The world of best kitchen light fixtures

If you desire to update your cooking corner without shelling out a great deal of money, you’ve come to the right place for sure. Lighting is the simplest way to make a significant difference in your kitchen. These fixtures, generally will make a statement, help to enhance your existing design, and even brighten up your kitchen but never costs you a fortune. By following that way, you can save loads of dollars for the things that really matter later on in life. This article will reveal the best kitchen light fixtures that you may be concerned with!


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Top 5 Best Kitchen Light Fixtures For Your Need

Top 1: BONLICHT Ceiling Light Modern Chandelier

Plus points:

  • Modern look: The kitchen is one of the most visible places in your house as you typically will feel proud to lead your friends, your guests to that warm and cozy spot and even spend hours on end describing that enthusiastically. With the addition of a modern look, this light fixture generally will draw the attention of anyone coming around for just a cup of tea. It would be more of pride than just a lighting product contributing to the decoration of the entire home.
  • Easy to install: When it comes to installation, kitchen light fixtures cannot fight for their first place of the easiest assembling process, but for this one. The product gives you a sense of satisfaction throughout the installation as it requires fewer skills and just with basic tools, there you get it done smoothly.
  • Gentle color: With gentle colors, it blends in well with most inferior architectures, ranging from classical to modern ones, and will soon become a close friend of your family whenever gathering around for dinner.

Minus point:

  • The size of the light fixture is not actually suitable for a large kitchen.

Top 2: Industrial Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

Plus points:

  • Convenient: No one perhaps says no to convenience as that is the destination of having your own house. This industrial pendant light, thus, is typically designed to be adjustable, giving you convenience as such. The detachable chain enables you to yourself create a perfect height of the pendant light personally to match your home at best.
  • Wide application: Some customers intend to buy light fixtures but not specifically for the kitchen only, hence they think of a light fixture with wider applications that can serve their demands greatly varying on different occasions. If you also wish such, this light fixture is for you as it can be gorgeous for a dining room, cafe, or even bar if needed.
  • Up to 1 year of warranty: Adhering to the principle of the optimal experience, this brand offers a 1-year warranty for every defect hailing from the manufacturing process. Hence, should you have any problem with the product, just feel free to contact the customer service team anytime.

Minus point:

  • There is simply no obvious description of where to hook up the ground wire on the fixture, causing you to feel super intricate installing it.

Top 3: DLLT 6-Light Track Lighting Fixtures Swing Arm

Plus points:

  • Bulbs already included: Some people show their disappointment when not getting a bulb in the package and they have to buy a separate one for a whole new light fixture. But forget about that, because this light features up to 6 LED bulbs, ensuring continuous use at any time.
  • Easy to install: Household appliances and lighting fixtures are always the hardest challenges for almost all homemakers, in the sense that we generally don’t have much knowledge associated with electricity and the device itself. However, this product is inclusive of all mounting hardware as well as a canopy mounting plate for the quickest and easiest installation.
  • Use for wherever you need: The assumption that every light fixture specifically suitable for a different chosen place is somewhat true, but not all the time because it is not made just for a fixed space. Honestly sharing its wide application, this light fixture is ideal for accenting an art wall, or adding ambient illumination to a living space that you lean towards…

Minus point:

  • The light is not as bright as expected if you wish to have a high brightness level. 

Top 4: Vintage Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Plus points:

  • Perfect decoration style: Some customers randomly choose light fixtures for their kitchen because it is a part of the entire decoration process, however, some take it seriously with a view to getting home the best lighting fixture compatible with their style. Whether or not you consider light to be essential regarding aesthetics, you also prefer a product that is able to satisfy your personal preference. This is such a light fixture for your kitchen, as it meets your demand for modern home decor, and simultaneously adds vintage charm to your apartment as well.
  • Safe to use: For any type of lighting fixture, safety is always the priority when it comes to installation and uses later on, especially when your family includes both old people and kids, that seems to be a disaster if a lamp cannot ensure safety during use. This product is proud to be as safe as such, making sure no harm to your kids or your parents regardless of accidental touch.

Minus point:

  • The color doesn’t match what has been described by the manufacturer.

Top 5: 4-Light Pendant Ceiling Fixture

Plus points:

  • Enough brightness: I personally don’t fancy too-bright spaces, as it causes eye-related issues and of course, increases electricity bills substantially. A proper light will be ideal for the dining room and stimulate people to be more open-hearted as gathering around the table. I love the moments when the whole family shares odds and ends during the day and happily enjoys scrumptious foods before one more day finally ends.
  • Space-saving: A kitchen is not always spacious, so having an appropriate light fixture will not take up much room and even add more warmth to the family reunion time. If you are looking for a product as described, here you are. It is completely suitable for small and medium rooms.

Minus point:

  • Everything seems to be flawless apart from the customer service.

How to choose the best kitchen light fixture?

Consider safety first:

The first priority of kitchen lighting fixtures is to give sufficient illumination for safe meal preparation, cooking, and cleaning as well. This is generally achieved with task lighting – just think LED strip lights under a cabinet (these create even light with no shadows or heat) or sometimes a track system over the island. You also need to make sure there are no shadows in your preparation zones before choosing the best. The best way to do this is to install the lighting in front of or above you, rather than behind you as some customers choose to do so.

Ambient lighting should be taken into account:

Soft, ambient lighting is supposed to wash your kitchen with light as well as create a warm, welcoming glow for the whole room. It can be obviously in the form of a pendant above a counter or the table, downlights basically around the perimeter of the room, or even a central ceiling light as sure as hell.

Think about accent lights:

You can think about using accent lighting to draw attention to a couple of special features like a backsplash or a dramatic island facade. Installing strip lighting under your room’s cabinets or counters is an ideal way to achieve such. You could add the lighting to glass cabinets also or even open shelving to highlight your desired displays

Choose the right size:

When it comes to choosing kitchen light fixtures, it is advisable that you take your cues from your home’s architecture as well as the lighting styles in the rest of the home. Choosing related styles (or at least the style that features a unifying theme such as shape or finish) will help to create a sense of flow among the spaces for sure. This is especially vital in an open-plan kitchen flowing directly into a living or dining area inside your home.

Get the proportion:

With light fixtures for your dining rooms, size is also essential: too large and the fixture will transparently overwhelm a very tiny kitchen; or if it is too small, it may get lost in a large space for sure. It’s also indispensable to hang the pendant at a proper height to reduce the hazard of people bumping their heads. Generally, it should be around 32 inches above a table or counter for the best use.

Try to take control as much as possible:

Lighting control systems generally enable you to alter the illumination as wished and change the mood of the space as well. With dimmers, for instance, you can use bright lighting for precision cooking and even a warm glow for dining also. Having necessary controls on separate switch plates allows you to take control over lights in different areas separately.

It is also recommended that you not be tempted to do the job yourself — unless you’re a well-trained electrician, you should always hire a professional to do electrical work in your home if you feel it is out of reach anyway.

Best Kitchen Light Fixtures FAQs:

Why is lighting for dining rooms really essential?

For most of us, the dining room is the workhorse of the home, and of course, for its special mission, it is a busy spot from morning till night. Good lighting is indispensable, as it enables you to perform tasks like prepping food and cleaning up safely. Additionally, it adds character to space also and can take the mood from functional to cozy in no time, ideal for an eat-in kitchen as such.

What color LED light is always best for your dining room?

In general, you need daylight (5000K) in your kitchen for the best performance at all. Cool white (4000K) basically is enough for ambient lighting. Soft and warm white light (with less than 3000K) can be able to help you set the mood in social settings as well. That’s the reason why the best solution is to install dimmers or simply set the lighting in layers of distinguished color temperature

What is actually a layered-lighting design?

Light layering comes in creating different shades of light, or sometimes playing with shadows and also using colors to highlight a room’s best features for the most part. In any kitchen, it fundamentally incorporates task lighting for food preparation and cooking, while it uses ambient lighting for general illumination as well as character, and finally accent lighting to emphasize specific features such as a gorgeous backsplash or occasionally a piece of art.

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