as the 360-degree neck with multi-use clip is available. That ensures privacy when it comes to reading demands, wherever you are.

Minus point:

  • Its productivity is not up to par, as at times, it works unstably producing brightness that may not be compatible with reading concentration.

Top 3: Clip-On Reading Light by Hooga

Plus points:

  • Health-beneficial: Gentle and amber hue light reduces eye strain to a great extent and at the same time encourages the production of melatonin in the evening. Other than that, a lack of blue light helps you turn in more easily somehow.
  • Multifunctional: Help you hit the sack better, that is this product. Help you to be less strained carrying it, that is this product. It serves your needs greatly, being compatible for travel and small trips needing a lighting source at night.
  • Flexible: You can effortlessly customize the lighting experience when reading books in bed with your partners in the light of a flexible gooseneck that does not disturb them while you are focusing on your task.
  • High-capacity and rechargeable: You literally can expect the light not to flicker as it features 4 brights LED amber lights. Your hours of reading could be up to 30, alright, before being necessarily charged.
  • Good customer service: “Leaving customers behind after getting money” has been a catchphrase when it comes to some companies competing for lighting products. However, this brand is proud to stand by you 24/7 with timely responses so that your problems are addressed.

Minus point:

  • The light works best when focusing on a particular space with a small angle, if you are looking for a book lamp to lighten a large surrounding area around your books, chances are this is not your priority. 

Top 4: DEWENWILS USB Rechargeable Book Reading Light

Plus points: 

  • Flexible: No need to constantly reposition the light anymore, as the LED lens can be swiveled 90% counter-clockwise, for easier use. For the most part, you just need to remain sitting and enjoy the sublimate moments hailing from books.
  • Rechargeable battery: No additional cables or batteries are necessary to be available, you can now directly plug the lamp into a computer, power bank or SUB outlet for recharging at any time. The entire process of being fully charged just lasts for 1.5 hours.
  • 2 Brightness levels: Your customization is the priority when designing this book light, as stated by the manufacturer, thus, users can adjust 2 brightness levels by touching the button with ease.
  • Multipurpose: Whether used as a bookmark, mini flashlight when power blackout or more than that, this device is believed to lighten every dark corner.

Minus point:

  • You may find yourself struggling with soft-cover books when reading in bed with this kind of lamp. 

Top 5: Vont LED Clip On Reading Light

Plus points:

  • Light-intensity choices: Featuring up to 3 levels of light intensity for you to personally adjust to suit your preference, users never feel restricted when showing their true colors, as they generally can use the high mode for reading then gradually shift to lower one, for a concentration and non-disturbance reading next to their partner.
  • Flexible: Being flexible, for a lamp, is just to be easy to adjust or reposition its direction of lighting. Its smart bendable neck enables you to position the light exactly with little error left.
  • Longer battery life: Designed to be rechargeable, the product lasts twice longer than its rivals at the same price range, meaning this should be a plus point for its competitiveness on the market compared to any other brand.

Minus point:

  • Its durability is not actually ensured, as it works best for the first few months and then cannot stand the test of time in the next months. 

Why do you need a clip-on book light?

There is a couple of reasons why a book light is indispensable to you in some cases:

Shared Space

Are you currently sharing the space with another person in your bedroom? Do you love to read in bed? It’s only fair to make an attempt to minimize the brightness of the light that you will apply to your reading task. Bright reading lights may show several side effects of keeping your partner awake or even disrupting whatever they are doing just because of your reading. 

Cramped Conditions

There is a possibility that most people don’t have a personal library where they can stretch out and read their favorite book, magazine, or journal, as ideal as the thing would be. Hence, take into consideration the space that you have, whether it is in an armchair or reading propped up in your bed so that you can pick an appropriately sized book light being effective in the space you have already available.

Cold Light

Have you ever tried reading a book by daylight and basically found no eye problems, then, in contrast, managed to concentrate when you attempt to carry on reading later at night? Probably you’ll put it down due to tiredness, but it’s just as liable that the artificial light produced by your lamps or even ceiling-mounted light bulbs is just too powerful and harsh for a comfortable reading experience to be smooth. 

Best convenient clip-on book lights FAQs:

What is the best color light for reading at night?

As pointed out by some experts, the best color light for reading at night is actually a warm tone or yellow color light. To be exact, it needs to be below 3000K on the color temperature scale when compared. Such light will be certainly less stressful to your eyes and then further will not disturb your sleep as well.

What is the proper brightness of the reading area?

If you consider yourself one of those who lean towards reading on a digital device, you should carefully harmonize the reading area’s lighting with the proper brightness of a computer screen for the better time being with books. Don’t forget to take care to pick out the brighter lighting for the reading area rather than the light on the device you use only, this is extremely essential surely. 

One more thing to keep in mind is never read in an entirely dark room while using the computer in place of a book. It will force your eyes to compulsorily adjust between the screen brightness and the dimly surrounding lit and, as a result, cause eye discomfort and low concentration followed by long-term sequelae for sure.

On the other hand, it is scientifically proven that harsh fluorescent lighting may cause migraines, so you need to find the best solution for you in the sense that no one shares the same personality leading to the integrated styles of lighting choices. 

Is layout important when reading books?

As the light intensity substantially affects the eyes, the first thing you need to do from now on is to determine the layout of lights in your room to a great extent. The most comfortable way to provide optimal lighting is perhaps to place a table lamp on your desk before doing a reading task. Following that way, you will get direct light pointed to the pages of your book to avoid lapse of concentration. 

If you spend hours using the computer instead of sharing time with a book, you should place subtle lighting behind the monitors for better use. That trick will substantially reduce eye strain by providing an even glow when on.

Is wall color essential when reading books?

You should paint walls in the room that you normally read in light colors. It will fundamentally complement the chosen lighting without bad effects on your eyes in the long run. If possible, try to avoid synthetic enamel paints and dark and even extremely shining colors to protect your vision as well.

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