Best LED Light Bulbs Review

LED lights have been known as the latest and best technological advancement in the lighting industry so far. The fact that LEDs are energy-efficient and long-lasting gets them the first rank in the list of all possible solutions for lighting tech. 

LEDs operate in distinguished ways that traditional incandescent bulbs will never be able to do as such! Let’s review the best LED light bulbs for consideration with the very detailed and highly selective list below.


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Top 5 best LED light bulbs you should not miss out

Top 1: LEDVANCE Efficient Soft White Equivalent LED Light Bulb

Plus points:

  • Energy-efficient: If you constantly have to be concerned about how to narrow down your budget every month for electricity bills, chances are you are applying the wrong strategy, because an energy-efficient LED light bulb will never lead you to go bankrupt just because of the high cost of energy monthly. In contrast, this product proves its capability to be a perfect replacement for every old type of light bulb like incandescent bulbs, making sure your money is always spent plausibly.
  • Durable: I once spent loads of money on useless light bulbs. Why do I regard them as unhelpful stuff? Because they did work, but just for a certain short time, and they were totally not worth my money at all. Accidentally found this brand, I commenced to place trust in a new manufacturer of LED light bulbs, and surprisingly, my paid bulb is still vigorously lasting after 1 year of the purchase. None of us wanna waste money on a temporary useless thing, and there seems to be no exception for a bulb for any type of lamp!
  • Wide application: With the proper color temperature of around 2700K, this product is ideally suitable for every type of accommodation, including a wide range of rooms that can benefit from it. Whether or not you think of its another application before buying, your decision will be somehow different after bringing it home, as it can actually do more than what you initially envision.

Minus point:

  • The base is not actually made of ceramic to absorb the heat and the print on the base is just ink. 

Top 2: Govee LED Bulbs Dimmable for Party Home

Plus points:

  • Smart control: Technological advancement has changed our life to the very smallest extent, of course, including a LED light bulb. In the past, it seemed to be impossible to take control of any electronic devices remotely, let alone a bulb for lamps. However, from now on, you are able to do such a thing with this product. Users can add up to 6 LED bulbs in one group with the Govee Home app that is specifically designed to meet customers’ demand to take advantage of high-tech gadgets. You now can turn them on/off, or adjust to the desired level, or even if you wish to change their colors simultaneously, everything just costs a touch for all.
  • Highlight a boring life with music: Is your life too mundane and repetitive? Is it unrelated to your desire? Don’t worry about that, as far as you are a little bit tech-literate, you can one-hundred-percent get your boring life more excited substantially. With a built-in sensitive microphone, the light bulb automatically dances to the ambient sound. Just easily sync lights to the beat of any song, users now are the professional music players.
  • Customization: With this simple light bulb, you can create timers and routines so as to automate the LED bulbs as wished. Diverse occasions? No problem, as it can serve them all well. Additionally, you can also customize your own lighting with vibrant colors as well as animated lighting effects.

Minus point:

  • As you turn the fixture off that the bulbs are already in, one of the bulbs constantly will change to a color-changing mode since the power is turned back on, rather than the mode that it was in previously, for sure.

Top 3: Linkind Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulbs

Plus points:

  • More bulbs, more cheerful: It is not exaggerated to say that: right light bulbs are as hard to find as diamonds, because in order to find an exact substitute for a previously broken one, it takes us a great deal of time, sometimes, our effort also goes nowhere at all. However, that nightmare has gone without saying goodbye, since this product features a package of 6 bulbs, you can spare for later use, which sounds super convenient.
  • Smooth light: I consider myself a type of human never being ready for any exchange related to my health, especially the health of my eyes. Fortunately, I don’t need to sacrifice anything for the other, as the light bulb is dim to create my go-to brightness to take control over the look and real emotions towards my space. I am happy to confirm that there will be no buzzing, no humming, and no flickering as well, during your time of use.
  • Whatever you do, it helps: Many bulbs are just relevant to be used with a specific type of lamp. However, this results in inconvenience regarding time, finance and etc… Don’t let that burden your shoulder, just use this LED light bulb and with one stone you can fundamentally kill two birds. It works best for a variety of lamps, benefiting your cooking, reading, and of course, relaxing as well.

Minus point:

  • If you mistakenly hold any assumption that the bulb dims a whole lot, you are likely to feel dissatisfied in the end.

Top 4: Govee LED Light Bulb Dimmable with APP

Plus points:

  • High-tech LED bulb: To tell itself from any other rivals with the same offer including a range of advantages, it actually has to stand out with another unique aspect. The product enables users to select colors remotely from their camera. In order to do that, just take a picture or keep the camera focused then you can choose a color applying to your bulb beautifully.
  • Energy-saving: Being white-collar workers with an enough-to-use monthly salary range, many people cannot throw money out of the window just because of high consumption for energy only. There is still a viable solution for this issue that you can think of, that is an energy-efficient light bulb. By applying this type of bulb, at least you can save more money than that of an incandescent bulb. Believe me, the happiest moment is when you realize that you actually have spent less than what you earned.

Minus point:

  • The app will ask for your storage information or some of the other things that you probably don’t wanna share for whatever.

Top 5: Kobra LED Color Changing Light Bulb with Remote Control

Plus points:

  • Change multiple colors: I guess you have already imagined your house’s dull lighting being turned into an interesting green, blue, red, or white? Well, now you can, undoubtedly! With a list of 16 different colors, you can match your mood for any color you lean towards. Users can bring the latest in LED light technology right into their home and do so you, why not?
  • Never limit your ideas of creativity: These smart LEDS are greatly ideal for decoration, so as to create ambient evenings, or even for unique parties and more! There is a high chance that you will love how different your rooms look while applying the different modes and colors alternatively. As for your kids? Of course, this lamp will be their go-to new gadget in the next Christmas season!

Minus point:

  • It actually can be controlled distantly, but you cannot expect a far control as it works practically in a very short range. 

How to choose the best LED light bulb?

Like any other lighting mechanism, the LED light bulbs also come in many color temperatures, of course. These variations will basically determine to a substantial extent the kind of application they may be put into when brought home. Being aware of these different color options is thus an essential step towards enjoying the benefits that come along. You can look at these below to make the right decision:

Cool White:

As its name apparently implies, this one is actually white in color. Its brightness measures around the range of 5,500 to 6,000 Kelvin lumens. You will feel it is properly suited for warehouses as well as utility areas. It may also serve as a spotlight, floodlight, or garden lights, and even sometimes the road signs too. It is, nevertheless, too bright for use in the living spaces, keep in mind that hint. 

Natural White

The natural white light is so-called in the sense that it is white yet not too glaring and then, also not too dangerous for eyes. Its intensity generally ranges from 4 000 to 4500 K lumens.

With this type of brightness, it is liable to illuminate the indoor spaces such as the stairs, entrance halls, or corridors, bathrooms, and even hallways likewise. It may also light up a limited outdoor area as well.

Warm White

This one is so-called for the reason that it also generates some heat output. Its output lies within the range of around 2,500 to 3,000 K lumens. The arrangement grants it the power so as to provide lighting sufficiently to the dining room, living room, as well as living room. Additionally, it generates a warm cozy interior ambiance also. 

Best LED Light Bulbs FAQs:

Are LED light bulbs actually dimmable?

In short, YES! But it will be dependent on specific types of bulbs. They, unlike other types of lighting apparatus, are not really productivities regarding dimming. The reason here is that they have to draw their power from really low wattage sources. 

Other than that, many types of dimmers lack the capability to work coincided with the LED light bulbs in the same way that they normally operate with the high-wattage load incandescent lighting devices.

Why is there always a rumor that LED light bulbs are risky?

Heavy exposure to this light has been pointed out to lead to some dangers and risks. Age-related macular degeneration, as well as cataracts, are two of the most typical health issues that arise. Prolonged exposures to the light are also demonstrated to give rise to retinal changes that are obviously not good for your long-term eyesight at all.

To avoid that side effect, you should attentively choose high-quality LED lights. On the other hand, LED lights for eye strain relief, in a couple of ways, can be able to free you of the above dangerous health-related problems.

Can we foresee the future of LED light bulbs?

Due to loads of advantages outweighing disadvantages, it is crystal clear that the LED light bulbs are here to stay in years to come. These benefits are too enormous and significant to get irrelevant in the near future. 

Practically, the LED will become obsolete only if a newer and better lighting technology is invented, but that prospect is still certainly years ahead. 

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