Why you should buy the best small table top lamps?

As getting deeper into home decoration, you sooner or later realize that it is the tiny details that actually make the biggest difference probably you cannot see through its potential at first. That also applies to small tabletop lamps. Not as big as other products, just take up for a small area in any room, the lamp is greatly compatible with multiple lighting demands. Look at what I bring here today, the best small table top lamps, with a simple guide to choose out. 


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Top 5 best small table top lamps for your home

Top 1 of the best small table top lamps: Night Light, UNIFUN Touch Lamp

Plus points:

  • Easy touch-control: Striving to activate a light desperately with almost no result? I have been there, and I have done that also, I get it. Workload has been a burden and perhaps no one wants to get it more overloaded by struggling to operate a lamp. Fortunately, this lamp features touch panels offering full control over light modes switching, for your stress to be relieved.
  • Adjustable brightness: Looking back to the days when the lighting was still something out of reach for most people, brightness adjustment seemed to be illusional as hell. However, for now, your demand for an adjustable lamp is actually reasonable and it is a must for all lighting products if they wanna compete for a certain place in the market. This product is also not an exception in the race, and, hence, it is super comfortable and cozy for both relaxation and task performing.
  • Eye-friendly: Are you willing to sacrifice your life for the sake of your beloved people? Actually, the answer is “Yes”. Alright, me too, and I guess most of us are ready for that. However, if sacrificing good sleep for lighting, that is another story with an obvious answer: “Definitely no”. Why do we have to compromise our precious health for another thing, not that worthy when there is already a lamp that can offer delicate light for all aforesaid?

Minus point:

  • It has no timer for presetting time, causing your sleep to be a bit less ideal as expected because the light will stay on all night. 

Top 2: Simple Designs LT2008-BLU Mini Ceramic Globe Table Lamp

Plus points:

  • Good-looking design: My wife once refused to pay for a lamp that she considered useless since she argued there was an unnecessary use of light to have a good night. However, when seeing the gorgeous design of this product, she changed her initial thought as it was fantastic to have one placed on the table for the harmonization of furniture and lighting accessories. We got it simply like that!
  • Multi applicable: Don’t wanna spend too much on home accessories? This product, if so, is a perfect fit. Generally, you don’t have to purchase different devices for far-away-from-each-other spaces in a house owing to the fact that this light can be as much applicable as described by the manufacturer. It works best for the living room, bedroom, kids room, or even a college dorm for students to cram for the upcoming exams.
  • Perfect warranty: 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects is ensured when buying. Personally speaking of guarantee, I think 1 year is enough period for every defect, if any, to be shown.

Minus point:

  • Its bulbs can be classified into a group of very tiny ones and then difficult to find a similar product for replacement. 

Top 3: Steam Punk Piping Table Top Lamp

Plus points:

  • State-of-the-art design: Evolution constantly happens without meaning that human beings choose to eliminate the very precious values of the bygone memories or let these go into oblivion themselves. We are still appreciating every of that, by adopting home lighting accessories looking classic and traditionally beautiful. One of them is this lamp.
  • The choice for safety: Even without kids around the home, adults have to be always mindful of safety problems when using lamps, I get it, and I guess you feel the same way also. This compact and safe product ensures no danger for every family member of yours. It will illuminate the chosen space and proves its best with no hazard.
  • Wide applications: Born to be a small tabletop lamp, but its actual capability is beyond the wildest dreams of mine. It is compatible with every space corner, ranging from the living room, bedrooms, and study rooms as such.

Minus point:

  • If you look carefully at the lamp, you may sense that it is a bit like a homemade product. For customers who prefer something more professional, this might not be a good option. 

Top 4: Simple Designs LT2007-GRY Chrome Mini Basic Table Lamp

Plus points:

  • The right amount of light: Too much or too little lightness is also a problem that may negatively have an impact on your life. Just with the right amount of light, this lamp satisfies your need regarding reading, writing, and so on, without an abundance of brightness, saving your money wasted for energy and optimizing performance as well.
  • Suitable for small spaces: If you’re searching for functionality in place of extravagance, this mini lamp is the right option among all of the possibilities. Specifically designed for small spaces like kids’ rooms or college dorms, as you don’t have much room, but still need light as an indispensable part, this mini lamp comes as a great lighting accessory.
  • Durable: When it comes to durability, generally people hold the assumption that it shouldn’t be too long-lasting so that they can update the latest models as soon as possible. But, I don’t think that it is not a must for a lamp. The more durable, the less money allocated. If you share the same idea, this is probably a good product for consideration.

Minus point:

  • The lamp, in reality, is not in the color as advertised, so be conscious of that before purchasing. 

Top 5: Annie Traditional Rustic Farmhouse Table Lamps

Plus points:

  • Vision-protecting: My little boy is still too small to self-protect from the super brightness of any lamp, if looking directly. For that reason, I chose this lamp with a view to soothe his sleep but still protect him against the high brightness levels that may do harm to little kids in general. He falls asleep easily and is sound asleep all night then.
  • Classic: In the event that you feel nostalgic about the remarkable golden days in the past, now you can live with those unforgettable memories as the lamp itself features a classic look, giving us more emotions nurturing a classical aesthetic from inside.
  • Cost-effective: Working to the death and gaining a lot of money does not mean that you should waste it without much consideration. Saving more by using this product, as it consumes less energy than usual. Do you feel better looking at your children having more essentials every month while the lamp still works efficiently? Absolutely no one refuses to experience that kind of moment.

Minus point:

  • For people who are not really technically knowledgeable, installation is something nearly out of reach. 

How to choose the best small table top lamps?

Firstly, try looking for a dimmable table lamp to adjust the lighting:

Your lighting needs might change constantly, so tabletop lamps with dimmable switches are not-too-bad options. You can easily increase the brightness since it gets darker in your room or effortlessly lower it to a gentle glow if you want to soften the lighting as much. You also can consider small table lamps in the bedroom in the case that you and your partner have different lighting needs at night. You might like to sit up all night reading while your partners want to get some sleep, for example.

You should have a small table lamp with a nightlight feature specialized for overnight accent lighting. 

If you’ve got little children in your house or you need to have a little light for easily getting up at night, look for a small lamp that has a nightlight setting for sure. Don’t worry about that— you can still use the standard lamp lighting during the day for every task needed. Moreover, don’t forget to put your lamp in a convenient place if you intend to use the nightlight feature. For instance, set the lamp on a table in your hallway if you regularly wake up and walk to the bathroom at night. This will be more convenient and a small table lamp works best. 

Last but not least, you should purchase a lamp set to give a room a unified look.

Large rooms usually require a lot of light, but those lamps are quite small, so you’ll probably want more than 1 lamp. Choose matching table lamps and carefully set them at opposite ends of a console desk for a remarkable style. If you don’t own a long table in your entryway or living room, you need to place matching small table lamps throughout the room so as to make it look polished and put together for the best harmonization. Having a small tabletop lamp might be super conveniently portable, but its size is also a downside if you don’t be mindful. 

Best small table top lamps FAQs:

Where should you place a small tabletop lamp?

Finding the right spot for your small table lamp is of great importance. You should first start by determining the spot that is most fantastic for placing your table lamp as well as chalking out the height on where it will be put. Besides, you should also assess the distance from the couch, bed, or chair adjacent to where you will put the lamp as well.

When you start by choosing a table lamp and being in an attempt to fit it in your rooms, it is never a perfect idea. In spite of the fact that it can work, most of the time, the lamp seems to be very tall, short, or bright for the chosen room.

How tall a small tabletop lamp should be?

Choosing the right height lamp for small table light is particularly important if you are a bedtime reader or you don’t really wanna hit the sack right away. Your hands-down neither want the light to shine over your head nor do you let it right in your eyes too. So it would be great if your lamp is around 10-13 inches tall. 

Does not everyone get benefits from a small table lamp?

First of all, I have to confirm that a small table lamp is great for anyone who considers lighting products for their homes; however, it is most recommended for individuals who have eye-related problems. In fact, most small table lamps feature dimmable settings, which have a great impact on regulating the brightness level of the lamp, hence, making it comparatively healthy for the eyes in the long run. Additionally, if you consider yourself to have a visual problem, choosing to have a small table lamp will be best for you as you will be able to set its lightness at the most proper level, thus preventing your striving eyes.

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