Bring natural sunlight to your room with the best natural sunlight lamp

Natural light is very helpful to your physical health as it gives you vitamin D, helps you avoid seasonal depression, and makes your sleep better. Scientific evidence further confirms the value of sunshine and shows that exposure to bright light from the best natural sunlight lamp will help people who frequently stay indoors make up for the natural daylight they lack.

The study has also found that it is more efficient and imaginative for people who are exposed to natural light. If you work in a space that does not support access to natural sunlight or if you want to work more efficiently, the best natural sunlight lamp will help you.


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Top 5 best natural sunlight lamp for your need

Top 1: Miroco Light Therapy Lamp

This is a table floor lamp from the Microco brand that provides you with bright illumination, mimicking natural lighting.

The color temperature and light brightness produced by the lamp while working can be easily changed. Due to its accuracy in representing the color of objects in the same way as natural sunlight, it is useful for performing activities such as painting and crafting. Let’s explore some outstanding features of this table lamp as follows.

The first outstanding feature is full-spectrum light. The light therapy gives you your daily boost of sunshine up to 10,000 lux.

The second outstanding feature of this best natural sunlight lamp is safe for the eyes and the skin. The UV Free LED without light pollution and radiation helps to last longer than fluorescent bulbs. So, it ensures that you don’t have to change your bulb for a long time. Moreover, because the light produced by this lamp is almost like natural light, it ensures that you do not strain your eyes while working. The light generated by this LED lamp is evenly distributed and does not flicker.

The third outstanding feature is easy to turn on and off, as users will only need to use the soft-touch button. Three finger-touch modes (low, medium, and bright mode) help users choose the most effective brightness for themselves.

The next outstanding feature is a built-in timer. The users can set an automatic timer from 10 to 60 minutes in 10-minute intervals and can cancel the timing function by long-pressing any button 1.5s.

The last outstanding feature is the portable design. The lamp is easy to store and carry because it has a compact size with a foldable bracket. As a result, the users can put the lamp next to their laptop, the kitchen counter, the cubicle desk, and elsewhere easily.

Moreover, it has a 6,500K color temperature. This product offers a package in a box including 01 Miroco Light Therapy Lamp (Model: MI-CL003), 01 power adapter, and 01 User Guide..


  •       It delivers natural light
  •       It utilizes UV-free LED light
  •       It can be used for light therapy
  •       It can set an automatic timer from 10 to 60 minutes in 10-minute intervals.
  •       It is a portable design.


  •       The timer is limited to 60 minutes.

Top 2: Miroco Light Therapy Lamp Touch Control

Similar to the first item, this table lamp also comes from the Miroco brand, which provides you with bright illumination, mimicking natural lighting. However, there are some differences from the first item. Now, we run through similarities and differences of this product compared with the first item.

First of all, this lamp is a UV-free LED light that mimics the full light spectrum seen in the daytime. This gives you your daily sunshine boost of 10,000 lux. This first thing is similar to the first item because both of them come from the same Microco brand name. 

Secondly, there is a rotatable bracket for this table lamp. It can pivot the stand for all ideal angles. To position the light as desired, users can change the opening angle between 40-100 degrees. The second thing is the first difference from the first item. Although the first item still has a standing bracket, it cannot be rotatable like this item.

Thirdly, the handy 30-minute timer and memory features are useful. You should long-press the power button for 2 seconds to start the 30-min timer and the LED indicator blinks. You should click the second time for a long time to cancel the timer. Also, the memory feature allows you to turn on your light easily from the final brightness level. The third thing is the second difference from the first item. Although the first item still has a timer, it is a 10-to-60-minute automatic timer. However, it has no memory feature to turn on rapidly from the last brightness setting.

Next, it has brightness settings that are customizable from 20% to 10%. With a smooth dimmer of 10% to 100%, you can adjust it to the right level according to the setting and distance from the lamp by touching the button (+/-) for 2 seconds. This is the third distinction from the first item, of course, since there are no customizable brightness thresholds in the first item.

The last one is ultra-thin design. It is easy to store in small places and put it next to your laptop, on the kitchen counter, and anywhere with an extra-large light surface and ultra-thin size (8.7 x 6.7 x 0.4 inches). For sure, this is the last difference from the first item.

Besides, there are some other similarities compared with the first item of the best natural sunlight lamp list. Firstly, it also has a feature of 6,500K color temperature of natural sunlight, which is safe and eye care. Secondly, this item also offers a package in a box including 01 Miroco Light Therapy Lamp, 01 power adapter, and 01 User Guide.


  •       It delivers natural light
  •       It utilizes UV-free LED light
  •       It can be used for light therapy
  •       It comes with a 30-minute timer
  •       It is the ultra-thin size and can fit in small places


  •       The timer is limited to 30 minutes.

Top 3: Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp

The Lumos Lamp is the Circadian Optics brand’s table and smallest lamp, being just 2 1/4″ wide. Due to the smallest size, it allows to put on tight quarters, taking less room for the desk. The manufacturer chose the lamp’s design of tall, slim, and narrow to keep the stand compact. Three hinges and a revolving light panel, eminently adjustable, give this lamp excellent versatility, enabling you to angle the light panel in several ways. This makes the lamp easy to place, position, and configure in a way that works best for the space given. Let’s explore some standout attributes of this item as follows.

The first standout attribute is trendy and UV-Free. Not only are these mood light sun lamps good for us, but they also make a chic addition to every room and offer the kind of light our bodies need which is the sunlight without UV rays.

The second standout attribute is to improve your mood. The sunlight may influence the cycles of our bodies and moods. Therefore, the use of light to preserve a stable circadian pattern will have a beneficial effect on your mood. Also, this therapy light delivers the recommended brightness of 10,000 lux. This allows us to effectively control sleep, stimulate concentration, increase vitality and make us feel less depressed. The light therapy lamp replicates the colors of daytime.

The third standout attribute lasts longer. The natural light LED lamp lasts about 50,000 hours, which is longer than the life of fluorescent bulbs. It also offers and generates uniform, dot-free light that has the same quality noonday sun (5500K) and full-spectrum.

The last standout attribute is ease to use. The fast one-touch operation feature makes it easy to use. Besides, there are no complicated settings. Three levels allow users to configure the brightness for the best performance and convenience.


  •       It delivers natural light
  •       It has a small size and it can put in tight quarters, making less room for the desk.
  •       It utilizes UV-free LED light
  •       It can be used for light therapy
  •       It lasts longer than the life of fluorescent bulbs (50,000 hours)
  •       The fast one-touch operation.


  •       The timer is not available.

Top 4: Miroco Light Therapy Lamp for Home/Office

Similar to the first two items, another table lamp also comes from the Miroco brand. Let’s find out some remarkable points of this lamp as follows.

The first point is that the shell design is elegant and new. Its unique shell shape and 6500K color temperature make it not only a lamp but also an attractive focal point in your home.

The second point is safe and UV-Free LEDs.  The luminous intensity measured is 10,000 lux, which simulates a bright sunny day. Also, it has no light pollution, radiation, and stroboscopic effect.

The third point is customizable light and touch control. With three brightness settings (40%, 60%, 100%), users may use a quick touch to adjust it to the best level according to the setting and distance from the lamp. Besides, by clicking the touchpad, the users are able to quickly control the light. The memory feature is the next point. It allows users to turn their light on easily from the last brightness level.

The last point is portable design. This lamp is very easy to put in small spaces or next to your laptop, kitchen counter, desk, and elsewhere because of its compact design (5.9 x 5.9 x 1.25 inches).

Furthermore, because it also has a feature of 6,500K color temperature of natural sunlight, the light delivers healthy, eye-caring natural light that lifts your mood. In addition, this item also offers a package in a box including 01 Miroco LED Lamp, 01 power adapter, and 01 User Guide.


  •       It delivers natural light
  •       It utilizes UV-free LED light
  •       It has customizable light (three brightness settings (40%, 60%, 100%).
  •       It has touch control
  •       It can be used for light therapy
  •       It has a memory function.
  •       It is a portable design.


  •       The timer is not available.

Top 5: HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock

This table lamp comes from the HeimVision Sunrise brand. The HeimVision lamp is considered a wake-up light. You can use it for multi-purposes such as using it in the office, night shifts, insomnia, and sunlight deprivation to brighten indoors. It gives you a sense of vitality and power and is a distinctive accessory to your home or workplace that makes you feel refreshed and energetic for the whole day. This is a lamp converging many awesome features. Let’s discover together awesome features as follows.

The first awesome feature is voice control by combining with an Alexa device. You just send a simple voice order to control the alarm clock through the Alexa device. To link your mobile, the “Smart Lift” app is required as it only supports a 2.4GHz Wifi network.

Sunrise and sunset simulation are the second awesome feature. With 20 brightness level settings, the HeimVision wake-up light is a good option for you to plan daily wake-up and bedtime. In terms of sunrise simulation, the light steadily rises before your pre-set wake-up time until the room is flooded with a bright yellow brightness. The light will mirror the sunrise to make you wake up more easily. Concerning simulating the sunset, the light and sound steadily decrease to your set period to calm you into sleep.

Several natural sounds and FM radio are the third awesome features. There are several kinds of special alarm clock sounds to pick from, such as Birdsong, Hawaii Wave, Streams, Beep, Win Dell, Chord, Ringtone, and Piano. In this way, it can carry wonderful sounds of nature to the users. It also has an FM radio function, which makes it simple to add the VOA as the users like the new alarm sound.

The fourth awesome feature is the considerate snooze function. For those who need an additional 15 minutes to brace themselves for the day ahead, the considerate snooze feature is helpful. The users can sleep for another 15 minutes by softly clicking the top “Snooze” button.

The fifth awesome feature is to make it easier for you to fall asleep, particularly for babies. With an outstanding speaker and volume range built-in, the HeimVision alarm clock offers 3 calming natural sounds that effectively mask distracting noise at night and help you relax. White noise, birdsong, and streams are also made, which are most like what your baby listens to in the womb and can function well to lull babies to sleep. With a steadier sound, it helps you and your baby fall asleep quickly.

A quadruple alarm clock is the sixth awesome feature. The HeimVision dual alarm clock will schedule four different wake-up times and wake you up with 8 varieties of alarm sounds at the desired time.

The seventh awesome feature is that the USB charging port is handy. Your smartphones can be charged smoothly with a 5V/1A USB output interface when you are sleeping at night.

The last awesome feature is the built-in battery backup feature. For all functions operating, DC power is needed, whereas built-in battery backup (included) with memory feature can only ensure that the clock time and alarm settings are maintained during a power failure.


  • 20 brightness level
  • Colored sunrise simulation
  • You can tap to snooze the alarm
  • It comes with several natural wake-up sounds and FM radio
  • Sunset simulation to make you relax while going to bed
  • It has a USB charging port


  •       The timer is not available.

How is light therapy working?

In general, during the winter, humans will undergo a slowdown, because sunlight influences our biological clocks and decreased supply of sunlight contributes to hormonal changes that influence sleep and mood. The precise cause of seasonal depression, though, is still unclear.

The “reduced sunlight” theory is based on light therapy and aims to fix the problem by artificial sunlight (or at least something that mimics sunlight). The idea is that during the winter, you will “reset” your biological clock by compensating for missed exposure to sunshine, which can avert seasonal internal changes.

The first-line treatment for seasonal depression is light therapy. In light therapy, however, there are only some kinds of light that can be used. We should not use all types of full-spectrum illumination, tanning lamps, ultraviolet light, and heat lamps.

How to choose the best natural sunlight lamp?

There are several names for sunlight lamps: “light therapy lamps,” “light therapy devices,” “phototherapy boxes,” and even “lightboxes.” These devices appear to do the same. They give off a bright light that mimics sunlight. However, not all sunlight lamps are similarly efficient.

Some sunlight lamps are not intended for seasonal depression. For some other conditions, including certain skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema, light therapy is used as a remedy. Light therapy lamps of these kinds emit ultraviolet light, which can be harmful. You should choose sunlight lamps that are specifically designated for seasonal depression.

Whiter and brighter is typically better than. A lamp’s brightness is determined in Lux, and the higher the Lux rating, the lighter it gives off. Your distance from the lamp is also important. The farther away you intend to sit, the brighter the light should be. You should remain within the 2,500 to 10,000 Lux range for better performance.

You may also find that some sunlight lamps give off “blue” light and others give off “white” light. There is no definitive proof that one is more efficient than the other, but white light appears to be cheaper and usually considered better.

LEDs are the most energy-consuming. Sunlight lamps are available in incandescent, fluorescent, and LEDs. Light visibility is more critical than the bulb type. However, if you have the choice, you should choose an LED sunlight lamp that absorbs far less energy than either an incandescent or a fluorescent light.

The best natural sunlight lamp FAQs

What is a natural sunlight lamp?

A natural sunlight lamp is a lamp that reflects illumination like the sunlight. Lamps that give illumination that closely resembles natural light may be viewed as a source of natural light.

What light bulb is the nearest similarity to natural sunlight?

You would be given the nearest similarity to sunlight from halogen light bulbs. They generate white light, which makes the hue of objects appear distinctly and almost identical to natural lighting in your surroundings.

How often should you do light therapy?

Light therapy is an efficient way to treat effective seasonal conditions, such as depressive symptoms that arise at a given time of year, usually during the winter season.

During the initial times, it is advised to start using your light therapy for fifteen minutes. You should increase your time to thirty minutes steadily to guarantee that you take advantage of light therapy.

It should be practiced at least 3 days a week. You should position the light at a distance of around 20 inches from your face.

What type of lamp gives the brightest?

Lamps that have a 6000K LED lighting color would provide you with the most vivid illumination. There will be an ultra-bright light of a blue tint in these lamps. It will have a retro glow for you as well. Such lighting can be used as a street light or in an industrial environment, functioning as floodlights.

For personal usage, the best lamp that will give you the highest light should be 4000K since this is close to sunshine.

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