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You are not having many opportunities to be exposed to sunlight, but your body is alarmingly unhealthy due to the lack of vitamin D. Certainly, it is high time you thought of an artificial source of lighting instead. What appears on your mind? Is that a full spectrum sun lamp? If so, probably you have been armed with a range of necessary knowledge associated with this field. However, choosing the right product is transparently another story requiring loads of effort and consideration with suitable guidelines. Here you are, the top 5 of the best full spectrum sun lamps selected for your option to be more precise.


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Top 5 best full spectrum sun lamps for your need

Top 1: Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp – Leo

Plus points:

  • Stylish and UV-free: These lamps are not only beneficial for us regarding the health that our body needs but also make a fashionable addition to any corner by providing a stylish look on the whole.
  • Essential: As far as we are all informed, sunlight regulates the cycles of the human body and makes a balance for our moods as well. However, many people cannot be exposed to enough sunlight every day due to different work specializations. It is vital to make sure our body gets what it is meant to receive, and this daylight lamp is right here for whatever you need.
  • Effective: With the provision of recommended brightness to help the winter blues, regulate sleep and at the same time do wonders for attention span, this device is nothing but a daylight assistant for your work with the supplement of daylight brightness.
  • Longer lasting: The LED natural light lamp is designed to last around 50,000 hours, a longer life compared to fluorescent bulbs in general. Other than that, it produces dot-free light that gives you a sense of pleasure whenever being exposed to the lighting, since it is the same as the quality of the noonday sun.

Minus point:

  • There is no adjustable hinge included in the product as generally expected. 

Top 2: Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp – Lumine

Plus points:

  • Maintain a healthy cycle of sleep and wake: Brightness produced by this lamp keeps your internal clock on a healthy 24-hour sleep-wake cycle as sure as hell, meaning that your body would be more awake during the day and easily hit the sack when there comes the dark.
  • Mood improvements: Nothing seems to be more essential than being happy all the time, but if life went on that way, it would never be what it is meant to be. However, a feasible solution for this is that you can actually use light to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm and this somehow has a positive impact on your mood.
  • Increase concentration: It is scientifically demonstrated that daily exposure to natural bright light can suppress melatonin levels and concomitantly increase alertness for your work to be finished on time, meaning your performance would be enhanced greatly then.

Minus point:

This would be a perfect purchase if you are able to turn it off with a single touch rather than have it continue to come back on immediately on its own for a couple of times, occasionally. 

Top 3: Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp – Lumos

Plus points:

  • Uniqueness: This product takes balance to indoor life, directly benefiting the human body whose sleep cycle is disrupted by external factors like dim lighting and screen time also. By using the lamp during day time, your sleep might be a lot healthier at night.
  • UV-free: I have heard that the brand’s ambition is to empower customers to take control over their daily life and sleeping habits. How to achieve this? UV-free brightness coming from the special therapy can be able to train the body to attentively listen to its natural instincts, actually soothes your mind regarding health problems.
  • Perfect customer care: Nothing to complain about the customer service team, as they fulfill their mission to serve us best, with every claim related to manufacturing defects. Don’t worry about every problem you may have to encounter, let’s have it troubleshoot.

Minus point:

  • It is advised that people with macular degeneration should not use the lamp, this transparently lowers your experience if unfortunately belonging to this group of customers. 

Top 4: VOGEK LED Growing Light Full Spectrum for Indoor Plants

Plus points:

  • Enough but suitable brightness: It is actually a piece of good news that grow light can be timed to 3, 6, 12 hours as the plant needs, this brings enough but completely suitable lightness to your plants’ growth. Plant light will be restarted automatically thanks to the auto on/off function without manual operation.
  • Multiple brightness levels: You can easily choose one, two, or even three lamps as LED growing lamps generally offer up to 10 brightness levels as stated by the company.
  • Adjustable: Thanks to 3 adjustable goosenecks between the clip and the lights, you can reposition to any direction as wished. This obviously enhances your experience to the highest level of all.
  • Replaceable:

Psychologically speaking, no one wanna be a big spender of home accessories stores. There is a viable solution for this is to use this kind of lamp, as it provides replaceable bulbs instead of requiring a whole new one when needed.

Minus point:

  • It basically works best for plants with a lower need of light, so if you consider your plants to be a lot light-need, there is a high likelihood that the lamp is not a good fit for your choice. 

Top 5 : Grow Light Plant Lights for Indoor Plants

Plus points:

  • Multifunctional: The most common spectrum of light to healthily fuel indoor plant development for sustainability is obviously offered when it comes to this lamp. Furthermore, whether you intend to put it in an indoor garden or commercial greenhouse, those lights protect plants and ensure good health, even prosperity included.
  • 3 switch modes and dimmable options: With the provision of 3 switch modes and 6 dimmable options, it is great for all kinds of indoor plants at every growing stage, you can place trust in this brand. Light intensity is also super possible to change as much.
  • Auto on and off: You can be able to keep the light on for many hours ranging from 3, 6, 12 on the basis of 3-time settings available. Additionally, when kept plugged in, your lamp is able to remember exactly the latest setting and will automatically turn on at the same time the next day as set.
  • Sturdy and flexible: With 360-degree rotatable necks, users can expect to place the light around a couple of plants simultaneously. Featuring an anti-slip clamp, the product is so sturdy that it holds the position for the best coverage around your beloved plants.

Minus point:

  • It is not that durable as per expectation but you get what you pay for, actually. 

Why do you need the best full spectrum sun lamps?

When it comes to full-spectrum lights in any working place or your apartment’s corners, there are plenty of benefits that enhance the workday for you and your surrounding people.

Aid Sleep Disorders and Depression

It’s absolutely possible to use full-spectrum light to aid your Circadian rhythm. A healthy circadian rhythm is a point to assist you in fighting depression or insomnia progress. A score of scientific evidence indicates that full-spectrum lights are particularly effective for older adults.

Sunlight at Night

Several office buildings are simply not feasible for you to absorb natural lighting from windows or skylights around. For one side, there is no daylight at night at all. Fortunately, full-spectrum lights give you a brightness that is 95% similar to daylight for sure.

Prevent Absences because of Illness

A couple of pieces of evidence suggests that the lack of proper vitamin D can be a serious issue for your body’s immune system response, scientifically speaking. Nonetheless, full-spectrum light can fundamentally help with this. A strong immune system makes people healthy and generally keeps this state for longer periods of time. Hence, fewer employees will be out frequently in the light of sickness anymore.

Sweating Too Much

Vitamin D deficiency can eventually cause people to have sort of temperature issues and sweat excessively as well. As this results in a more awkward workplace, so lighting promotes vitamin D production alleviates this problem and at the same time boosts productivity also.

Better Healing

Vitamin D is also vital when it comes to the healing process from injuries or damage from accidents, surgeries, so on and so forth. Hence, the right light can promote vitamin D and help people heal at a quicker speed than usual. 

Back Pain aid:

Some evidence shows that being in an office all day long and sitting at a desk increases people’s risk for chronic back pain as a result of a sedentary lifestyle. A lack of proper lighting can cause this to be even worse. Proper lighting sources from full spectrum sun lamps can actually help you out.

Best full spectrum sun lamps FAQs:

What are full-spectrum sun lamps?

A full-spectrum grow light is just a marketing term that implies that your grow light closely resembles light from the sun for better lighting purposes regarding health for the most part. This marketing term hails from the concept of “full-spectrum light,” which in the past few years has been applied to refer to electromagnetic radiation from the UV to infrared wavebands as some scientific evidence. 

What are the differences between daylight bulbs and full-spectrum bulbs?

Although the terms daylight and full spectrum are once in a while used interchangeably, they, in fact, refer to two distinguished types of lighting.

Daylight basically refers to the color temperature that is measured in degrees K for sure. These Kelvin degrees are generally described in a couple of different tones of white. A Kelvin temperature range between 2,700K-3,000K would be normally considered warm white; daylight is another range, from 5,000K-6,500K. 

A full spectrum bulb represents the whole visible light spectrum, which is the same as the sun for the sake of resemblance. The closest we can use to measure this is certainly with the CRI (color rendering index) on a scale of 0-100 as sure as hell. The higher the CRI of a bulb is, the closer it is to represent the full spectrum of visible light as such.

Can you get vitamin D from full spectrum sun lamps?

There are plenty of full-spectrum light bulbs on the market claiming to help improve mood for the best. Some even promise to promote vitamin D production as well; nonetheless, unless bulbs are emitting UVB rays, they will never increase vitamin D production as expected. So, be careful and take that into account before purchasing those advertised products.

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