Add versatility to normal lighting by choosing a best dimmable touch lamp

Indoor lighting systems within a living space are important considerations. There are many improvements of best dimmable touch lamp in the long term by continuously incorporating new characteristics to these lamps to make them much more efficient.

There are a lot of these lamps on the market, all with different features and appropriate for various purposes, so it is normally very difficult to choose the best of them. This article, therefore, includes a list of some of the best dimmable touch lamp for your consideration.


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Top 5 best dimmable touch lamp for your need

Top 1: AUKEY Table Lamp Touch Sensor

Outstanding features:

  • Modern design: it is upgraded to a new version of the classic LT-T6 with an updated, sleek interface and much better touch control.
  • The 360° touch control base: This lamp is easy to switch on/off to change light modes, brightness, or color. It is much more responsive and also runs on metal surfaces smoothly.
  • Colorful display: It auto-cycles an extensive selection of colors from the red, green to the blue color spectrum. You can pick and pause on your favorite color. For example, you can choose a bold color for a party or a calming color for relaxation.
  • Adjustable illumination: change three brightness levels of warm white lights (soft, moderate, and bright)t, you just tap the touch control base. You can use this lamp to take a rest and relax, even read in a bright atmosphere comfortably.
  • Eye-safe and eco-efficient: Not only eye-safe light but also energy-efficient LED technology helps to minimize money-consuming and environmental impacts.
  • Good warranty policy of the manufacturer: Aukey offers 45-days-money-back guarantee, and a 24-month warranty card for customers.

Minus point but not deal-breakers: this is an independent unit and cannot be linked with any smart automatic system. However, it is a disposable lamp and you could throw the whole unit into your trash bin when the bulb is burned out after several years.

Top 2: MAXvolador Touch Control Table Lamp

Outstanding features:

  • 3-way dimmable LED (low, medium, high): To change the lighting, you can easily tap anywhere on the metal base. It is suitable for the nightstand mode, ornamental accent, or working.  For nightstand mode (low-level lighting), it is perfect for midnight nursery, meditation, movie nights-in. For ornamental accent (medium-level lighting), it is ideal for romantic meals, highlight artworks, or sculptures. For working (high-level lighting), it is excellent for reading, working, playing electronics or kids playing. This touch-sensitive lamp can be operated easily by individuals of all ages.
  • Dual USB charging ports and AC outlets are the second standout trait. With its integrated dual USB charging ports(5V/2.1A) and dual AC outlets (2-prong), the touch control table lamp brings more comfort to your life. This means that you can charge your cell phones, smartphones, tablets, kindles, or other gadgets at the same time, irrespective of whether the desk lamp is turned on or off. This helps you conserve the time and resources you need.
  • Minimalist design for a home: The dimmable table lamp has a dimension of 5.9″ (L) x 5.9″ (W) x 14.2 (H). The cord length is 5.1ft/155cm. The size is small, which is suitable for decorating somewhere in your home. For the dining room, bedroom, study room, children’s room, den, nursery, this table lamp is appropriate. It’s a great present for others, too.
  • Making the chic look for your space: This dimmable touch control table lamp is built with a black metal base and a grey cloth lampshade. It diffuses illumination uniformly, comfortably, relaxingly, thus adding a simple modern look to your house.
  • Energy-saving and eye-care: These dimmable 6W LED bulbs in standard Edison form are identical to 60w incandescent bulbs, saving up to 90 percent of energy. With 800lm brightness, the E26 led bulb comes in 2700K, which provides bright stable lighting with low heat emission. It has no flicker or no buzz and softens the glare of the light through the coat of gray lamp shade. As a consequence, it is safe for eyesight.

Minus point but not deal-breakers: for perfectionists, the USB charging port should be at the back instead of the front of the lamp so that the lamp could have a cordless look.

Top 3: SeasideVillage Touch Control Table Lamp

This table lamp comes from the brand name Seaside Village. It has a dimension of 5.12″ (L) x 5.12″ (W) x 14.37″ (H) in total. The height of the lampshade is 11.02 inches/280mm. And the cord length is 59 inches / 1500mm. 

Outstanding features:

  • User-friendly touch lamp: The touch bedside lamp provides 4 different options of illumination (low, medium, high, off). The touch function operates without any sound with a quick tap on the side or top of the base. With this smart lamp, you do not need to fumble for the tiny switch on the cord.
  • Soothe the eyes: The double-layered linen lampshade produces the right amount of illumination and diffuses it equally, bright but not blinding. It is great for use in the dining room, bedroom, lab, study room, nursery room, or college dorm for reading, breastfeeding, or working.
  • Minimalistic and trendy style: A brown lamp base and neutral beige cloth lampshade are highlights of this nightstand lamp. As a consequence, this design has never been obsolete, matching the theme and color for any of the décor. The accent lamp could instantly add an elegant touch to your home.
  • Power-saving: This dimmable light has a 2700K (6W) vintage-led Edison bulb, which equals 60W incandescent. It’s not energy-wasting, then. Also, it doesn’t have a flicker, no buzz, no heat output.

Minus point but not deal-breakers: there is not much difference between the bright and very bright level, thus, it seems like a 2-way lamp only.

Top 4: Lifeholder  Dimmable Touch Lamp

Outstanding features:

  • Two outlets and two USB ports for each lamp: Regardless of whether the bedside lamp is on or off, the USB port and outlet still operate. However, the manufacturer advises that consumers should not use electrical equipment with an output power of more than 1500W to ensure safety when using. 
  • Eye-catching design and adjustable light brightness: These dimmable lamps have an eye-catching design for any space due to the decoration of grey lampshades. The touch control feature helps you to turn the light on or off or change the brightness of the light (low, medium, high, off).
  • Eye-friendly and long-lasting: Owing to no flicker-free illumination, the warm white Edison bulb is eye-friendly. A high-quality light bead increases the longevity and provides your den, dining room, or office with more uniform and delicate lighting.
  • Safe for the users: Both connectors, switches, cables, and sockets are certified in the United States. In order to ensure the safety of consumers and to prevent incidents, these lamps have 3-prong connectors.

Minus point but not deal-breakers: it may not as bright enough if you expect it for a task lamp. Thus, it is more suitable as a bedside lamp.

Top 5: Bosceos 3-Way Touch Control Dimmable Table Lamp

Outstanding features:

This touch bedside lamp provides 3-level brightness (low, medium, high) by simply tapping to select the required level and touch control. It satisfies all your needs, such as nightstand use, decorative lighting, reading light & working light, etc. For nightstand purposes, with low brightness mode, it’s great for midnight nursery, meditation, film nights. Especially, it gives a soft warm light, which allows no glitter, ideal for the sensitive eyes of the infant. For decorative purposes, with medium brightness mode, it is perfect for intimate meals, gameplay, family meeting evenings, offering a beautiful and relaxing feel to any room. For working purposes, with high brightness mode, it is suitable for reading, working, playing electronics, or drawing, etc. Moreover, the lamp bases and the poles are susceptible everywhere. You don’t have the challenge of locating a switch in complete darkness.

It has a multi-function of 3 charging ports. The latest edition of the USB table lamp features 2 fast 5V/2.1A USB ports and a 120V AC outlet for your convenience. It’s easy to charge 3 cabinets like tablet, earphone, laptop, e-book, humidifier, no matter whether the lamp is on or off. You no longer have any problem coping with cord chaos.

This modern nightstand lamp has a classic and elegant design that adds a trendy and esthetic décor with beautiful soft ambient light to any room. It is suitable for use in bedrooms, children’s, bedside, cafe table, dining rooms, living rooms, etc. In addition, with its attractive beauty and functional functionality, it would be a good and substantial gift to your family or friend.

Eye-caring and energy-saving: This collection of two bedside lamps is made of a heavy black metal base and high-quality durable linen fabric lampshades that fit contemporary and trendy taste. This makes the light cozy and calming, which adds to the effective safety of your eyesight. It also provides LED bulbs, equal to a 60W incandescent bulb. So, it basically saves 90 percent of power whilst glowing max 800LM super bright light.

The vendor provides a 24-month free warranty and high quality for each product. Bosceos offers 100% backup on all their goods. They seriously examine the product’s quality for every box before packaging and shipment. This aims to deliver premium product quality and the best customer service into the market.

Minus point but not deal-breakers: the lamp has a very classic look and maybe not chic enough, in my opinion. Also, its touch sensitivity may be affected by the humidity or other electronic appliances nearby.

What are the things you need to remember when buying a decent touch table lamp?

Nowadays, there are many touch lamp models on the market. Therefore, to choose the best touch lamps for your space, you should consider the seven significant features below.

The expense is the first feature. The expense is a significant consideration when purchasing these touch table lamps. This will help you buy according to your budget and therefore ensure that, according to your pocket worth, you get the best possible lamp. Although the touch lamps are more costly, they are typically the best with large specifications, the average price. Besides, there are some kinds of inexpensive touch lamps. However, they may not be fancy, which ensures your space is appropriately and satisfactorily illuminated.

The second feature is the placed area, as various types of touch lamps are ideal for various spaces. The bedrooms, for example, require low lighting, whereas living rooms and offices can require high-intensity lighting. The scale of the space or installation area is also important. A low-focused light is favored when it is mounted on a table for use on the tabletop. However, illumination of an entire room should require a high-rise touch lamp for lighting to extend uniformly and adequately. But at the present, varied adjusting features apply to the new models. This can perfectly guarantee easy lighting in any home setting.

The size of the lamp is the third feature. This is closely linked to the placed area in which small-sized lamps, such as desktops or workbenches, are typically recommended for small workspace and lighting points. Big-sized touch lamps, on the other hand, have a wider area of scope that makes them sufficiently ideal for lighting large rooms. Thus, it will depend on your intended intent for the lamp to choose the right-sized touch lamp.

The fourth feature is the material of manufacture. The longevity and beauty of the product will be dictated by the materials used in the design of a touch base lamp. Therefore, these touch lamps could be done by metal, thick plastics, wood, or a mixture of both. These materials guarantee your touch lamp’s long-lasting operation while also maximizing the look of the inner décor with their exquisite aesthetics.

The fifth feature is the lamp’s design. This is a consideration worth considering as bad design goods offer bad services. For instance, to ensure that the lamp remains upright on the table during use, a touch lamp should also be constructed with a solid frame and a large base or supporting area. Control elements such as buttons and sensors should also be used in the design, as in this case, the touch control system. To use simpler and easier, the lamp’s design should add on high sensitivity capabilities and labeled sections.

The next necessary feature is safety. As these devices run on electricity, they typically face a substantial risk of consumers being inadvertently harmed by electrical shocks. So, the lamp should also have an appropriately weighted base. This is because the lamp base is a relay unit and holds the lamp tightly to ensure that the power supply is always stable, without flicker, and the bulb is kept firmly and not loose. Besides, as certain types of bulbs typically get hot and can cause burn injuries, they should also be considered. Namely, as LED bulbs do not get hot or crack quickly, they are normally the most preferred.

The last essential feature is power input and output. The amount of energy used by these lamps at a time will decide the lamp’s long-term maintenance costs.

Best dimmable touch lamp FAQs

What bulbs do touch-sensitive table lamps need?

Most people choose to use LED light bulbs rather than other bulbs because they are inexpensive and energy-efficient relative to those such as incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs. As a result, they are cost-effective and popular with led table lamps.

Halogen bulbs, on the other hand, are also inexpensive and very efficient in terms of energy savings. Some people therefore still suggest and use them in their lamps. However, LED bulbs are more common because they are more durable and safe relative to halogen bulbs.

Why do the touch desk lamps turn on by themselves?

This could be due to a number of causes. 

The first cause is that the desk lamp might be more defective than the sensor regions and the circuitry as a whole. Therefore, you may need to contact a technician to fix these problems. 

The second cause is that it may be next to some electrical equipment that spontaneously emits electrons or charges air around them, allowing the lamp’s capacitance device to misbehave. Thus, adjusting the position of the lamp may solve the problem. However, if it continues, you should contact a specialist.

Are touch lamps trustworthy?

Yes, with their performance, these lamps can be trusted. The capacitance touch system ensures that these lamps are easy to operate with the touch sensors and are direct. It only needs the activation of electrons from foreign objects, such as the body.

Their wholesome design also ensures that they provide the user with a wide range of service options, thereby ensuring their satisfaction. They also come with installed safety measures to guarantee the safety of the application. Hence, as they provide excellence to the users, you should absolutely trust these lamps.

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