A simple guide and recommendation for selecting the best parking lot lights

Good lighting is essential to the parking experience since the car park is usually designed in the basement or in case you drive home at night. With the aim to save maximum area and increase the capacity of transport vehicles, the parking lot lights go to the market. It significantly reduces people’s sense of unsafety in low light.

Currently, there are many different types of lights on the market that are used in parking lots. However, to achieve economic benefits yet ensure safety and protect the environment, choosing a good lamp is very important. Let’s figure it out with the top 6 best parking lot lights suggested today.


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Top 6 best parking lot lights to consider

Top 1: Hyperikon LED Shoebox Parking Lot Lights

Bright light

Hyperikon parking lot lights offer 12000 lumens with an angle of around 150 degrees. You will be amazed by its exhaustive lighting arrangement that improves both effectiveness and execution. With the power, this product can cover your dark places perfectly and be a good guide that leads all your vehicles correctly. Moreover, it is made of patented technology that you can make sure that it works well under many conditions. 

Smart features

This parking lot light is provided with a photocell sensor. It is an outstanding feature of this product since you do not need to worry about saving energy anymore. It can automatically turn on and off to be suitable for the time. For example, it can identify the daylight to turn off the light and on at night. Moreover, it is convenient and easy to assemble because it does not require a bulky heat sink like other ordinary lights.  

5-year full warranty

You will be satisfied with the customer service of the Hyperikon brand. It brings a 5-year warranty when you purchase its parking lot lights. If anything happens to your product while using such as being gone out by hard rain, you will receive a new one if calling the hotline for support. 

Minus point: no remarkable downside was found.

Top 2: Hyperikon LED Parking Lot Lights

Bright light

Another product of the Hyperikon brand is on the top list. This brand has made many good parking lot lights with different powers. With the same angle of 150 degrees, it offers 36000 lumens which are better for some large areas. You can find it suitable for your need if you own a large parking lot or basement because it can cover the darkness efficiently without any worries. 


It is wasteful time and effort if you have to change the light bulbs often due to their height and large amount. However, Hyperikon reduces this problem since it provides high-quality technology that can support your parking lot lights well. It is considered a long-lasting product with 45000 hours of being used. 

5-year full warranty

If anything happens to your parking lot lights, for example, the product does not function as described, the manufacturer will be responsible for the repair and exchange during the purchasing and using period. 

Minus point: no significant disadvantage was found.

Top 3: LEDMO 200W LED Parking Lot Lights

Bright light

LEDMO parking lot lights’ power is up to 200 watts. Therefore, it guarantees to serve the brightest light to your places, from the basement, parking lot, driveway, or backyard. The light is natural as daily light that is comfortable to your eyes. Moreover, this product is outfitted with a dark shorting cap for everyday use.

Safety and convenience

Most users often worry about how complicated and time-consuming of installing the parking lot lights. However, LEDMO product solves all problems since you can finish it within few minutes. Being different from other parking lot lights, this one is easy to assemble by a single person. All you need to do is to follow the steps: fix the slip fitter to the round post, at that point put the light on, and fix the screws.

Added features

The LEDMO brand has made a great choice when using aluminum material for the parking lot lights. This material increases the durability and protection for both the users and the product. You can use it effectively for about 50000 hours because it is hardly cracked or broken under any conditions. Even in the rain, you still see the parking lot lights clearly and brightly as a good guide. 

5-year full warranty

This brand also offers good customer service. You can renew the parking lot lights within 30 days if there are some problems happening to your product and have a 5-year warranty after that. It probably can fulfill your satisfaction. Just call or text the hotline and you will receive support immediately. 

Minus point: no striking drawback was found.

Top 4: LEDMO 300W LED Parking Lot Lights

Bright light

The super-bright parking lot light that you are looking for! You will not regret purchasing this LEDMO 300W product as it offers the best light for your backyard, basement, and parking lot. LEDMO has noticed and improved the quality of parking lot lights. You can see everything more clearly and vividly like in the daylight, in contrast with the dull light that most parking lot lights bring. 

Energy-saving feature

When hearing about the power, many people think maybe this product will cost a lot of money. I must say NO. The LEDMO brand uses LED bulbs to save energy which reduces 60% on electricity bill as usual. Additionally, this parking lot light is easy to assemble that you can do it on your own, avoiding the need for hiring packers. 

Good design 

New extraordinary aluminum compound warmth sink plan and climate-safe lodging guarantees that the light stays cool and broadens drove shaft light life. Finally, this parking lot light is finished in black painted that increases the beauty and stylish design. 

Minus point:  this product requires detailed assembly, so you should read the guideline carefully before installing it. 

Top 5: STASUN Security Lights with 330°Wide Lighting Area

Good design

The design of STASUN parking lot lights is more outstanding than other same products since it can cover the larger areas. There are 3 lights in 1 product and you can adjust them easily for 330 degrees side to side and 180 degrees up and down. It is suitable if you own a large parking lot or backyard that needs more light shining. It gives sans shadow and hostile to glare lighting as well as additional wellbeing to your home.

Cost-saving features

It not only saves energy for the power expense but also helps you pay less for the installation process. The STASUN brand uses LED lights to reduce about 88% cost of electricity bill. You can have the bright light at a cheap price. Moreover, this product is easy to assemble, so you can do it on your own. Its thick material also avoids much-related trouble that is time-consuming to be fixed. 

Customer service

The STASUN brand notices a lot about the experience of their users. It offers a 24-month warranty and is always free to solve your concerns about the product.

Minus point: this parking lot light has a front-heavy design.

Top 6: YICOB Waterproof Parking Lot Lights

Bright light

The power of YICOB parking lot lights is 300W with 130lm/w efficiency. It is a better choice when compared with traditional metal parking lot lights since it is more durable and long-lasting. Moreover, this product has a unique breathing valve design and heat sink which makes the light lighter and better at heat dissipation. 

Easy to assemble

When buying the product, you will receive a guideline to start making your own parking lot lights. It is more convenient and time-saving than waiting for some workers to help you install it. You can still find one more excellent point in YICOB parking lot lights that they can automatically turn on and off based on the time of the day. 

5-year warranty

Caring for users is one of the most important things to do if the brand wants to maintain a good customer relationship. The YICOB brand understands that, so it brings a 5-year warranty with this parking lot light to help you solve your issues fast and more effectively. 

Minus point: no remarkable downside was found

Why do I need to buy the best parking lot lights?

The parking lot lights bring many benefits for both you and your guests. The combination of long-lasting life and low maintenance costs is the first thing I want to mention. The light is capable of saving 75% to 80% in power consumption compared to traditional lamps. 

With the high quality of light, the parking lot lights will help the users see everything more clearly and orient the right parking position without causing any unfortunate problems. The light is emitted from multi-point led chips, so the light diffuses more evenly, wider and does not cause glare. It also reduces the risk of robbery and accident issues. Moreover, the parking lot lights are friendly to the environment since it decreases the amount of CO2 in the environment and reduces the greenhouse effect.

How can I choose the right parking lot light that is suitable for my need?

You need to consider these things carefully before buying any parking lot lights. First, the parameters of the light such as Light intensity, operation time and full charge, lighting area … are important since they can affect the way it works. Understanding different types of parking lot lights are the basic step when choosing the right item.

The next thing you need to do is to determine the lighting needs. For example, some areas like walkways will profit from a more thought light spread while an enormous stopping zone will require various lights with more extensive brightening spreads or core interests. It depends on your place. Remember to check the IP standards if your parking lot is outside but not the basement. It is necessary and the IP must be more than 65 to meet the extreme conditions, so the new light is long-lasting and works well. 

Finally, if you order the parking lot lights online, please notice the guarantee that this brand offers. You need to choose the brand with good warranties and are allowed to renew if there is a risk.

FAQs about best parking lot lights

How many lumens do I need for a parking lot?

There are countless factors in lighting that you need to choose based on your need. Would you be able to change shafts? Would you be able to run diminishing wire? Would you be able to change a little segment from the start to check whether you like it?

However, here is the suggestion about the average light that you need in your parking lot. Two LED Parking Lot Light heads of 20,000 lumens at around 15-20 feet high on each shaft are the ideal space. Go more splendidly and higher in the event that you need your space really welcoming. In the event that you go up to 30 feet and do 2 light heads at 30,000 or 40,000 every, you can space the posts 30-40 feet separated.

What kind of lights are in parking lots?

Shoebox lights are mostly found in parking garages. They have been the standard installations for quite a while. Metal Halides, High-Pressure Sodium bulbs, and now LEDs, all can be fixed into them without any problem. LEDs are becoming more and more widespread due to their energy-saving and bright features.

How Much Do Parking Lot Lights Cost?

The normal expense of parking area lighting can rely upon numerous components. The normal expense for a 150w or comparable LED apparatus is $250 – $400 dollars or more. Additionally, the energy reserve funds will make your speculation pay off in 2-3 years. And the normal installing price is around $100 per apparatus.

Different costs may happen in LED parking area lighting retrofits which are mounting alternatives and equipment to make the installation project go more easily. Also, you have to face the fixing cost when meeting some related issues like broken light bulbs. 

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