Light up your house’s surrounding with below best outdoor light bulbs

In the past, best outdoor light bulbs were merely used for lighting. However, nowadays, as society grows, the needs and life quality of the people are increasing.  This product is not only for lighting but also to beautify the space.

On the market, outdoor light bulbs are equipped with many modern features and advanced technologies such as automatic on-off control or the diverse range of use of equipment. Therefore, deciding what kind of outdoor light bulbs is the best coming with an affordable price seems to be a hard challenge. Let us help you to find out the top 5 best outdoor light bulbs. 


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Top 5 best outdoor light bulbs to decorate your house

Top 1: Ring A19 Smart LED Bulb

Smart features

Ring A19 Light Bulb is an excellent choice since it contains all the basic functionality you’d expect for a dimmable smart bulb. It allows you to set up light gatherings that permit you to control all the lights in a gathering simultaneously. You can likewise plan times when movement detecting is debilitated, “nap” movement detecting for as long as four hours, and set how long the lights in the gathering stay on after movement is identified. Moreover, this outdoor light bulb product offers some essential light-booking highlights, including the capacity to set custom timetables just as daybreak to-nightfall plans. 


This product is intended for both indoor and open-air use. It produces 800 lumens at full brilliance, which is generally identical to a 60-watt bulb. The Ring A19 Light Bulb will presumably glance best in a work area light or an encased outside installation, even though it could likewise work in a living zone with a natural shading plan.

Easy installation

You do need to worry about how complicated and different trouble you have when trying to set up a light bulb. A19 Outdoor Light Bulb provides an easy installation with 3 steps. First, you need to have a ring bridge. You open the Ring portable application, tap the menu button, at that point tap Set up a Device and pick the Smart Lighting classification. Then, examine a QR code on the actual bulb or the container it came in, and the application will find the bulb, introduce any accessible updates, and brief you to add the bulb to a room and name it. 

Minus point: Ring A19 light bulb requires a wireless bridge.

Top 2: Vgogfly Sensor LED Light Bulbs

Energy-saving bulb

Electric bills are still a concern for most consumers, especially small or medium houses. It becomes an obstacle that they have to decide whether buying outdoor light bulbs is the smart choice or not. However, Vgogfly provides a product using an energy-saving bulb that helps users not worry anymore. Compared with other traditional light bulbs, it utilizes less power and, accordingly, reduces your power expenses. 

Automatic feature

Vgogfly brand brings many smart features to its outdoor light bulbs. The built-in sensors are the most outstanding things that turn on the nightfall to sunrise light consequently at sunset and turn it off when it’s daybreak. This wipes out the need to genuinely touch the bulb and so on. The open-air detecting light will illuminate your home in any event, when you are not around as long as it is dim.


Another wonderful thing about Vgogfly brand is the customer caring. This brand always tries to satisfy the need of customers both before and after purchasing the product. If any problems happening to your outdoor light bulbs, you can call the hotline and there is immediate assistance that helps you solve the trouble. Moreover, it provides a 12-month warranty for you to replace a new product.

Minus point: Vgogfly light bulb is made of the average plastic housing. 

Top 3: Philips LED Soft White A19 LED Light Bulb

High-quality light bulb

Phillips light bulbs accompany white LED nightfall and sunrise A19 bulbs that offered you warmth and happiness with lighting. Believe me, this product is an ideal decision for individuals hoping to have brilliant, fresh LED bulbs for the yard. Moreover, it is exceptionally energy-productive and utilizes 75% less energy than the ordinary 60 watts brilliant bulbs. Each light is required to convey a long period of up to 22,000 hours and incorporates a long-term guarantee, saving you the expense of incessant bulb substitution.

Smart features

Like other smart light bulbs, Phillips product is provided with a light sensor that turns your lights on consequently when the sun goes down and turns the light off when the sun rises. You do not need a clock or reminder app anymore. Have a sense of safety returning home to a brilliant entryway patio or welcome visitors with walkway lights.

Comfortable light

This product is not just functional, it likewise adds excellence to your home and the environment around you. It meets severe test models including gleam, strobe, glaring, and shading interpretation to guarantee the EyeComfort prerequisites. From your front walkway to the backyard, everything will be shined brightly under Phillips outdoor light bulbs.

Minus point: Phillips light bulbs are not used for indoor also.

Top 4: Amazon Basics Equivalent A19 LED Light Bulb

High-quality light

The Amazon brand uses LED for its outdoor light bulbs, providing the soft white light that is comfortable and safe for users ’eyes. You can control the light to be brighter or darker based on what you need. Moreover, these outdoor light bulbs are long-lasting products that you can utilize for 10000 – 15000 hours.

Energy-saving bulbs

Compared to other outdoor light bulbs, the Amazon product consumes less energy to save your electricity bill. This bulb costs just $1.26 each year to work (in light of 3 hours/day, 11 pennies/kWh) making it a conservative option. This eco-friendly feature makes it become a perfect choice for all users.

Minus point: its delivering package is not very good.

Top 5: Rolay S14 Warm Replacement Bulbs for Outdoor

Multifunctional features

Rolay light bulbs are a perfect choice since they can serve many purposes. Not only for outdoor lighting but this product also brings warm light to your indoor places. Moreover, if your pendant light fixtures, commercial string lights, lamps, or chandeliers are broken, you can use this light bulb as a replacement. However, please note that it is only available for E26/E27 socket.

High-quality light

This product provides little golden glass bulbs that cast a warm white gleam. The high-quality light cares for your eyes when reading books or chilling with friends and family after dinner. Additionally, the more light bulbs you purchase, the less cash you need to pay for each one. Get enough bulbs to supplant the harm one in the tempest or different events.

Minus point: the Rolay light bulbs are smaller than other bulbs.

Why do I need to buy the best outdoor light bulbs?

Architectures always say: “A space will be beautiful if you know how to make good use of natural and artificial light sources”. One of the ways to create shimmering, fanciful light is to use outdoor light bulbs. This product is not only used to light the space but also helps create an impressive and mysterious garden at night. Above all, when you see the brightly lit garden lights, you are more comfortable and love your garden. This will also be the highlight attracting guests to your house at the first sight.

Moreover, outdoor light bulbs have a compact and lightweight design coming with durability lasting for a long time. It will be the perfect item whether you own a small or large house. 

How can I choose the right outdoor light bulbs?

There are many considered factors before deciding to purchase an outdoor light bulb for your house. First, you need to figure out your need that what is the main purpose you want to use this product for such as lighting pathways, plants, or golf course, … The next thing you need to know is the design. For an outdoor light bulb, a compact size is required; it should be lightweight and easy to move so that homeowners can change their spatial layout throughout.

Moreover, the material is the important thing. Most brands are using ABS plastic material for the outer shells. This is a relatively durable material, ensuring good bearing and impact resistance. Or steel alloy material is also a good material for an outdoor light bulb. Each product is suitable based on your needs you’re your budget, however, remember to pick an outdoor light bulb that has a warranty and good customer service from reliable brands.

FAQs about the best outdoor light bulbs

What color light is best for the outdoors?

You can discover the shading temperature for a light recorded on its bundling. Shading temperatures 3500K or more are by and large viewed as cooler temperatures that become bluer in tone (towards a reasonable noontime sun) as the worth goes up. Temperatures 3000K and underneath are viewed as hotter. 

Avoid cooler shading temperatures when lighting open-air scenes. The pale blue tones from cooler temperatures can cause conditions to show up wiped out or unnatural, bestowing a feeling of anxiety, and being anxious. All things considered, choose lighting with a warm shading temperature: 2700K LED is ideal, and 3000K is OK, as well. The 2700K temperature offers a relieving and characteristic tone that copies the warm, consoling sparkle of a pit fire. Accordingly, it is ideal for making unwinding, agreeable open-air conditions

How many watts do I need for outdoor lighting?

What is a watt? Watt means power. It’s the measure of the energy a light employs.

The best wattage for outdoor light bulbs is 80 watts or lower. 40 watts and lower is ideal for lighting pathways and nursery beds. 40-80 watts are incredible for lighting up zones like carports and more modest yards. 80 watts and lower are Dark Sky lighting endorsed, which means you’re helping the climate as well.

What happens if I use indoor bulbs outside?

Outdoor light bulbs are significantly stronger than bulbs utilized inside. Indeed, you ought to be exceptionally cautious about utilizing indoor lights in open-air outlets, as a considerable lot of them are not intended to withstand the components (downpour, day off, cool temperatures) of the outside. For example, if your indoor light uses incandescent flood light bulbs, it will be broken and cause dangerous issues for users when exposing directly to water. 

What are the differences between indoor and outdoor light bulbs?

The differences between indoor and outdoor light bulbs are shown in many factors. The first thing is UL Listed. It is Underwriters Laboratory – a trying and confirmation office that affirms lights and installations among numerous other modern and monetarily accessible items. Most indoor light bulbs have UL Listed for the dry location which means that if there is an exposure to water, the light will cause some trouble, even the fire. Therefore, you need to take a closure look to see whether your indoor and outdoor light bulbs are suitable for which places. 

Other than the UL postings for security around water, another worry is the temperature that the light will be utilized in. Ordinarily, indoor lights will be presented to a restricted temperature range. The light won’t be utilized in freezing or hot temperatures. In any case, an outside light or installation will be presented to a lot more extensive scope of temperatures.

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