Which are the best LED table lamps you should buy?

When being in an attempt to solve a lighting dilemma  – all kinds of measures are tried that waste energy and perform too little to get the right lamp in the right amount to the chosen corners of the room. In the sense that lighting can be one of the most difficult elements of design, scores of homeowners are certainly unsure of the correct lighting solutions, even with a device that is as common as LED table lamps. From time to time, knowing what should be taken into consideration makes all the difference. So here are some of the best LED table lamps with careful reviews so that you can feel a bit easier choosing your own favorite. 


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Top 5 best LED table lamps for your need

Top 1: HugoAi Bedside LED Table Lamp

Plus points:

  • High-quality: With a professional optical structure and prominent LED elements, the lamp can ensure a stable light source and vibrant colors with no flicker illumination almost every time you use it. Stop throwing money away by purchasing low-quality lamps, from now on, you should gravitate toward better products as you just deserve them.
  • Wide applications: If you ask me why I chose this lamp to symbolize my lighting preference, I gotta say that since it is super adaptable, it works almost everywhere you put it, whether users consider the product to be a nightstand lamp or expect it to illuminate as a baby nursery light, relaxing lamp… It serves well to the last minutes of battery.
  • Multiple color temperature and easy-to-adjust brightness: If you don’t want your room to be repetitively lightened by the only mode of brightness, you can simply adjust it by sliding the rotary panel for more convenient lighting. I normally set different levels for working, relaxing time, or a host of other activities requiring distinguished lightness levels.
  • The endless range of colors: Whether you are an introvert or you want the world to look at you like a hyperactive person, it can on behalf of you make your wish come true based on the colors suiting your mood most.

Minus points:

  • You should be noted that you cannot dim the light when it is in RGB mode, it is sort of annoying, personally speaking.

Top 2: Ambertronix LED Desk Table Lamp

Plus points:

  • Adjustable: Just imagine a whole world without constant movement, it is also like a lamp that you literally cannot change the levels of brightness, it seems to be so boring and mundane. When it comes to this lamp, however, you should discard that assumption generally applies to other kinds of products, because the lamp itself enables you to live harmoniously with your constantly changing moods by offering a variety of brightness and lighting modes. It sounds fantastic, isn’t it?
  • Energy-saving: Getting a shock after receiving the monthly electricity bill, have you ever felt the same way that I did? Right after that, I had to replace my previous lamp with another one. Since using this product, no concern related to energy bills anymore as it just basically costs a fraction of the price normally used for the previous devices.
  • Auto timer: Humans psychologically are not willing to wake up at midnight just to turn a light off, and you, of course, are also human. I bet you will get irritated if redundant lighting remains overnight, and when getting up, your whole body gets tiring as hell. To avoid such an annoying situation, you should mind using this lamp, as it features an auto timer allowing itself to automatically turn off when you have already been sound asleep.

Minus point:

  • The lamp’s power regarding brightness is still pretty low since it just lives up to 85 percent as per my expectation. 

Top 3: Albrillo Spiral Design LED Table Lamp

Plus points:

  • Unique design: A spiral-shaped design with a stainless-steel side impressed me immediately within the first few seconds. Its warm white light produces a comfortable atmosphere for a relaxing, classy, and modern home.
  • Clever: Don’t underestimate the ability of a lamp to show its cleverness, it is actually not exclusive to humans only. This device can be dimming sleepless to meet your various needs for brightness. Just with a simple touch, taking advantage of its clever features, you can adjust the level of brightness to whatever level of your own. Artificial intelligence is supposed to take control over the human world, but I guess that kind of prospect is still light years ahead, so just chilling out with the lamp making your life a lot easier.
  • Eye-caring: A fatigued eye is always a nightmare to many people who are always committed to working in light-insufficient spaces. However, worry associated with the health of eyes has no longer been yours, as well as loads of other white-collar workers, since this lamp can ensure long hours of use without stroboscopic leading to eye problems.

Minus point:

  • Its capacity is too small to comfortably illuminate a large room, so as described by the manufacturer, it just should be used as exactly as a table lamp. 

Top 4: LITOM LED Desk Lamp

Plus points:

  • Customization possible: I had long been in search of a lighting product that fundamentally could fulfill the desire of my own preference, however, not until I began to use this product did my dream come true. It is as amazing as such for work, study, reading, or even just relaxing demands individually.
  • Space-saving: Honestly, no one wants a lamp to take much room in the house, as it is just space-consuming and causes more inconvenience than bringing comfort. When it comes to this LED table lamp, you can be free from such a concern, in the sense that it is compact and foldable for most spaces to fit with, either a room in the house or a corner in an office.
  • Handy night light: Equipped with a soft night light, the lamp lightens the darkness with a warm atmosphere, being as romantic as expected for reading romance novels or performing creative tasks.

Minus point:

  • If you are in need of a product that can illuminate an entire place with super strong brightness, this is not for you. 

Top 5: TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

Plus points:

  • Different lightness levels: Looking at my sons attentively doing assignments, while my wife is comfortably reading go-to books, I feel like I have chosen the right lamp for my family. The brightness levels are various and adjustable, meaning that each of your separate needs will be alternatively ensured best.
  • Convenient USB charging: With convenient USB charging, you never have to tell your little kids that: “Attention, kids. I am afraid that you have to temporarily suspend watching your favorite video to charge the lamp”. This will not happen under any circumstance.
  • Auto shut-off: If lights cannot automatically shut off, in this era of technological advancement, it should only be considered trash, honestly, because all customers are hesitant to get up at midnight just to get it stopped working. Fortunately, this is still useful as such, when it allows you to set up a chosen time for automatic shut-off if needed.

Minus point:

  • Speaking of my own experience, this lamp is too good to complain about any feature. 

Why do you need to have the best LED table lamps?

Very convenient to turn it on anytime

Table lamps are super convenient to use in the sense that they are generally attached to a cable with a switch. Many old homes have the main light switch of the room that is specifically designed for 135 cm beds which used to be the standard size a few decades ago. If you have a larger bed as well as even twin beds, the main light switch may be obstructed by the bigger bed, and for that situation, table lamps really come in handy as such. Furthermore, they are also convenient for older people, as the switch can be put close enough to the bed for it’s easy to reach. If it’s necessary, you should be mindful that the switch can even be placed on top of the bed.

The lamp only illuminates a certain area

Being dependent on the shape and design of the table lamp, the light will basically shine on a chosen area in the room. For instance, while shading the bed area with the lampshade, it is known that LED table lamps produce light downwards as well as towards the ceiling. 

Some models project the light to the sides as well as downwards only thanks to its lampshade. This makes the lamp a good fit for reading since if it’s put on the edge of the bedroom nightstand, it will lighten the book in your hands. It is perfect for those who desire to read a little before sleeping or quickly check some documents without disturbing anyone around. Additionally, if you intend to turn the lamp around, you will enjoy a general indirect source of lighting, making the lamp a versatile accessory. for your apartment. For that reason, LED table lamps exist ideally in the bedrooms of every house.

Best LED table lamps FAQs:

Are all smart lamps the same as LEDs?

It is as clear as day that all smart lights are LED but you also need to be aware that not all LED lights are smart for sure. Smart lights are known as a subcategory of LED lights that enables you to generate the connection between your lighting network and your home Wi-Fi. By doing so, you are able to unlock a host of features, like the ability to adjust your lighting with your smartphone, set schedules, as well as change the color and/or color temperature at once. LED light bulbs can specifically be used in smart lighting networks if they have been created for the purpose only. Smart light bulbs are sort of clearly marketed and are hard to confuse with standard LED light bulbs surely.

Do LED lamps get extremely hot and unsafe to use?

LED light bulbs are possible to get warm, but nowhere near as hot as conventional incandescent light bulbs. The former ones generate light by heating a delicate filament to very high temperatures in the range. Consequently, the glass envelope of those light bulbs becomes very hot. LED light bulbs work differently from each other, and they also do not use heat to generate light, thus, they do not get nearly as hot. Also like all electrical components, though, they still produce a little heat, but not to the point where they are extremely dangerous to touch. LED light bulbs will normally have a heat sink built into them so as to divert any heat away from the delicate electrical components as such. 

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