Feeling the need for daylight indoors? Easy, look at the best daylight desk lamps! 

Daylight is considered a photographer’s best friend, a selling point for homes whether in rural areas or in the big metropolises, and even a main perk for office workers surely. However, due to the specialization of work, on many occasions, people don’t have much opportunity to be exposed to natural daylight. Don’t worry about that if you regard yourself as one of them, because now there are certainly loads of daylight lamps producing light nearly as the same natural lighting source. Let’s be armed with some pieces of information on the top 5 of the best daylight desk lamps for either sooner or later purchases. 


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Top 5 best daylight desk lamps for use

Top 1: TaoTronics TT-DL16 Stylish Metal LED Desk Lam

Plus points:

  • Durable and solid: If you think about what to eat every day rather than thinking of a favorite lamp for long-term use, chances are you also don’t want your new product to be out of work soon, right? The more durable, the better. This lamp can play such a role since it is thoughtfully designed and scratch-resistant to last longer than ever.
  • More colors and much brighter: With 5 color modes and 6 brightness levels, you can expect the lamp to be suitable for every member of your family, as each individual has different work needed to be done, meaning that more colors and brightness levels are necessary.
  • Easy on the eyes: If lamps cannot protect your eyes from glare, how will you handle it? Stop using them or still use them at any rate? I guess that is the dilemma that no one perhaps wants to be in. How about a product that can basically ensure that you are being illuminated by very healthy lighting? That lighting source is actually from this desk lamp.
  • Personalization: You can effortlessly dim or brighten the light, or substantially change the color through a range of colors offered. My staff at the office say that even if the workplace is a co-working space, she feels comfortable with the lamp as she can miraculously change the lightness according to personal tastes and demands for different tasks.

Minus point:

  • If you get in trouble with the product, the attitude of the team being in charge of customer service will get on your nerves, and further, they respond super late. 

Top 2: Lightblade 1500S by Lumiy (Series 2) LED Desk Lamp

Plus points:

  • Like natural: Artificial lighting cannot ever be compared to natural brightness, however, modern technology is gradually making an attempt to produce products that are as naturally-similar as possible, and one of which is this brand’s lamp.
  • Healthy: I once thought that I could live with my passion regardless of unfavorable working conditions. However, little by little, I realize that health is far more of a treasure than just a gift to keep around us. So I bought this lamp with a view to protecting my eyes against eye-related problems as described by the manufacturer, and fortunately, it worked.
  • Cost-saving: In the crisis of the global pandemic, humans generally have to save more money than spending since a penny saved is a penny earned. When it comes to this product, you can be totally relieved with a low price initially and less maintenance than others later on.

Minus point:

  • Its material still leaves a great deal to be desired. It is made from entirely thin, creaky, and hard plastic, hence, some customers may not be satisfied with the offer as such. 

Top 3: BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp with Swing Arm

Plus points:

  • Super bright: No kind of lamp is able to absolutely remove the darkness, but at least, some of which can work to the best of their functions to provide you with super bright so that tasks in the dark will no longer be a problem anymore. If you are desperately regarding a product like that, this may be a good option.
  • Adjustable: Regarding adjustability, color temperature and brightness appear first and foremost owing to the fact that unrelated tasks demand different levels of the aforementioned factors. This lamp, thus, features a desirable function enabling you to switch over between cool and warm color temperature and take control over brightness levels as easily as pie.
  • Auto-dimming: Are you too snowed under with tons of work and even cannot make it a point to take care of yourself, let alone spending time setting up the lamp? If so, you should consider this product, as it will detect ambient brightness and dynamically adjust itself to the ideal level of comfortable working environment all day long.

Minus point:

  • The ambient light feature is not that really useful for purposes of studying from a monitor. There should’ve been a couple of ways to adjust the light strength that the ambient light can be able to correct itself, too.

Top 4: WILIT U2 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp with Alarm Clock

Plus points:

  • Multiple brightness: Sooner or later, there comes a time you have to accept the truth that we almost cannot apply one kind of brightness to different tasks. Reading needs lower brightness while working needs a higher extent, for example. As indolent as you are, you still need to adjust brightness levels for the best performance of the work. And, proudly, this product can be such a helpful assistant!
  • Multifunctional: If you are a compulsive buyer, chances are you have to discard every item after several times of use, in the sense that they are not good fits for your expectations. However, this item is a far cry from what you have ever experienced, as even if you normally buy things without much consideration, the lamp is still super beneficial in terms of decoration, lighting, and calendar as much.
  • Eco-friendly and durable: Environmentally friendly materials are highly selected for production, this lamp is completely free from mercury and plumbum, contains no glass, and even has a long lifespan of over 30K hours.

Minus point:

  • The controls to set the lamp are absurdly at the bottom of the lamp and for that reason, it is not that easy to set a time date alarm as needed. 

Top 5: LED Desk Lamp and EppieBasic 24 Watts Office Desk Lamps

Plus points:

  • Super wide and bright: Its super big size is suitable for the entire desk workbench and ideal for a multi-monitor workstation or even a large desk for drawing, sewing, or reading simply. Other than that, it is also super bright with various levels of brightness and color temperature along.
  • Multiple lighting choices: It might be a bit inconvenient when sharing the lamp with other people but I think, for this product only, it can be used by many people with multiple demands for lighting options. My little girl uses the lamp to cram for the AP Computer Science exam; my little boy considers it useful for work deadlines, and I use the desk lamp to satisfy my own reading hobby- you see?
  • Friendly eye-care: Exclusively designed to put less stress on your eyes, this lamp is demonstrated to be as healthy as health supplements since it produces light without flickering or ghost-freeze also. Generally, if you can be able to maintain a good work-life balance, I don’t see any possibility of your eyes being fatigued.

Minus point:

  • The control buttons on the fixture work unstably for most of the part, causing you to feel such a nuisance. 

Why do you need to buy the best daylight desk lamps?

Color Matching

Daylight lamps enable you to precisely see colors then match them correctly at any time regardless of the day or night. This is because of the lamps’ color temperatures.

Natural Light Temperature

Daylight lamps generally boast a range of around 5,500°K – 6,500°K color temperature in the name of perfect color matching along with exceptional contrast and clarity. They are specifically designed to offer the optimal brightness required for a range of various tasks.

Spread of Light

A wide range of daylight lamps is carefully designed to give the correct light intensity over specific workspaces. Whether large or small, there’s a lamp for a variety of different work areas.

Clarity and Contrast

Daylight lamps enable users to see the very small detail in the greatest clarity and contrast, letting them feel detailed tasks easier and at the same time, allowing the user to comfortably work for longer periods of time if wished. Good brightness with high contrast and clarity also benefits health with regards to reduced eye strain, less glare, and maximum eye comfort.


There are loads of daylight magnification lamps with different lens sizes, diopters, and functions for tasks of all kinds that generally require details. 


All of the daylight lamps are designed to easily position the light where it is necessary. Flexible arms of the lamps bend in a range of directions, giving ultimate versatility for lamp owners.

Best daylight desk lamps FAQs

What are daylight lamps and how are they different from normal LEDs?

If you’re not familiar with daylight lamps, they are specifically designed to imitate natural light from the sun. The primary asset setting it apart from the typical LED bulb is all in the color temperature. Color temperature, which is measured in kelvins (K), refers to the relative blueness of light or how the light is generally perceived by the human eye. With that in mind, I got to say that daylight bulbs begin at a higher color temperature of 4600K and can be able to range up to 6500K. Meanwhile, LED bulbs have a far lower color temperature that basically falls between 3000K to 4000K. For reference, the sun’s color temperature is known to be 5600K. So it seems to be a bit ridiculous but there are bulbs that are brighter than the sun.

What are some differences between full-spectrum lamps and daylight lamps?

“Full-spectrum” refers to the ability of a lamp to put out the light that is inclusive of all colors of the lighting spectrum. Nonetheless, it’s more of a marketing term rather than a technical description, so each manufacturer determines exactly what makes a full spectrum. As scientifically named, the full-spectrum light source contained both visible and invisible color wavelengths of light as well. 

In the meanwhile, daylight lamps were developed on the basis of the need to simulate daylight for health reasons in people who were unable to be exposed to the sun. That actually includes servicemen on Navy submarines as well as astronauts in the space program, for example.

Are the daylight bulbs more expensive than normal types?

Lamps marketed as daylight are transparently more expensive than regular light bulbs, even bulbs that are believed to share the same light output properties yet simply don’t use the daylight marketing terms. If compared to spectrum light bulbs, daylight bulbs are about half the price of full-spectrum bulbs, meaning that they may cost up to 5 times more than regular light bulbs. 

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