Top 6 Best Stand-Up Floor Lamps

Generally, the design of a product can break or make the final decision you choose to own it. Nevertheless, there are still a host of other factors related, which mean you need to be well informed and take every detail provided into account before making any decision on your own. There is probably no exception when it comes to a stand-up floor lamp for decoration and uses also. In this review, I am gonna arm you with the pros and cons of the top six best stand-up floor lamps so that you can purchase with ease right after finishing flicking through the text.



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Top 6 Best Stand-Up Floor Lamps Update 2021


Top 1: Bright LED Floor Lamp for Crafts and Reading – Estheticians’ Light for Lash Extensions

Brightech Litespan - Bright LED Floor Lamp for Crafts and Reading

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Plus points:

  • High brightness:

It is scientifically demonstrated that the higher brightness of the product is, the better your concentration is ensured. This lamp provides high intensity for your task lighting or even if you just wish to let your hair down and chill with your weird hobbies, it serves you best as well.

  • Light focus:

Specializing in office assistance, this model allows you to get your work done easily without expensive overhead-light installation, isn’t it good enough to be highlighted? You can also adjust the gooseneck arm to reposition the light direction towards wherever you need.

  • Safe for use:

If you are a safety-conscious person, you absolutely do care about how much a lamp can be harmless to your kids. Here you are, at the brief description of the safest option for your kids to surround without any adults keeping an eye. That the LEDs remain cool makes sure it will never overheat your focused space or burn your adorable children, obviously enhances the experience of even the most critical customers.


Minus point: If you lean towards a darkened bedroom so that you can be sound asleep, put the Brightech in a different space. It generally puts out a lot of light when it’s off.


Top 2: 30W/2400LM Sky LED Modern Torchiere 3 Color Temperatures Super Bright Floor Lamps-Tall Standing Pole

Floor Lamp,30W/2400LM Sky LED Modern Torchiere

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Plus points:

  • Multiple control ways:

If when you were still at school, having a one-hundred-dollar enabled you to be the captain of any student’s team, now, just with remote control, you can expect to take control over the floor lamp without any move.

  • Long life-span:

Been sick of purchasing plenty of money for many different products? You can count on this one as no worry related to lifespan is found. With a lifetime of up to 100K hours for average use, the costs allocated for maintenance and replacement will no longer be your primary concern.

  • Save space and safe base:

Unlike any low-quality product, the Sky LED is attached with a very sturdy and stable base meaning safety and perfect stability are fully ensured. Furthermore, in the case that you avoid purchases that may take up space, this lamp cannot be ignored at any rate.

  • Directional and glare-free light:

350 degrees, you haven’t misheard, is the maximum degrees that the Sky LED can offer. Super height and tiltable top make it a lot easier to reduce glare from any angle within. Diffuse lighting is also introduced as an extra plus point for the lamp to spark customers’ interest.


Minus point: Probably no significant downside found so far.


Top 3: NXONE Led Floor Lamp, Modern Reading Adjustable Standing Height

NXONE Led Floor Lamp,Modern Reading Adjustable Standing Height

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Plus points: 

  • Height-adjustable:

My youngest kid really likes this product as its height is adjustable and he can normally play with it. For me, its function allows me to work better or at leisure time, I just sit on the sofa and get my scrumptious coffee delivered every morning. It’s very relaxing.

  • Personalized Settings:

Have you ever felt irritated with the brightness of any device? I have. Some of my previous lamps got on my nerves because of their limitation in terms of brightness settings. Nonetheless, when it comes to Nxone, I gotta say that it successfully serves my demands as I can easily choose lightness from 5% to the maximum percent as such.

  • Flexible design:

To some customers, I know, assembling processes is nothing but a nightmare, some even give up on right after commencing. With the adjustable gooseneck and highly-flexible head, users can pivot the lamp head up, down or even side-to-side for a wide range of tasks normally required.

  • Safe structure:

Lots of people say that sometimes they have to sacrifice their go-to products for the sake of their children’s safety. Alright, your concern has no longer been the first consideration when purchasing a floor lamp anymore, as a bigger and weighted base is usually sturdy, this keeps the Nxone from being knocked over and concomitantly saves your kids from being hurt.


Minus point: Occasionally, the remote control doesn’t work properly.


Top 4: Adjustable Black Floor Lamp with Reading Light by Light Accents

Adjustable Black Floor Lamp with Reading Light by Light Accents

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Plus points: 

  • Space-saving:

I used to worry about buying something enormous that takes up lots of space inside as my apartment is sort of small. However, this product satisfied me greatly and washed all troubles away since it is kind of suitable for small and medium-size rooms for sure.

  • Adjustable lighting:

2-1 adaptable function of the product probably gains great attention from customers as it is extremely adjustable. You can either use the lamp for the tasks requiring a good attention span or simply give it to your kids to be used in the bedroom as a small gift for their obedience and great achievements at school as well.

  • Convenient:

A three-way switch is armed for the main lights that you can effortlessly select low, medium, or high as per your desire when using the respective bulb.


Minus point: one of the connecting pieces seems to be a bit loose, making it nearly impossible to assemble even when you have the instruction in hand.


Top 5:  Floor Lamp, TECKIN LED Floor Lamps for Living Room, 5 Color Temperatures & 4 Brightness Levels, 1800 Lumens 12W

Floor Lamp, TECKIN LED Floor Lamps for Living Room

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Plus points: 

  • Optional modes & memory function:

There are about 5 color modes and four brightness levels that are adaptable for multiple environments. What I highly recommend you to give this lamp a try is its special function to recall exactly the latest model used previously.

  • Stability & Safety:

Like some of the modern floor lamps provided by other lighting companies, this Teckin also possesses its great function to avoid being hit by children. I think you may feel it sounds like a cliche but this kind of lamp is made for you specifically if you consider yourself a safety-conscious customer.

  • Long lifespan:

Maintenance or replacement costs will not negatively influence your sweet experience anymore as the lamp is technically demonstrated to work for longer than usual and reduce comparatively periodical check.


Minus point: Some customers claim to haven’t got the instructions as an indispensable part of the delivery.


Top 6: Simple Designs Home LF1014-BLK Etagere Organizer Storage Shelf Linen Shade Floor Lamp, Black

Etagere Organizer Storage Shelf Linen Shade Floor Lamp

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Plus points: 

  • Simple design:

I guess, if you still keep reading, here you are, at your right spot, and chances are you are an advocate for simplicity. This final review goes deeply into the advantage of the simplest product specifically made for you, especially in terms of the design. Believe me, making up your mind to spend money on this lamp will not disappoint you at all.

  • Multipurpose use:

Satisfaction would be optimized with this lamp as it is all compatible for any use, from decoration to storage, it can serve its best function as per your expectation.


Minus point: probably I cannot point out any disadvantage of the lamp as I personally give it the first place in the list of all.


How to choose a stand-up floor lamp for your rooms?

 There are some following tips for you to be a smart purchaser when it comes to stand-up floor lamp choice:

  • Lamps need to fit with your rooms’ styles and existing furniture for the best use. For instance, a Victorian floor lamp will seem to be out of place next to minimalist or a modern decoration. Bear in your mind to choose an oval or rectangular lampshade to fit flush against the wall and simultaneously save space as well.
  • During the selection process, choose a strong, high-quality floor lamp in the sense that you will keep it for Alright, you may change the lampshade from one to another at times, but as far as the base is finished well, and sounds heavy enough to avoid falling over, your piece certainly can be moved back and forth between rooms, painted, stained, and at least probably will never go out of style, I bet.
  • Get the scale right. In the case that your furniture is a bit over-sized, please avoid thin, spindly floor lamps, they’ll be swallowed up.
  • Neutral spaces, in which decoders can either use warm, or wood floor lamps to make them feel cozy, are the next consideration.
  • Staying in a room in your free time, chances are you need to boost your moods with a few mismatched lamps in a range of colors. I mean, color is one of the most important factors when deciding to buy something, including a lamp for the best use.



 => What are the most essential parts of a stand-up floor lamp needed to be taken notice of?

  • Height

A floor lamp shouldn’t exist on its own – it works best if it is positioned next to a chair, sofa, bed, or desk that needs lighting. Be sure you choose the perfect location for the lamp and measure the exact or nearly exact height so that you end up with the right ratios for the room.

  • Base

You need to be aware of the fact that a lamp with a wide base will be less likely to fall over than one with a small base, for sure. The solidity of any product also depends on the material that the base is made of and its weight.

  • Lampshade

Depending on the design of the floor lamp chosen as such, it may or may not feature a lampshade, in other words, it all depends. The merit of having a shade is that it can add color spark interest to the lamp, through fabrics and textures, which you can change and update later on, not necessarily right after. The lampshade is also useful to cut back on the intensity of the lightness; its primary function is to shade your eyes from the light bulb directly.

  • Finish

Standing lamps generally come in all kinds of materials containing metal – antique bronze, brushed nickel, chrome, etc. – but also plastic, glass, wood, or a combination for all of the aforementioned materials. It is up to you who choose a finish that builds your interior scheme.


=> What is the plausible cost for a stand-up floor lamp?

The cost of floor lamps can vary wildly depending on what kinds of lamps you prefer or simply on account of the brand offering and maybe even how intricate the pieces are. Thus, I cannot say for sure what is a reasonable cost for your lamp to be chosen as such.


=> What is the maximum lifespan of a floor lamp?

 Normally, a lamp can be used up to 50.000 hours of lighting, but some can even last for longer, for up to 100.000 hours of use. Generally, it is dependent on how you make use of the product and how seriously you conform to the instructions attached.

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