Best extra tall lamp tables and floor lights to bright your house

Would you want to fully lighten your rooms? To do this, most of us obviously must look for and make perfect use of the best extra tall lamps, among a wide range of lighting options on offer. As their designations literally imply, these are lamps whose heights are above that of the ordinary lamps on average. They, thus, have the capability to influence a wider radius than the ones ordinarily you may have seen before. Top 5 of the best extra tall lamp tables and floor lights are already available! 


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Top 5 best extra tall lamp tables and floor lights for your need

Top 1: Brightech Maxwell Drawer Edition – Shelf & LED Floor Lamp

Plus points:

  • Modern: One day you will find this worth your money with a set of shelves, drawers, and a lamp as well. You can actually connect those with Alexa, Google Home Assistant, and Apple Home Kit to turn them on or off with a smart hub and extra bulb.
  • Gorgeous and convenient design: Inspired by Japanese design, this is extremely compatible for small and narrow rooms without worries about space being taken up. It features many drawers by the bed for convenient and discrete storage while you can have books, arts, and plants displayed on the shelves.
  • Multifunctional: This lamp can serve as a living and table by the couch and at the same time, hold remotes and books or other kinds of essentials for sure. The wood plus clean lines and a variety of colors, making it easy to blend in well with a range of decoration styles being inclusive of rustic, mid-century modern, contemporary, and so on…
  • Durable: Lasting for 20 years without any bulb replacement sounds unbelievable, but it is actually practical if you use it properly and periodically maintain it well. Further, it even outlasts energy-wasting incandescent bulbs and helps you to save a great deal of money as much.

Minus point:

  • Drawers are made of plastic instead of wholly wood as described. 

Top 2: Brightech Maxwell – Modern LED Shelf Floor Lamp

Plus points:

  • Modern and highly-applicable: The product is a tall, free-standing tower lamp with a unique combination of book and display-shelves attached simultaneously. It is proud to match a range of decoration styles from mid-century modern, rustic on account of its simple lines and elegant wood.
  • Save floor space: Are you currently living in a small house and don’t want any furniture or home accessory to take up much space of living? Fortunately, this product contains bedtime items, saves space by having your light directly above the shelves. Personally, I think it has been designed on the basis of modern home needs for space optimization so well.
  • Smart connection: Remotely turning on or off has been functions drawing the attention of customers recently in the light is its convenience, and from now on, you can actually use an extra smart bulb or smart outlet to take control over the product far from its physical place.

Minus point:

  • Its primary material is plastic-based, so if you are looking for a fully-wooden product, chances are you will get disappointed right away. 

Top 3: TaoTronics LED Floor Lamp 

Plus points:

  • Better efficiency: The main lamp with a longer diameter can basically shine toward the ceiling to diffuse softer light into the whole room, giving you a sense of pleasure whenever being at home. Two lamps can be able to work up to 36W simultaneously to the maximum capacity too, making your rooms as brightest as possible.
  • Customizable illumination: With the remote control, users now can adjust 4 brightness levels in case they get bored of one particular level and want another to boost their mood right after. Personally taking control of something mass-produced seems to be perfect, right?
  • Advanced touch: As modern as any product appears to be, if it doesn’t give you convenience, there is a high likelihood that it is not a good fit at all. However, happily, this product features two types of control for your experience to be enhanced to the best, with no need to leave your comfortable sofa or irresistible bed.

Minus point:

  • Some customers complain about it arriving broken, this lowers their experience and maybe yours, as well.

Top 4: Miroco Adjustable LED Floor Lamp 

Plus points:

  • Adjustable color and brightness: With the presence of up to 4 color temperatures ranging from a candle, warm white, natural white to cool white, and a bonus of 4 brightness levels of up to 100%, you can personalize your lamps easily.
  • Sensitive touch switch: Controlling electronic devices has long been considered a complicated task for tech-illiterate, but even if you consider yourself belonging to the aforementioned, you can still use this lamp with ease, as its touchable panel located on the lamp head helps you to turn the light on without much effort.
  • Flexible: Being distinguished from conventional lights, this product features a flexible and durable neck, thanks to that, you can rotate effortlessly for the best illumination desired.
  • Energy-saving and long-lasting: A lifespan of 20,000 hours ensures durability, users just have to mind using it properly to partially protect it from the test of time, and their replacement and maintenance costs in the end-of-month bills will be lowered substantially in comparison with traditional lamps.

Minus point:

  • Some suggestions suppose that the original version outweighs the current one, meaning that you may feel a bit discontented regarding design. 

Top 5: Adjustable 2-in-1 Multifunctional LED Floor Lamp & Desk Lamp

Plus points:

  • Multipurpose: For its multifunctionality, it can be applied as a floor lamp or desk lamp also. You are able to carry your work effortlessly without the need for criminally expensive overhead lamps. Nothing is more interesting than adjusting the lamp height and angle to point the light wherever you need.
  • Timing function and automatic shut-down: The timing function allows your time to be more precise, and particularly, it can be set to automatically operate or turn off based on your personal habits. I promise that you’ll get good sleep every night as nothing can hold you back from enjoying the short precious moments of the day.
  • Adjustable color temperature: Featuring 4 different color temperature settings that are adjustable, this device cannot bring the whole world your little home, but at least it can soothe your moods and get you focused on work, reading, and so on…
  • Eye-friendly: Anything functionally good but does harm to your health shouldn’t be introduced at any rate. This one not only benefits you in terms of high-tech application, but it also alleviates your anxiety of a risky device adversely affecting your health and your family’s well-being at once.

Minus point:

  • It is still pale in comparison with its rivals at the same price range with regards to brightness provided. 

Why do you need extra tall lamps?

  • It helps you to slow down the formations of shadows, keep your space bright most of the time possible.
  • Extra-tall lamps dissipate the light output to a wider area, meaning that you get your brightness focused on what you need most, such as lighting for work, reading, or any other leisure activities requiring light concentration.
  • It minimizes the possibilities of obstructions and then gets you the happiest and most carefree moments with your hobbies. 
  • It cuts back on the spates of injuries that are liable to occur, meaning that your whole family members being inclusive of you would be healthily ensured even when applying high-tech. 
  • It would be more substantially energy-efficient than ordinary lamps because it consumes less energy and doesn’t pollute the environment as well.

Best extra tall lamp tables and floor lights FAQs

When should you plan your lighting schemes?

If you’re going to be changing anything essential in a room, think about the lighting as early as possible. Building from scratch or completely renovating is an opportunity to totally transform your space with light that you have been dreaming of so far. That means you should think about getting the lighting cables of the right kind in the right number, and of course, to the right locations as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to build lighting into the fabric of a building, as with this gorgeous, modern bedroom, literally means treating the lighting and its associated cabling as an architectural item for the best-harmonized living space.

How much should you budget for an extra tall lamp and floor lamps?

This is sort of a tricky question in the sense that everyone’s project is actually different, but as a rule of thumb, people who really wanna invest in having their lighting right, with good-looking design and prominent-quality fittings and control, typically spend as much on lighting, specifically extra tall lamp or floor lamps, as they do on their kitchen or their windows and doors for sure.

Can you use LED floor lamps with underfloor heating?

Yes, basically you can, and it’s a very efficient way of delivering accent lighting or even uplighting your rooms’ corners in which there is a couple of problems with fitting lights in the ceiling, such as pitched roof spaces.

Just as vital as picking the right fittings for this kinda project, nonetheless, is planning ahead. The cabling, as well as installation points for the lighting, has to be planned prior to the screed for the underfloor heating is actually laid. You should be aware that the fittings can then be installed later in the build, but the important first fix work will have been done already. 

How can you figure out the main difference between architectural and decorative light fittings?

Decorative fittings are technically designed to be obviously seen; they’re attractive in their own way, like this striking pendant over the bath as sure as hell.

Architectural lighting generally places the focus on the light itself, rather than the fitting surely. The niche behind the bath is literally lit in this way since all we see is actually the light framing the niche. One type of fitting would never be better than the other – they both do distinguished jobs and, if applied well, will complement each other.

Can you integrate lighting devices with your smart home?

Smart lighting is perhaps the most commonplace type of smart home technology. Not everyone has or wishes to have a home cinema or whole-house audio system, but all of us need lights. All the primary lighting control system brands are network-enabled, which means that they can be integrated into a wider smart home effortlessly, giving you improved energy efficiency, security, and the capability to control all your home’s lights at the click of a button. 

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