Best Floor Lamps For Living Room To Up Upgrade Your Interior Space

In the new era of interior design, the demand of modern people calls for more aesthetic materials than just functional products. That is also true with floor lamps in the living room – the most sensitive place inside your house, which is often recognized as the representative of your apartment in the eyes of the guests coming around. Having yourself the best lamp for not only task lighting but also for other leisure activities is needed. Here in this review, you will have a chance to gain insights into 5 of the best floor lamps for your living room to be armed with.



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Top 5 Best Floor Lamps For Living Room Update 2021

Top 1 floor lamps for living rooms: LeeZM Black Industrial Floor Lamp For Living Room Modern Floor 3 Light Bulbs Included

LeeZM Black Industrial Floor Lamp For Living Room

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Plus points:

  • Elegant style:

Perhaps nobody aesthetically hates any styles that build you both, I mean both you and your chosen styles can alternatively make up for the loss of each other, it shows how your personality is when it comes to choosing a lamp. As made for the aforementioned demand, the product is a rustic farmhouse floor lamp for your basic lighting needs.

  • Hanging light head:

When I was still a kid, I wished to be in a room being full of light with so many different lighting styles. Now, this lamp can fulfill my expectation greatly as it includes 3 Edison-style-light bulbs guarded by iron cage lampshades.

  • Easy installation:

For a lot of customers, assembling a lamp is even more challenging than having yourself an apartment in the center of New York city overnight. You no longer have to be concerned about assembling the product as much, because things are becoming extremely easy for you to merge pieces of the lamp effortlessly.


Minus point: The wiring seemed not to be made to last long, it sometimes flickers randomly here and there.


Top 2: Industrial Floor Lamp for Living Room, Tree Floor Lamp with 3 Elegant Teardrop Cage Head 

Industrial Floor Lamp for Living Room, Tree Floor Lamp

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Plus points:

  • 3-head device for stable lighting:

Still looking for the greatest solution for the harsh brightness of traditional lamps? Here you are, at the right spot as this industrial floor lamp is specifically designed to fit into the structure of the living room that allows users to immerse in the comfortable ambiance…

  • Well-made and sturdy base for the coolest experience:

Some people share that they are a little bit hesitant to pay for a living room’s floor lamp as they worry about low-quality metal. Choose this lamp is the gateway to the world of high-quality products whose three-light cages are firm and heavy-duty as well. Moreover, there is no harm for children and pets in your house for sure.

  • Highly adaptable:

You definitely no longer feel like you are a tech-illiterate as you yourself can actually make use of one of the simplest designs ever produced. A slight press brings the light on, making it a lot easier and highly-adaptable for a wide range of spaces ranging from bedroom to living room.

  • Long warranty:

Personally, I feel customers’ satisfaction has outweighed profits when it comes to sustainable strategies of the brand, as a 2-year guarantee is made sure, for optimization of our experience.


Minus point: Unable to get together is probably the most frequent complaint, as they put too much cord inside the arms, you can’t be able to stick the arms on without damaging the cord trying to cram it in basically.


Top 3: 61″ Soft Light Floor Lamp, LEONC RGB Color Changing LED Tyvek Fabric Shade 

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Plus points:

  • Perfect size:

The lamp has a classic design satisfying any critical customers, which means it can be used anywhere from modern to traditional rooms. The elegance stems from the extraordinary effort of the manufacturer in terms of product quality provision.

  • Beautiful warm light atmosphere:

Personally, for me, this lamp produces a very gentle shine that fits into any decoration space. If in the previous years, you had to experience unpleasant overhead lights, now, just forget all about your nightmare and enjoy your great time with this brand name.

  • Multi-color light:

In a world that personal taste is mainly given precedence like this, no individual wants their working space or chilling-out rooms to be lightened with the very mundane color repeatedly. You can choose any from a range of colors offered, ranging from red, green, blue to any color mixed out by all of the aforementioned ones.


Minus point: no assembly instructions attached in the delivery but I guess if you consider yourself to be tech-savvy, there is probably no hindrance for you to assemble the product.


Top 4: Hsyile Lighting KU300198 Cozy Elegant Modern Creative Floor Lamp for Living Room

Hsyile Lighting KU300198 Cozy Elegant Modern Creative Floor Lamp for Living Room

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Plus points: 

  • Extra embellishment:

If you are in bare need of a lamp that not only can serve its role as a lighting device but also contributes to the holistic appearance of your living room, I guess chances are you would purchase Hsyile.

  • Convenient to assemble:

Installation is sometimes the most intricate process needed to be concerned with when one buys an electronic device. You now no longer have to mind repeatedly immersing into the very mundane and seem-to-be useless instruction anymore, as this lamp is a user-friendly version, which means you don’t have to put plenty of effort in.

  • Quality assurance:

A 1-year guarantee is not an ideal offer from the manufacturer compared to other competitive rivals at the same price tiers, however, I strongly believe that once you resort to their customers’ services, you will get one-hundred percent of satisfaction as such.


Minus point:

When it comes to color verification, it’s not champagne gold as advertised, but more of bright bronze gold, which looks kinda cheap, in the case that you are an extremely customer scrutinizing for defects.


Top 5 The last product but still the top best floor lamp for the living room: O’Bright Industrial Floor Lamp for Living Room, Metal Lamp, E26 Socket, 70 Inches

O'Bright Industrial Floor Lamp for Living Room

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Plus points:

  • Safety is the first priority:

Some people are desperately in search of their soulmate who can stand by them regardless of time annihilation. However, at the same time, some people are just in need of the best lamp that can demonstrate transcendent power to ensure safety during the time of use. This is certainly your option to choose from if you belong to the second group mentioned above.

  • Your own style is here:

For the reason of brand awareness, there is no manufacturer who doesn’t aspire to develop their business potential based on the strong foundation of a product that literally reflects who they are. Nonetheless, when it comes to this brand, you will see the distinction as the styles are all dependent on your choice that will determine what the lamp should look like. You are the ultimate designer of your own.

  • Longer lifespan:

Made from metal, this kind of lamp is declared to ensure durability and stability for daily use. You cannot expect any other benefits of the product that can outweigh this one.


Minus point: Tubes are unscrewed together. They do not fit together at times.


How to choose a floor lamp for your living room to be lightened?

 For the hidden beauty behind the floor lamp to come out as per your expectation when needed, there must be some obvious factors you should take into account to get the best in house. Here is sort of the factors to bear in mind:

  • Their Size:

This is a primary factor you have to consider, it is dependent on the size of your room and the height of your ceiling as well. A super-tall lamp will look just like ceiling lighting – yes – nothing more-  and will cause disturbances with your ceiling when it is all set. A very short one will not be sufficient for a big-sized room to be considered the best. In terms of height, you can decide to go for an adjustable lamp as such.

  • Their controls:

The best control will perhaps be dependent on how much access you want the lamp to be. Some have switches and others cords which run along the pole for them to be a lot easier regarding turn-off or on modes.

  • Their safety

Some floor lamps for living rooms like the Halogen bulbs usually get heated quickly with high intensity and if they fall on the curtains, you can undoubtedly foresee that the risk of electricity will be higher and unpreventable than usual. You can keep your safety away from this by using floor lamps for living rooms that have tripod stands and don’t resort to halogen as much as possible.

  • Their style

As clear as day, you look for a floor lamp that will complement your living room designs as long as it is affordable. Most of the contemporary floor lamps specialized for the living room in the house come in great styles characterized by their various colors for sure. You need a lamp emitting the right light color in your room as per your wish. This will be dependent on your taste and preferences as well.



=> Could you be more creative with your floor lamps?

The answer is that you absolutely can and it is made for re-creativity.

We usually make use of floor lamps both for the sake of mood satisfaction and good scenes. Many clients lean towards decorative lighting to architectural lighting because those allow you to set the perfect tone and match the time of day or mood exactly.

You can expect to mix and match and also use different heights together simultaneously. It’s extraordinary to combine two sculptural lamps in different finishes to really add the wow into the interior as such.


=> What are the best floor lamps for tasks in the living room?

You may think it is a ridiculous idea but even in the living room, people who are obsessed with work commitments can also make use of their time.

Floor lamps used for tasks, for example, reading, should be put to the side or behind you when seated. Good lamps for this task are those that can create a relatively-local focused hotspot of light. This purpose can be achieved with a shade on the lamp to make the light focus toward a more narrow place. An irrelevant choice of floor lamp for task lighting may often be a torchiere lamp unless it has a dedicated reading arm for sure.


=> Why is a floor lamp for the living room necessary?

A living room floor lamp is probably the most prevalent use of a floor lamp to be known. They are often purchased to make the room brighter as the room is often may be occupied by multiple people for the most part. Floor lamps can be placed in the various corners of the room or next to seating areas also.

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