List of best dimmable LED downlights – Reviews & Buying guide

One of the most common lighting fixtures that are visible in any home currently is downlights. Those are prevalent for the reason that they provide warm lighting that is far more efficient than a traditional lighting product. However, there is a score of considerations when choosing a perfect one among them on the market, especially when it comes to a LED downlight, things are getting much more intricate. You may be confused at a range of similar products, you may be hesitant because of the price, you may take loads of brands into account also… And if so, this is your solution. The top 5 of the best dimmable LED downlights will be respectively introduced below.


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List of 5 best dimmable LED downlights

Top 1: Sunco Lighting Slim LED Downlight with Junction Box

Plus point:

  • Modern: Those downlights are IC-rated, which means the junction box is thermally-protected and designed to be effortlessly installed in the ceiling that insulation surrounds. This makes it easier to install and alleviate your concern related to overheating and fire.
  • Easy to set up: Don’t need a can because this product features a junction box already, this means you just need to cut a hole in your ceiling then fold the spring-loaded brackets in whereas pushing them up into the hole. You then are able to be lightened by instant brightness and seamless dreaming in the kitchen, living room, even bedroom or bathroom at once. Taking it along to your office is also a good idea.
  • Tested quality: In the case that you are quality-conscious and cannot judge a book by its cover, chances are you will not be disappointed when it comes to the quality of those downlights, as they are carefully tested for optimal performance and safety before selling. Another bonus for you is that the skim downlights are instant on, meaning no buzzing or flickering for eye comfort all the time with no mercury and no UV/IR emitted also.
  • Affordable: Offered by an industry-leading company specializing in lighting products, you get everything state-of-the-art just with a fraction of the price.

Minus point:

  • It features a classic style, which literally means it would not really be a good fit if you consider yourself young and constantly look for something youthful. 

Top 2: LED Dimmable Recessed Downlight

Plus points:

  • Energy-saving: The appearance of new lighting technology leads to more lumen output tantamount to 100W incandescent, meaning that the lightness is still the same as incandescent lamps but your electricity bill can be cut back on up to 80%.
  • High-quality: The true color is the desire of many customers and happily, those downlights can provide. Near sunlight quality light for true color is now present inside your home whenever needed. Other than that, the LED downlight of the new generation is designed to last without maintenance and energy-efficient function for a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours.
  • Smooth dimmable: The ambiance of your space now can be taken control over easily thanks to the smooth dimming capacity of around 5% to 100%.
  • 5-year warranty: Yes, exactly 5 years of warranty! You didn’t mishear about that. Chances are you will get confused about a long warranty like that, but don’t be too surprised because high-quality products stand the test of time and insignificant guarantee required then.

Minus point:

  • For some products, the springs generally don’t hold the light up tight to the ceiling as much as expected. 

Top 3: Recessed Lighting Slim and Lumary Smart recessed Lighting 

Plus points:

  • Voice control: Have you ever thought you would be able to control a lamp with your voice? It sounds weird a little bit and somehow illusional, but now this is practical when it comes to those downlights. This product is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant both. Just with simple conversations, your lightness will be adjusted.
  • Personalize it: Featuring an application to connect and enjoy intelligent control, users can expect to personalize timetables for an automatic switch. Furthermore, advanced tech also enables you to share control LED lights between different devices with ease.
  • Music-controlling: With the beat of any song or the sound of any game that you love, you can change the color of the lights effortlessly.
  • Easy installation: I acknowledge myself as a tech-illiterate in the sense that I cannot manage to install any electronic devices but those lamps, and probably so do you.

Minus point:

  • The customer service still leaves a lot to be desired if you, unfortunately, need it.

Top 4: TORCHSTAR Dimmable Slim LED Downlight with J-Box

Plus points:

  • Efficient lighting: Sometimes, you cannot sacrifice cutting-edge functions for traditional features, because not every remainder is valuable regarding technology. This product offers a better economical replacement for incandescent lamps leading to better energy-saving bills.
  • High-quality: Those downlights are prominent-quality and safe on account of selected materials. You and your family members don’t need to care much about safety problems related to lightings in roofs and ceilings anymore.
  • Spectacular dimming: Easy adjustability makes things around us more stylish when using the LED downlights for doorways, hallways, basements, and a range of other places needed to be lightened.
  • Easy to install: Without the help of a professional electrician, you are still able to install the lamp easily, I bet.

Minus point:

  • It is not actually 100% waterproof so you should be careful during any point of use.

Top 5: Ensenior LED Dimmable Can-Killer Downlight

Plus points:

  • High brightness: The new generation of LED chips with higher lumens and lower power is visibly beneficial for every use. Specific living space is never a limitation for your choice anymore.
  • Wide application: Whether you intend to use it in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or even other challenging-to-reach spaces, this device is all compatible, meaning it meets a vast variety of needs.
  • Good customer service: Honestly, I cannot claim customer service to be perfect because there are still some late responses occasionally, but when it comes to new replacement or refund requests, on the whole, this brand can handle them smoothly.

Minus point:

  • Aesthetically speaking, connectors from light to junction box are not designed well. 

Why do you need dimmable LED lights?

Long lifespan:

Although they are not cheap to purchase compared to standard bulbs, the striking savings you make on energy and replacement costs make LEDs far more cost-effective in the long run. LED downlights have noticeable lifespan expectancy with the average bulb emitting light for up to 50,000 hours, some even boast up to 100,000 hours of usage also. If you use your lights for around 8 hours each day, LEDs probably give you an impressive lifespan of up to 17 years. Even if you payout for a top-in-the-range standard bulb, LEDs still make for a better investment, lasting roughly 5 times longer than fluorescent lighting and even up to 30 times longer than incandescent bulbs in general. 


Lighting accounts for about 10% of electricity usage in average households, with figures rising to as much as 40% in commercial premises for sure. LED lights can basically seem on the pricier side, however, their energy efficiency and even longevity more than compensate for this one. In comparison with energy-hungry incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs are a really energy-efficient form of lighting and at the same time, they guarantee to save money on your electricity bill as well.

Environment- friendly:

People are aware of the fact that saving resources is a vital step towards building a better future and LED downlights then help to save the environment by absorbing at least 75% less energy than conventional incandescent lights. LED downlights also produce less CO2 emissions just in the sense that they require less energy than usual. They will also reduce your contribution to a landfill for the reason that you won’t go through as many of those as incandescent bulbs as sure as hell. LED bulbs are one-hundred-percent recyclable, and one bulb can easily save the production of up to 25 incandescent light bulbs generally speaking.

As an added bonus for its advantages, LED downlights basically do not contain mercury, providing lesser health risk and allowing for an easier clean-up regarding breakage.

Best dimmable LED downlights FAQs

What are LED downlights?

LED downlights generally are spotlights that are recessed directly into the ceiling. They offer a bright directional light that can be applied to all types of lighting that you want. They can basically supplement task lighting, general lighting, and even ambient lighting if necessary. In light of the fact they are unnoticeable as they are recessed into the ceiling but can offer any type of beam you need, they’re one of the best choices for the home and stores surely.

Can you regulate the intensity of a downlight?

The downlights are inclusive of loads of elements (LEDs and resistors) as well as an external power supply. This power supply is generally attached to the LED plate via a connector, hence, you can disconnect and reconnect the power supply when needed.

In most normal cases, the downlights usually come with their included power supply, but this power supply is not dimmable, as its power input is built to work with a current intensity and an alternating current voltage with a value Constant that is usually 230V. 

To make a downlight dimmable, it is needed to replace its power supply with a power supply that enables sort of variations in current intensity and voltage values in alternating current at the input source of Power supplied.

Normally, this type of power supply is available as an additional accessory when buying the downlight, then, when installing this, it is a simply replaced driver that brings by default, via the adjustable driver gained as a product optional.

What are the special features of those lights?

The most unique feature of this kind of lights is their shape and how they will fit into the room that they are in. They will feature a “rough-in” that will act as the protection of the downlight and they are what will go up into the ceiling when first installed. The light’s wiring is actually put right up on the back of the light with the housing for their flat unobtrusive appearance to be all you will see once they are successfully installed.

Where can those lights be placed?

LED Downlights can be applied in a wide range of places from residential to commercial properties surely. Being dependent on their beam’s range, color temperature, and even brightness; they’re compatible with a task, general and ambient lighting as well.

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