Best drawing lights on the market – Reviews and buying guides

Drawing is not inherently the most challenging job, but it possibly is, if you choose the wrong lighting source. Whether you are performing your task in daylight or the evening, you probably need an artificial lighting device as an assistant. Everything appears a lot easier when it comes to a drawing light that certainly can make the result of your masterpiece. Let’s be informed by the list of the best drawing lights for further consideration, beginning with 5 best drawing lights that have been carefully reviewed.


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Top 5 best drawing lights you should not miss

Top 1 of the best drawing lights: YOUKOYI LED Desk Lamp with Clamp

Plus points:

  • Flexible: The drawing light with a flexible neck and head makes your computer experience far easier by positioning and setting the desirable lighting directions as per your expectation.
  • Multiple brightness levels: Are you still looking for a lamp that is not only bright but also features different brightness levels for minute-by-minute change of mood or task? Here you are, this product allows you to easily adjust the lightness level between 10% and 100% leading to the perfect lighting. Playing with children needs a higher level of brightness while handling work stuff requires lower intensity for more concentration on the screen of the computer.
  • Memory function: I have used loads of drawing lamps but ones featuring memory functions are at a premium, and fortunately, this product belongs to the minority. It is able to remember exactly the brightness at the time the light is off, and for the next uses, it will automatically help you set up the same amount of lightness released as such.
  • Eye-protecting: Adopting diffusion translucent material, its illumination is the same as that of daylight. If you couldn’t see the lamp, you would think of being under the real lighting source. Also, such a product can emit soft light without ghosts, glare, or flicker simultaneously at once.

Minus point:

  • The light is kind of curved at the front and back side also, which are basically exposed without any cover. An ideal lighting product shouldn’t contain any visible brightness when viewed from a straight line on the eye level. 

Top 2: Neatfi XL 2,200 Lumens LED Task Lamp with Clamp

Plus points:

  • Flexible: With a high color temperature advised for lights, this lamp illuminates a bright beam of light with no glare detected. Other than that, it can be able to provide dispersion of light over extended areas enabling you to direct the light to wherever you need it to function properly. Using it a host of times in a day, I didn’t feel it hot as much, too.
  • Long-lasting and dimmable: Different tasks require distinguished brightness levels, you cannot expect one to work for the rest, that sounds absurd. Fortunately, with this lamp, users can change the aforesaid level by 100%, 75%, 50%, or even the lowest one: 25%, for more work to be done precisely. In addition to the dimmable function, what I love most about this is probably its durability. It lasts for longer than any other type of bulb and then results in less than 80% of energy consumption compared to its rivals.
  • Stylish and highly-adaptable: Whenever choosing home appliances, customers tend to purchase products that can be both eye-catching and widely-applicable so that those can be put in different corners of the house. This model of lamp can do such a job very well as it is compatible with the living room, workplace, or anywhere else calling for drawing lighting.

Minus point:

  • Its color is generally not appealing as well as elegant even though the design is highly acclaimed. 

Top 3: RIRGI Metal Swing Arm Desk Lamp with Clamp

Plus points:

  • Eye protection: Aesthetically speaking, no customers dare to sacrifice eye health for the sake of design, surely, when it comes to lamp purchase. With this product, you never have to be in the dilemma of eye care and the style that you are really fascinated with because you will have both. Blue light emitted when using the computer can be effectively reduced, meaning that your eye will feel less stressed.
  • Multiple lighting modes and brightness levels: I normally don’t intend to adjust the lighting modes in the light of my work, but the lamp is not just for me, it works for the rest of my family. Different people wish it to feature various lighting modes and brightness levels, and basically, no one in my extended family complains about that of this light! Perfect!
  • Energy-saving: Honestly speaking of durability, you generally cannot expect a medium-price product to last for thousands of years (in fact, nothing can fulfill such an expectation). However, when choosing this lamp, you will save more money for replacement as a result of the energy-saving function offered by the manufacturer, for a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Minus point:

  • The light bar is made from plastic, making material-conscious customers disappointed a lot. 

Top 4: LEPOWER Led Clip-on Light and Reading Light with Gooseneck

Plus points:

  • Flexible: Sorrow in life fundamentally stems from the word “inflexibility” in working places, jobs, activities, daily habits, and even the inflexibility of the self. However, you can temporarily let your mind free from those above, because this lamp can be flexible allowing you to direct the light in any direction if needed. At least, you have the carefree moments being surrounded by a flexible thing! Let’s chill out!
  • Brightness and color adjustable: Both brightness and color can be adjustable with an easy touch. Users can switch over between three options such as warm light, off, and white light also, regarding color. And in terms of brightness, it has dim and bright as two options for adjusting.
  • Eye-friendly LED: Soft and non-flickering design, the lighting is a friend of your eyes, for sure, in the sense that it keeps your eyes from being fatigued, enhancing work productivity and ensuring good health in the long run.

Minus point:

  • The neck is regrettably not strong enough to hold the weight of the lamp, causing inconvenience while focusing on tasks. 

Top 5: Brightech LightView Pro Flex Magnifying Lamp

Plus points:

  • Clarity goes hand in hand with quality: The magnifying glass is much clearer than a host of other lamps, and at the same time, materials selected for the manufacturing process are also the best among possible choices.
  • Healthy and comfortable: Non-flickering lightness from this product deters your eyes from a high possibility of being adversely affected. Thus, from now on, you can comfortably concentrate on your work without worries associated with eye problems anymore.
  • Caring customer service team: The prestige of this brand not only lies in its quality product but also in the after-sale service. I once got in trouble with the bulb and got it addressed right away after 24 hours of working.

How to choose the right drawing lamp?

Be mindful of glare and shadowing:

Closely associated with the brightness above are actually the glares as well as shadows. A good lamp should be able to scatter light in such a way with respect to minimize shadows best. Then, it should not be too bright in the sense that it might pose some damage to your eyes. All these basically call for moderation on your part.

Think about the color-rendering Index (CRI):

It helps determine the capability of the light source to precisely reproduce the true colors of the objects that are generally impacted by it. As such, an 80-90 rating is the most wanted range. 

Luminosity or Brightness:

The brightness of the light source is also as important as such. Drawing tasks vary in their own requirements of the levels of brightness, for sure. Hence, there is no acceptable level of brightness universally, believe me! Instead, you have to take the exact nature of your drawing task into account to arrive at the most suitable lamp.

Color Temperature: 

Rather than lighting your drawing rooms only, lamps also play a role of warming the same altogether. At no time is this substantial as the extremely cold winter months as sure as hell. If thinking about drawing at such a time, you should care deeply about the warmth aspect of the bulb of your choice.

Also, think of Correlated Color Temperature (CCT):

The next factor, you need to consider the correlated color temperature (CCT). It is generally expressed in Kelvins and fundamentally showcases how hot or warm a light ray is liable to become. For the best results possible, choose a rating of around 5,000K in the sense that this is the one that makes a good balance between warmth and brightness for the best performance.


A good lamp generally needs to be applicable across many areas and under various circumstances. For that reason, it needs to accommodate numerous wattage options, ideally not to mention being strong enough to last a certain duration of time as wished. If possible, this lamp should also be a dimmable or changeable color.

Best drawing lights FAQs

How can you light up a drawing table?

First of all, you should select the right lamp for the job. Start off by choosing the right lamp for the job that you need lighting. The table lamp is certainly the most suitable lamp for such a job. It needs to possess the right levels of brightness and warmth as you need as well, for better concentration and performance enhancement. 

Next, you should direct the lamp properly onto the surface. Directing the lamp in a way that channels the rays of light to the whole length and breadth of the table is advisable. Then again, you also need to concentrate on much of the light output on the exact task.

It is also highly recommended that you switch on the lights. Finish off by turning on the lights. This is not really challenging as such. Then you can simply locate the switches as well as flip them on. 

What is CRI?

For a beginning, in case you didn’t know, the term CRI actually stands for “color rendering index”. This is a scale from 0 to 100 delineating the preciseness of a light source in the reproduction of the true color when weighed against some scale that has been chosen or natural light source. It is extremely important when it comes to CRI in drawing jobs.

How should you choose CRI for your drawing tasks?

Generally speaking of drawing, there is an obvious correlation between this rating and the suitability of the light. You should note that a rating of 80-90 is the most desirable range of all. Lighting sources that hold this rating seem to be great at the true natural colors of objects’ reproduction. 

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