How to choose the best long fairy lights for your style?

Ah, honestly speaking of trusty fairy lights, they’ve been with us since day one, as their primary use was to brighten up upset as well as mundane student accommodation or low-priced rented rooms. And we still place trust in their powers of filling spaces, whether big, small, or awkward and more – with more warmth, happiness, and of course style. To pay homage to their space-changing abilities, I have recently rounded up my pick of the best long fairy lights to offer you a couple of shopping inspirations and groundbreaking ideas of where to put them in your home as well.


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Top 5 Best Long Fairy Lights You Should  Not Miss

Top 1: Twinkle Star Fairy Lights with Remote, Timer and 8 Lighting Mode

Plus points:

  • Mysterious brightness: Purple normally rekindles romance only but you will sense another feeling with this light. It is somehow mysterious like as you are in the wonderland, it is a little bit haunting but still romantic enough for the like-minded souls. Life is hard on you enough, why not let the childhood color lead you to the fairy world with a sense of peace and pleasure?
  • Multiple modes: Legend has it that humans have different characteristics, you can actually blow hot and cold during a short period of time. I personally think it is true, as I consider myself exposing different kinds of emotions in a day, leading to the demand of distinguished modes of lighting respectively. Fortunately, this fairly light can help me out as it features a range of lighting modes for proper ambiances in the home.
  • Waterproof and safe: We basically cannot sacrifice the safety of ourselves and surrounding people just because of decoration purposes. That is when a waterproof light with safe use comes as a need. This light, honestly, cannot do harm to you as it is waterproof, so even if it has contact with water unintentionally, you can still stay safe and sound.

Minus point:

  • The battery capacity is still limited, meaning that it doesn’t stay working long. 

Top 2: ErChen Copper Wire Led String Lights

Plus points:

  • Warm and gentle color: In the case that you cannot adapt to outlandish colors and just desire to dance in the moonlight with a little warm and gentle color, this long fairy light is meant for you. It is like nothing but dancing with your best friend for the sweetest memory of the bygone days; it is like nothing but dancing with your life-long partner for the harmoniously happy moments in years to come… This lamp, with its special ability, can add more color to your mundane and repetitive life.
  • Remote control with timer and dimmer: Human beings have long been dreaming of remote control that can manipulate the entire world, but I am not optimistic about that prospect, at least there are still light years ahead prior to such an advanced development. However, with remote control, now you can effortlessly set the timing for your lighting product, or even switch on and off between two modes with ease. That is convenient enough, right?
  • Good warranty: With up to 12 months of guarantee, you can be free from concerns of unanticipated circumstances and have them handled in a flash with no extra cost for sure.

Minus point:

  • The only downside is that at times they just cease to work at all – for no reason that I can be able to identify.

Top 3: LightsEtc 66 Feet 200 Led 8 Modes Indoor Fairy String Lights

Plus points:

  • A range of modes and brightness: With various lighting modes and brightness, these lights emit a white glow illuminating your room and ambiance differently as per your desire, and also feature some romance and elegance for every event that requires lightness for decoration. Class reunion? Of course, you can reminisce about the good old days when being together. Or a proposal? Alright, you can deliver romance to one of the happiest nights in your life.
  • Durable: As claimed by the manufacturer, on account of heavy-duty materials, these lights not only fulfill the commission to illuminate for decoration but also endure loads of incidences of impacts. Maybe money is not your concern when it comes to durability, but surely a long-lasting lamp will get you convenience, right?
  • Easy to install: Even though durable, it is not that hard to install these lights. They are lightweight, compact, thus cause no difficulty during the assembling process even if you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy.

Minus point:

  • The product is not meant to be used outdoors, hence if you prefer an outdoor light for your external activities, chances are this is not a recommended option.

Top 4: Decute Fairy String Lights for Multiple Purposes

Plus points:

  • Not just for decoration: A lot of proposals have been successful so far thanks to these fairy lights. They help boys bravely spin their inner feelings out, they assist girls to courageously accept a proposal and simultaneously add more colors to one of the most essential days of their life also. Are you still single and don’t wanna think of that prospect? Alright, I get it, but there comes a time you will not think of them as just a decorative light anymore!
  • Multifunctional remote: With the remote specifically designed for these lights, it is easy to turn on/off or adjust the brightness or even if you wish to switch from flash to smooth to steady on. A multipurpose remote will actually save you a lot of time and money as well.
  • Bendable and durable: It sounds like a click when it comes to the bendability of fairy lights because they are all generally bendable and easy to be shaped to any symbols for meaningful occasions. This brand, however, offers a product that is both flexible and durable, meaning you can fulfill your expectation for whatsoever.

Minus point:

  • Brightness is not equally emitted as advertised.

Top 5: Fairy String Lights Battery Operated and USB Plug-in

Plus points:

  • Gentle brightness: If you wanna lighten your chosen space with proper brightness so that your eyes will not be adversely affected, but still romantic enough for parties, gathering occasions… this product is for you absolutely. Its gentle lightness will be easy on your eyes but still ensure a warm and cozy atmosphere at the same time.
  • Waterproof: Searching for a waterproof fairy light is not as always hard as you normally imagine, as it is right here. These lights ensure working even on rainy days, perfect for outdoor areas such as patio, gardens, so on and so forth…

Minus point:

  • The item cannot last long for the high demand of use. 

How to choose the best long fairy lights?

When choosing a long fairy lights, there are some significant factors you should consider.

Size and Length

The size and even the length of the string matter the most. A good string light absolutely has to be of the correct length that is needed for the lighting task at hand. There are around three primary minds of lights based on this consideration.

I have broken them down here below:

Large Bulb

As the name indicates, this is a bulb that is kind of moderate in length. This shows that it is neither large nor too small. As such, it plays a vital part in illuminating the interior parts of the buildings more so hallways as well as the living spaces. Such bulbs are the most typical of them all, honestly. 


These ones are generally much tinier than bulbs on average. They are thus smaller and even more compact in size. You will thus find them compatible with illuminating spaces that are easily cramped up or even stuffed up. Obvious examples of those are stores and smaller cubicles. These bulbs are much more affordable and not so effective.


Lastly there comes the extra-long fairy lights. These lights are enough regarding length to lighten larger areas. You will thus find them compatible with such places as the backyards as well as the patios. Choose them also for your happy parties as well as other outdoor activities like concerts.

Lighting Effects

Light may be applied to create a couple of effects in a range of events like television programs, concerts, films, plays, and so on. To successfully get these ends, these types of lamps allow for some controls and manipulations. Three of these manipulations are outstanding. I expound on them here below:


As the name indicates, this bulb is actually capable of diminishing its lightness. It primarily comes in handy when you have any intention of creating a somber mood like that in a funeral or some other sorrow scenarios.

Remote controls

These are lamps that enable you to alter a range of parameters by use of a remote control unit for you to feel much more convenient. You thus don’t have to be individually and physically present in the area to enjoy your wishes ends.

Colored lights

Colored lights are those that can change their various colors or appearances to adapt to the various situations or a range of events that may come along. They are primarily good for those events that need colors like weddings as well as celebrations.

The best type of string light as to this parameter should be capable of displaying the effect you intend and simultaneously allowing for effective controls and manipulation as well.

Best Long Fairy Lights FAQs:

How many long fairy lights do you need for a patio light?

It is all dependent on the size of the patio that you intend to make the decoration. Obviously, a large patio needs more string lights while a smaller one needs fewer strings. After this is the spacing between two lights. The distance will indicate the sum total strings you need to utilize.

You are thus advised to measure out the entire dimensions of your patio prior to setting out to looking for the right number of strings. Since you do so, you are also recommended to figure out any styles or even a couple of patterns you may be fascinated with.

How long does a fairy light last as estimated?

The service life primarily banks on the length of the string irrespective of the power source. All features considered though, these fairy lights have approximately 120 hours at a time, or up to 5 days (assuming continuous use as well as applications).

Do fairy lights draw the attention of bugs?

Bugs are basically attracted by any high levels of heat as well as brightness. That is the reason that such levels of heat and brightness have a tendency to draw the attention of the bugs even if they are located afar off for sure.

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