Best Floor Lamps To Choose And Enjoy The Goodness Of Life

Your living room by and large serves as the most inner corner of your soul as it reflects exactly what your personalities are and your intention of building intangible fences to keep people in or out though essentials placed and decorated. But, I guess, no matter how you have been exposed so far or what kind of your character is, it is yourself who decides what should be in your adorable corner in view of satisfaction and stress-relieving. Here in this review, I am gonna introduce to you six of the best floor lamps for rooms to be chosen from, they help the owner most in terms of leisure activities as well as work commitment also. Take a look at the list:


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Top 6 Best Floor Lamps For Rooms Update 2021

Top 1: The best floor lamp for rooms: Miroco LED Floor Lamp with 4 Brightness Levels & 4 Colors Temperatures

Miroco LED Floor Lamp

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Plus points:

  • Adjustable Color & Brightness:

If you prioritize your personalized needs, perhaps you will care deeply about color and brightness. Here you are. This product offers 4 color temperatures ranging from the candle, warm white, natural white to cool one.

  • Long-Lasting:

Your income is sort of low, so you do not wanna spend big bucks on extra costs for replacement or maintenance of your household appliances. Please forget all about that as you are being informed about the brand name having a lifespan of up to 20,000 hours, which minimizes the aforementioned costs and ensures electricity-saving bills to be less than usual.

  • Flexible Neck & Easy to adjust:

You have young children and have to keep an eye on them frequently as their hyperactivity may do harm to your appliances in the house. Alright, I suggest you have this item since its flexible neck is far more different from traditional lights that allow you to easily rotate and control the whole structure including the lights with proper illumination.

  • Touch Control:

Even though a smart switch is not compatible, making an effort to turn your task light on through a tap of the panel is a far cry from your previous experience with other products at the same price tiers.


Minus point:

The only visible and perceivable downside is the cord. It is really thin with only several strands of copper and an insulated coating that may indicate some signs of cracking off and posing a hazard after a short period.


Top 2: One more option in the list of top-notch floor lamps: LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp, Flaxen Lamp Shade with E26 Lamp Base

LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

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Plus points: 

  • High-quality materials:

A durable and aesthetic high-quality wood tripod makes sure the design is completely safe to be surrounded by your children and pets as well.

  • Stylish design:

I do agree that modern architecture is the field of simple stylish design but still needs the right decoration items to blend in with, which means a lamp from Lepower could serve your floor best in the light of its highly-adaptable design. No matter your intention is home or office, they basically work well with all.

  • On-off footswitch:

Having your floor with a lamp with an on-off foot switch nearby is certainly a lot easier than catching your crush’s eyes, I guess. The invention of getting a footswitch handily put on a cord of the lamp obviously enhances your pleasure.


Minus points:

Users have to assemble the legs of the lamp and the lampshade on their own. Besides, that bulb is not included in the package may diminish satisfaction to some degree.


Top 3: The next place in the nominated list for the best floor lamps goes to: Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

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Plus points:

  • Super bright lighting:

Some of my family members lean towards super bright lighting then I chose this one as per their expectation. After a certain amount of time, I feel I paid for what I bought in the sense that the Brightech Skye torche lamp has very high lumens which seem to hold the power to light a large room up to 40 square meters.

  • Flexibility:

Before having further discussion on the lifespan of the product, I gotta say that The Sky possesses the extraordinary potential for adaptability as it can match most of the common decorations known. The idea that specific products serve respective uses has no longer been true at least for this name.

  • Long lifespan and energy-saving features:

Rated to last for 20 years under any circumstances within 3-hour use per day, The Sky LED not only keeps energy from being wasted like some other variants including incandescent bulbs or CFL but also ensures lower maintenance of the bulb.

  • Brilliant design:

Have you ever questioned what happens if the lamp burns your beloved children? Absolutely you never have to, as this item is designed in the name of your little kids’ safety. The LED lamp technically works without heating up even when repositioning the light manually by using your hands.

  • Long-term warranty:

Behind the products, there are plenty of mechanics and customer services staff to maintain your experience for at least 3 years. A whole replacement probably is the highest level of support applied to any users who have troubles with The Sky LED at any time within the period allowed.


Minus point:

The light works great initially but within a few days afterward, it may not turn on even after loads of effort. If this happens, please contact the customer services staff to be troubleshot right after.


Top 4: Another transcendent floor lamp for your house: Simple Designs Home LF2000-WHT Floor Lamp with Reading Light, White

Floor Lamp with Reading Light, White

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Plus points:

  • 3-Way Switch:

Whatever you wish to adjust the mood, the brand can offer an indispensable part of the high-quality service. Disappointment is something nowhere to be found when it comes to mood settings consisting of the low, medium, or even high settings.

  • Light where you need it most:

Fully adjustable reading/task light that can be used independently of the main floor lamp.

For the ones who endlessly wish to have a smart product satisfying your demand of making the completion of your tasks far easier, a fully adjustable reading light can be counted on.


Minus points: You obviously don’t expect the one that contains hot plastic shades but regrettably this kind of lamp every once in a while can disappoint you.


Top 5: The item possibly considered to be worthwhile as the best floor lamp: Dodocool Floor Lamp, Remote & Touch Control 2500K-6000K 

Dodocool Floor Lamp, Remote & Touch Control

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Plus points:

  • 2 in 1 Smart Remote Control and Touch Control

Do you consider yourself to be even lazier than Nobita in the Japanese series of Doraemon? Fortunately, even when you are one hundred percent much more indolent than Nobita, there is still the existence of one product that basically meets your demand of not leaving the sofa but getting your lamp worked still.

  • 6 Scene Modes & 360 Degrees Adjustable

A variety of modes alternatively or preferably adjusted fill your mind with pleasure as you can respectively turn your lamp to many new scene modes as desired. Colors and brightness customization is carefully prioritized as the manufacturer is aware of the transparent need to optimize your own experience as such.

  • Easy to assemble and perfect satisfaction:

I dare to say this one deserves to be highly graded as its producer’s attempt to provide with customers the best satisfaction in the assembling process and the multipurpose use. The latter means your chosen floor lamp is perfectly good wherever it is put.


Minus point:

The manufacturer seems to have no information on how many lumens their products have. Furthermore, this might not be bright enough at all in any setting as described.


Top 6: The best choice as a floor lamp provided by OBright: Industrial Floor Lamp for Living Room, Metal Lamp, E26 Socket, 70 Inches

O'Bright Industrial Floor Lamp for Living Room

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Plus points:

  • Create your own styles:

You, yourself is the ultimate designer for your own room regarding floor lamps, and probably you have already had your final decision after a bunch of reviews above, but it would be better when taking notice of Obright’s product as the more detailed information is, the better your option seems to be. Customizing your stylish lamps with various shapes of any E26 base light bulbs so suit yourself best.

Minus point: I had an issue with the top portion of the lamp wire being too long to attach.


Important factors to consider about Floor lamps:

Why do you need a floor lamp?

As you can find in any how-to website, there are three main kinds of lighting to think about when it comes to the design of any room: ambient lighting (the general light), task lighting (for things to be completed), and accent lighting (for features to attract attention, like compelling corners or artworks you may have seen before).

Floor lamps can complete all three tasks – one by one or concomitantly as well. Having a couple of tall standing lamps allows you to shape different moods of the ambient light. You can position one craftily in a reading corner for the reading task light. And if you have an interesting architectural feature to highlight, there comes a floor lamp with an opaque shade that can give you a suitable accent light.


How to choose the right floor lamp to shine on its own?

Firstly, ask yourself a couple of questions before purchasing a floor lamp instead of buying right after like “what is the purpose of the floor lamp in your living room?”

Then consider any reason for the question of what you are going to do with the lamp apart from its main function.

As there are a lot of styles in floor lamps, so to are there a wide range number of lighting options as such. You can either choose from super bright LED lighting that can brighten even the darkest of rooms or try having a more ambient type of lighting for a small sitting area where you intend to spend your reading time there.

Last but not least, how you will use your room the most when you are considering the level of lighting you need is the self-question whose answers are specialized by only you.



 1. What are some different types of floor lamps?

  • Club Floor Lamp

It can be seen that the club lamp is the most basic design you can find for this style of lamp. With a solid base and a simple lampshade around a lightbulb, users can find this type of lamp in a variety of styles and designs at ease to fit their decoration.

  • Swing Arm Floor Lamp

The swing arm floor lamp generally consists of a column base and a lampshade, like a club lamp. Nonetheless, a small adjustment is provided to the upper part of the column base enabling this lamp to “swing” left or right as wished. The horizontal movement of the lamp makes it fantastic to use above an accent chair or desk.

  • Torchiere

The torchiere lamp is one more popular lamp design that can be easily found in the floor lamp market. It originates from the French word for “torch,” the ancient way of lighting a room before the electricity era! This lamp can be put by its straight base and triangular shade as clear as day. The design is simple and functional in so many aspects.


2. What is the right height for a floor lamp to choose from?

When thinking of purchasing floor lamps, they should be 58 to 64 inches tall for the best use and convenience also. The bottom of the lampshade should not be lower than the eye level of a seated person for the sake of safety and aesthetics.

Even though you should follow this guideline, normally, you can choose floor lamps that are slightly shorter or taller by a couple of inches, do not follow the guideline of this review too strictly.

If you’re buying multiple floor lamps, be in an attempt to keep them all within a close height range as much. This keeps each led standing lamp from looking tall or short. Try to match lamps for harmonization in the specific space aimed at.


3. How many floor lamps in a room?

In a small room, generally, a single floor lamp is enough as a complement to other light fixtures in the room. As usual, floor lamps provide a brighter light than any other lamps, and keeping it higher in the room helps you create more ambient reflected light off the walls and ceiling simultaneously. In a larger room, you might want more than one floor-lamp as per your personal taste.

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