The Best Reading Floor Lamps To Start A Good Read

There are a couple of ways better than making friends with high-tech devices like playing games on your smartphone, or scrolling on the tablets for staying on top of things constantly updated day by day. Reading books, among those, is the easiest way to avoid either passive recreation or high exposure to screen time. Due to the rise in lighting demands, there are more good-quality lamps for reading being visible on adverts as such. Here in this review, the top five of the best reading floor lamps for your reading task will be respectively introduced. Hopefully, you have such a useful time discovering your best choice in the end.



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Top 5 Best Reading Floor Lamps Update 2021


Top 1: Brightech Leaf – Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp for Reading, Crafts & Precise Tasks – Standing Bright Light 

Brightech Leaf - Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp for Reading

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Plus points:

  • Bright lighting:

The illumination of books, newspapers, sewing, and loads of other hobbies would probably be a lot easier when it comes to Brightech Leaf. This lamp’s 1150 lumens are combined with the pharmacy shade, which helps you to enjoy focused brightness as per your desire. This is statistically proven to boost your work performance to some extent.

  • Vintage style:

The products that satisfy a wide range of interior decoration styles have been in high demand over the past few years. Understand the tendency and constantly make an effort to keep up with the soul of the age, this brand produces the kind of lamp allowed to easily fit in a corner.

  • No chance for being hurt:

This floor lamp is nothing but an impeccable option for beauticians doing makeup as the lamp remains cool. You even can touch it or put your hands adjacent to the product while lightening without being burned.

  • Long-lasting lifespan:

20,000-hour of working is the ideal lifespan for a product under normal circumstances.

There would be good news for the ones who are trying to save money as no replacement is required during the time of use.


Minus point: After a long time of use, some features may not properly function anymore.


Top 2: Miroco LED Floor Lamp with 4 Brightness Levels & 4 Colors Temperatures, Adjustable LED Floor Light

Adjustable LED Floor Light, Dimmable Adjustable Reading Standing Lamp

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Plus points:

  • Adjustable color and perfect brightness:

With enough range of color-temperatures and four levels of brightness, your needs now have no longer been limited, as personalized demands are put at the first place of priority.

  • Long-lasting:

I got a splitting headache when using an incandescent lamp, as the electricity bills cost an arm and a leg. Nonetheless, since I commenced to believe in the high-quality provision of this brand, low maintenance costs and no replacement have been obviously visible at least in the electricity bills sent monthly.

  • Flexible and adjustable:

From my own experience, traditional lamps used to be sold like hotcakes but since the appearance of modern light technology, which allows users to benefit from flexibility, this brand has been pervading everywhere.

  • Space-saving:

From now on, don’t fall into depression whenever coming to the decision of purchasing something as your space will not be taken up for sure. Even a narrow corner can fit with this kind of lamp.


Minus point: There are perhaps no tactile on-off buttons and you have to physically imagine where to turn it on and off.


Top 3: Brightech Litespan LED Bright Reading and Craft Floor Lamp 

Brightech Litespan LED Bright Reading and Craft Floor Lamp

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Plus points:

  • Perfect light for pursuing your hobbies:

Are you a hobbyist? Probably you are, because no one lives without at least one particular kind of go-to activities or special interest in something around. With 6000K cool white light, you can freely focus on your commitment such as arts, reading, woodworking, and any other types of hobbies requiring accuracy where perfect lighting is basically needed.

  • Natural daylight and long-lasting bulb:

Nothing is more fantastic than immersing in the brightness of nature, where you can benefit hugely from. But, as a matter of fact, we are mostly living and working in confined spaces, like narrow apartments or air-tightened office buildings, which fundamentally deprive white-collars of their wish as such. No worries related to daylight anymore, as this lamp produces a 6,000K natural daylight spectrum, which means it can satisfy your innermost desire at a high level.

  • Multi design for office use:

The availability of 4 colors makes the office perfectly nice in terms of lighting function. The lamp, additionally, can be easily moved around to reposition the focus of light on a specific area.


Minus point: Users can generally turn the LEDs on and off, but not by the way of a mechanical switch as usual.


Top 4: Brightech Wyatt – Industrial Floor Lamp for Living Rooms & Bedrooms – Rustic Farmhouse Reading Lamp

Industrial Floor Lamp for Living Rooms & Bedrooms - Rustic Farmhouse Reading Lamp

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Plus points:

  • Adjustable for reading or crafts:

Simply imagine that you can yourself position the Brightech’s light beside a couch or table for the reading task to be as smooth as per your expectation. Isn’t it good enough to be chosen?

  • Highly adaptable with inside furniture:

Decoration plans are probably the most intrinsic task to some people as they need to meet the requirements of harmonization for inferior furniture to blend in with each other, including floor lamps, of course. With this model, however, your concern will no longer be the first reason stressing you out, but which one you should choose from among a range of options would possibly matter most, I guess so.

  • Smart device:

Normally when it comes to Alexa or Google Home Assistant, we think of criminally expensive smartphones, tablets, … as usual. But I think my intention on this review would be a bit different from what you can be imagining. This lamp, as far as I know, not only gives off a warm beautiful light that produces a space in which humans can chill out but it is also highly compatible with the aforementioned smart outlets to turn on or shut off more easily.


Minus point: technically speaking, screws seem not to align correctly and the base doesn’t support the lamp also.


Top 5: Jenson Modern Pharmacy Floor Lamp Aged Brass Adjustable Swing Arm Reading Bedroom Office

Jenson Modern Pharmacy Floor Lamp Aged Brass Adjustable Swing Arm Metal Shade for Living Room Reading Bedroom

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Plus points:

  • Ideal light:

This pharmacy lamp features a metal tent shade basically creating warm light perfectly suitable for reading tasks as well as any other kinds of home-based missions. The convenience stemming from a swingarm that you may feel great has been aimed at illuminating at various angles.

  • Metal construction:

From time to time, people also show their disinterest in cheap-looking products, even though they are affordable or durable. However, about this model, I can make the speculation that even when you are the most critical customer, you cannot resist the temptation of the feeling of scrolling your fingers on metal material.

  • Good guarantee:

Timely customer service has played a very essential role in the sales of the product mentioned above.


Minus point: fortunately, I felt no remorse purchasing this lamp, so it seems to be a good option for me without any complaint.


How to choose the right lamp for the reading task?


When people consider the right reading lamp, there’s a lot more at stake than the look of a room itself that matters. Eye strain, headaches, and other discomforts can be the consequences of improper lighting produced by the chosen lamp. Fortunately, they can be easily avoided if you follow some instructions below:


  • To pick the right lamp for reading, definitely you have to consider the setting at first. Are you in bed? Do you intend to place it on a desk? Sitting in an armchair in the corner of the room or somewhere else? Each situation causes a need to choose a unique lighting setup. But irrespective of the fixture already mentioned, you’re surely searching for the same feature in every case: bright light stemming from the reading material.


  • If wished, you can add a dimmer to transition easily from reading to resting mode, and bear in mind that unless someone is attempting to sleep adjacent to you, it’s best to have equally distributed light in the room, besides the focused reading light, to avoid eye strain or eye-related problems.




=> Is LED light good for reading?

LEDs are a directional light source as scientifically cited, which literally means those emit light in a pointed direction. Consequently, LEDs make great brightness for you to feel most comfortable when it comes to any tasks related to reading. Nevertheless, it’s significant to care about the color temperature and brightness provided as much, since choosing the wrong lamp for reading can directly make you suffer from eye strain and have a bad impact on your sleep cycle.


=> How to avoid eye strain, partly as a result of lighting from a reading lamp?

Take these tips into consideration to reduce or prevent eye strain and better your experience, especially when you use a reading floor lamp:

  • Adjust the lighting.

When watching TV, it may be better for your eyes if you keep the room softly bright.

Likewise, when reading printed books or doing works that are close to the eyes, if possible, try to reposition the light source behind for a healthier reading mode and direct the light onto your page or task as much.

  • Take breaks.

When doing close work, take several breaks during the task, and even you can rest your eyes by looking away from the digital screen that you have been spending loads of time on.

  • Limit screen time.

This works especially well for children, who may not be aware of and make the link between extended viewing, eyestrain, and the need to have their eyes a period of resting regularly.

  • Use artificial tears.

Artificial tears can actually prevent and relieve dry eyes as much as possible. You can resort to them even when your eyes feel fine to keep span attention and prevent a recurrence of symptoms of eyestrain.

  • Do wonder about the air quality of your space.

Some changes helping prevent eye-related issues can be listed out, such as: setting up a humidifier, adjusting the thermostat in order to reduce blowing air, and avoiding smoke penetrating into the air of your room. If you smoke, quit it right after for the sake of good health, especially to have strong eyes.


=> Why do you need to increase task lighting in your room?

Task lighting can be referred to as artificial light that boosts illuminance for many kinds of activities, like reading for example. Most inside spaces are significantly under-lit, which can make your eyes tire out more and more, for sure. For those tasks such as reading, light has to be positioned to illuminate directly onto the destination aimed, and not over your shoulder to avoid any glare that may cause your eyes to feel drained of energy.


=> Should people read books under artificial light?

Whether you want or not, you sometimes have to read printed materials under non-natural brightness. I will not say that you shouldn’t, as some high-quality floor lamps for reading can relieve our anxiety, but you should spend more time immersed in natural light for sustainable development.

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