The best craft lights for better craft work – Detailed reviews

Studies have shown that providing adequate light helps to focus attention while studying or working. The best craft lights is not only a source of essential light for the workflow but also a decorative item that makes your desk look better. New and creative designs give you endless inspiration, urge you to work more effectively. 

Currently, on the market, there are many types and designs of craft light. Therefore, users often pose some questions before purchasing such as “What is the best craft light?” or “How can I choose the most suitable craft light for my family?”. Let’s find out the answers in this article with the list of 6 best craft lights.


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Top 6 best craft lights for your creation

Top 1: Daylight Company LLC LED Art & Craft Floor Lamp

High-quality light

Daylight craft light is designed with 56 high-quality bright led bulbs providing 4 brightness levels to users. You can switch to different modes of this product to suit your needs when reading or working. It can give good lights, strong activity, no flicker and uses electric voltage in the home so it is very energy-saving. The bulbs of this craft light have a long life, but you should be careful not to break the bulbs.


This craft light has a flexible arm. Therefore, you can switch 360 degrees to adjust to the lighting position. This utility helps you not have to sit by the illumination part of the bulb, but just move the bulb holder up and down to the spot that you desire easily and quickly. Its design is small and modern and will be a perfect decoration for your desk. 

Smart feature

A touch switch dimmer is provided. Depending on the usage needs, users can increase or decrease the light intensity through the electronic control panels.

Minus point: Daylight craft light is not tall, therefore, it is not suitable for some jobs.

Top 2: Byingo LED Reading and Crafting Floor Lamp

Smart features

Adjusting the light is becoming easier and easier with Byingo craft light since it is provided 2-in-1 touch control. It is placed under the base and the control keys are illustrated with pictures and simple letters that are easy to understand and use. What is more special? The last brightness setting will be put away in memory for your next use so you can find the suitable right more effectively.

High-quality material

Aluminum metal (glossy anodized duralumin) lightweight and robust is used in Byingo craft light. This material increases the durability and safety to use in impactable locations or families with small children. 

Good lighting

The light setting is in 4 modes, from warm white to cold white variable. This craft light Operates with a maximum capacity of 6W, so it is very energy-efficient in the home. The lamp body is a circular cylindrical shape with a slightly curved head so you can keep away but the light still shines where you need to use it. Also, the light source does not contain UV rays that are harmful to your eyesight and skin with long-term exposure. The lamp life is up to 30,000 hours, giving you peace of mind to use the product.

Minus point: This craft light provides a small amount of light so it is not suitable for large spaces. 

Top 3: Addlon LED Floor Lamp: Reading Light Craft

Good light

Addlon craft light uses 14 Watt power-saving Led to provide energy-saving and bright bulbs. The light does not flicker, vibrate or cause any eye fatigue. The focused lighting area is suitable for every job, from reading, arts to crafts, sewing. It does not generate heat and works well in low-temperature conditions so it is very safe and friendly with both users and the environment.

Modern design

The craft light body can be rotated left, right, or folded up or down arbitrarily to flexibly adjust the high or low light very conveniently during use. The ultra-responsive modern touch panel makes choosing 2 different lighting modes. Its design does not take up much space when in use and is easy to move when needed.


Despite a long use time, the high-level LED bulbs won’t be over-consuming or overheating. Moreover, it is so easy to assemble that you simply need screws, then plugin, and turn on the switch. This product is suitable for all family members, from young to old people. You can use it conveniently and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the hotline.

Minus point: the support stand is a bit flimsy.

Top 4: Gladle Dimmable Tall Bright Light for Craft Task

High-quality light

Gladle craft light is suitable for children and students to study and for the adults to read or work. Led bulbs do not use lead so they do not contain mercury or emit harmful gases into the environment that is safe for the health of users. With 100 led bulbs, the light radiates with a natural white color which does not cause eye fatigue for a long time, helping you to be able to work or study more effectively. Moreover, this craft light offers 3 color temperature modes with 5 brightness levels to be fit to every need. 

Smart features

Smart plugs are provided that you can turn on and off the craft light effectively with your iPhone, IPad, or Samsung devices. It also has a timer feature. This function automatically turns off after an hour saves power if you do fall asleep frequently while reading, and the memory function automatically restores the nearest brightness level and color temperature you used.

Flexible design

The craft light with the soft and thin line is designed, bringing sophistication in saving layout space. The lamp head can be rotated 90 degrees, helping the user to adjust the angle of the light he wants to aim at. The light intensity can be flexibly moved according to the user’s preferences and purposes through the touch system (10% – 100%).

Minus point: no remarkable downside was found.

Top 5: Joly Joy LED Modern Floor Lamps


If you are seeking a modern craft light, the Joly Joy product is perfect for all your needs. Its base is made of metal and painted in full black, bringing a wonderful space to your desk. Moreover, it is tall then you can place it anywhere you want conveniently. You can use it as a decoration to be inspired during working or studying.

Smart features

The body of the craft light can be easily adjusted to the direction and curvature as you like, suitable for a wide range of users, including adults and children. It is provided with a remote control that you can switch different modes of the product from a far place.

Customer service

Joly Joy brand always cares for customer satisfaction. When buying this craft light, you are offered a 12-month warranty. If anything happens during the using time, it can solve your trouble and provide any repairs.  

Minus point: its design is flimsy.

Top 6: Twinkle Star Gooseneck Floor Lamp

High-quality light

This craft light has 3 lighting modes and 3 shading temperatures. The three brilliance modes are 1W, 3.5W, and 12W individually, and shading customizable from 2700-5500k. It is changed by a contact dimmer switch and all of them are natural and advantageous to utilize for users. This soft light does not harm the eyes, anti-myopia for children’s eyes while studying.


Its design is tall, thin, and lightweight so you can easily carry it to anywhere you want to place it. It is not only for lighting but also a decoration item for your living room, bedroom or office, bringing the delicacy in saving layout space.

Minus point: the craft light life does not last long.

Why do I need to buy the best craft lights?

The craft light is considered a useful item when working or studying due to the benefits it offers. The workspace is the place that needs inspiration and positive energy the most, so using a craft light with a sophisticated design, the luxurious design will help your soul feel comfortable, excited, and promoted. This lamp model not only serves the working needs of homeowners but also helps adorn the working space with more harmonious, balanced beauty, creating a professional style for users. Moreover, the light of the craft light is not too harsh. It does not blink but glows continuously, evenly, so it can prevent myopia, glare, eye fatigue, and common vision diseases. You can also change the light angles based on your needs such as pulling down the lampshade while reading.

How can I choose the most suitable craft light for my family?

To choose the right craft light, you should consider the type of light according to the purpose of the use of interior space.

For use: If you regularly read books, you should choose a lamp designed specifically for reading with gentle light. The type of lamp used for working should have good light and have the ability to flexibly adjust the height. You can also choose from flexible light-adjustable designs to suit different purposes.

For decorating your space: If you have a modern working space, choose a modern, compact lamp design. On the other hand, classic interior space should choose a lamp with a classic direction to match. Besides these factors, you can take into account more about the light color, the brand, … For example, the white/yellow light color does not affect vision health. Golden light feels warm and warm in winter, while white light feels awake and cool in summer. Just depending on the above preferences and personal tastes,  each one should find out the suitable craft light, which brings high efficiency in learning and working.

Best craft lights FAQs

When can I use a craft light?

Utilizing a specialty light isn’t totally different from using some other ordinary lights in your home. Sometimes, lights are set on work tables and close to your favorite lounge chairs for perusing or drawing, painting, outlining, trimming projects, and so on. However, the craft lights are really extraordinary lights utilized on or alongside your making table to give direct light to the undertaking you are dealing with. 

It should be set as near your undertaking as could be expected, and frequently has an adaptable gooseneck or can be twisted and turned so you can fix the light concerning your table or task that you are chipping away at.

How to keep a craft light clean?

Craft light maintenance is also one of the essential activities to ensure the lamp lasts longer. First, you need to use the proper cleaning items. When cleaning the craft light, please use soft, dry wipes, mild detergents to ensure cleaning the lamp without causing a negative impact on the light. The use of a soft dry cloth will help the bulb to shine, providing the best light without scratching the glass surface of the bulb. You should also notice the time to clean the craft light. Normally, it should be cleaned only 2 to 3 times a year. Cleaning too many times will cause the lamp to shake and let it be affected too much that leads to a flash.

What are the points we should remember when using a craft light?

  • Don’t touch the bulbs: The bulb area when in use will cause a certain amount of heat. Although there are many types of bulbs today that are designed and constructed not to generate heat, there are still a lot of them. Touching these balls can cause burns. Besides, touching the light bulb will change the position of the ball, causing the ball to wobble. Doing this many times will cause the ball to burn quickly.
  • Adjust the lighting: The use of a desk lamp is often used to illuminate a certain small space. Therefore, when using them, users often adjust the position of the lamp, the lighting position of the lamp accordingly. During this process, the lights should not shine directly into the eyes. This will help prevent the eyes from being negatively affected, prone to fatigue.
  • Time for using: Anything that is used for too long will be damaged very quickly. Likewise, the desk lamp should not be used for too long. During use, we should let the light rest for a few minutes and then turn it on again so that the light does not quickly fail and the bulb does not burn quickly.

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