The best sunlight desk lamps can help you lighten up your winter

Nature is the cradle of life, where human beings are embraced with the transcendent benefits that are nowhere to be found in the universe, including naturally healthy light we absorb day by day. However, for some people, due to work conditions, they are mostly confined in light-tight vertical buildings and this is the primary culprit for not soaking up enough under the sunlight. Fortunately, there are some pieces of electronics that provide you with suitable alternatives. Among those, probably desk lamps are the first option. With the review of the top 5 of the best sunlight desk lamps below, chances are you make the right choice yourself in the end.


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Top 5 best sunlight desk lamp for your home

Top 1: Natural Therapy Sunlight Desk Lamp

Plus points:

  • Natural light: I name this lamp “son of the sun” as it looks like exactly a small version of the sun apart from its brightness. Looking at the big sun directly ruins your eyes but look at this lamp, in contrast, eye stress is significantly reduced and you even feel a bit cheerful as much. This happens thanks to a 150-Watt light bulb giving off the same amount of light that you normally see on a sunny day.
  • Convenient: Look at the revenues of other products, you may take pity on their devices but referring to this brand of the lamp means something that is sold like hotcakes. Why are those different? The key lies in the convenience, a secret weapon that got into most of the customer’s hearts, as there is no challenge in assembly.
  • Multi-directional and compatible: To me, personalization always steals the spotlight before making up my mind to have a product delivered. I am into the adjustable gooseneck that allows users to reposition the lamp ideally. Besides, the fact that this lamp comes in seven finishes makes it extraordinarily compatible with bedrooms and office desks as well.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: You don’t want the replacement to cost an arm and a leg and even blows away the initial budget for living expenses? Lavish Home is committed to high-quality products at the same price tiers compared to any other rivals.

Minus point:

  • I wish the adjustable arm could be able to come farther forward because the base is quite large.

Top 2: Natural Sunlight Desk Lamp

Plus points:

  • Compact and space-saving: You now no longer have to be concerned with your narrow space being taken in anymore, as the compactness of the product will absolutely boost your positive feeling even when it comes to the weakest point of your apartment. There comes a time you eventually realize, it is not that essential to have a large room but how you take advantage of what you have and enjoy it in your own way, that matters.
  • Natural light: Simply with the flip of a switch, you can lighten your rooms effortlessly without any worries related to eye strain in the sense that the 150-Watt bulb effuses a deal of lightness being similar to that of the sun, partly helping to keep your eyes from being at risk of heavy exposure to light.
  • Multipurpose: Have you ever thought about a multipurpose lamp that simultaneously serves you well at work, satisfies you greatly when being at home? This brand is second to none in the lighting market since it is adaptive to fulfill a range of tasks from reading, working to doing any detailed artwork also at a fraction of the price.

Minus point:

  • The light bulb is not that durable as it may stop working after a short period.

Top 3: Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp

Plus points:

  • Stylish and UV-free: Not only me but all my family members are sensitive to the intensity of light. As a result, how to choose a lamp that at least is free of unwanted UV rays is a must anyway. Fortunately, this lamp can be exactly what I have been in search of. Furthermore, if you are not only conscious about health-related problems but also seek stylish design, you probably consider this model to be quite a piece of good news brought to you.
  • Provision of essential light: Most collar-workers these days spend more than 7 hours staying indoors with short breaks. Understand the fact that this can somehow prevent the regulation of the cycles of our bodies and negatively affect our moods as well, this company finally enters the lighting industry with a product that makes sure our bodies get a moderate amount of sunlight for the rest of a day apart from dark time.
  • Effective: This therapy light offers you 10,000 LUX of brightness to relieve sort of winter blues, concomitantly regulate sleep, and do wonder for concentration capability.
  • Long-lasting: The LED light lasts around 50,000 hours, at least far longer than a normal fluorescent bulb, ensures a long time of use.

Minus point:

  • I was originally satisfied with the stable performance of this light, but I noticed in just a few days that the adaptor plug got burning hot.

Top 4: Theralite Aura Bright Light Therapy Lamp

Plus points:

  • Good therapy for blue days: The optimization of bright light therapy can be gained through 10,000 Lux LED light that shines healthily when you are in the mood. Your energy, therefore, would be probably enhanced to some extent.
  • Adjustable: You can expect to easily adjust the height and rotate the light at the same time by simply loosening the knob as the lamp is highly adjustable regarding both height and angle.
  • 4-light settings: In the era of constant advancement in lighting technology, this brand is proud to be the pioneer in the field with up-to-date upgrades, commencing with 4-light settings. The provision of 168 energy-efficient LED lights for the perfect task lighting no matter what you are performing.
  • Safe and effective: It is obvious that the more effectively the product works, the more attention it gets from customers. Being a loyal purchaser, I am completely pleased with a product being free from UV and also providing users with enough light needed for a healthy balance.

Minus point:

  • The controls to turn the lightness up or down or to shut it off seem not to function properly on occasion. 

Top 5: GHodec Grow LED Light

Plus points:

  • Super beneficial: If you are playing the role of a gardener, this product appears to be user-friendly and efficient at best, as it releases red light promoting plant flowering and fruiting and even nourish seeds for perfectly healthy germination.
  • Multi levels of brightness: It seems to be far ridiculous for a product regarded as “sunlight” but just fulfills your expectation at an acceptable level of brightness. That is not what this product is capable of. It could be more than that, with up to a range of 5 options related to lighting intensity. Such a cool feature to be considered as best!
  • Easy to install: No concern associated with the assembling process needed to be relieved anymore. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can have it assembled yourself with ease.

Minus points:

  • No downside comparatively influences your experience, believe me.

How to choose and effectively use sunlight desk lamps?

To ensure you enjoy the best moments from a sunlight desk lamp, the light has to enter your eyes in a way that is far from your vision. This means your eyes should be mostly open, but just as with normal sunlight, you need to avoid looking directly at it. 

According to some studies, the best time to use a sunlight lamp for the best productive light therapy is transparently in the morning.

To get desired therapeutic effect from a sunlight lamp, it must contain an intensity of 10,000 lux. That is 9,900 more lux than the normal household light, to be honest. Sunlight lamps are on offer in different intensities.

It should be put on a table between 16 and 24 inches away from your face to use the lamp most effectively. Be in an attempt to sit in front of the light for 20 to 30 minutes at the same time every day.

It is indispensable to keep in mind that sunlight lamps basically filter out most of the ultraviolet light, enabling them to be safer than other kinds of lamps. Using the wrong type of lamp could ruin your vision and lead to other side effects adversely. 

Best sunlight desk lamps FAQs

Should you use sunlight desk lamps for the office?

Since these lamps are really energy-saving, there is certainly no need to turn on the office lights or the old incandescent lamp for the sake of money-saving as much. These lamps will give off enough light for working on documents and reading office paperwork, meaning your eye problems will not ever appear at all. Those are the reasons why you SHOULD give it a try.

What colors should you pick?

When it comes to mood balance, colors play an essential role there. However, how to choose a compatible color to blend in well with your office furniture is kinda more of a tough question than a pleasure to chill out with. 

If you have a shiny desk of glass then choosing a blue tint color would be probably the best option for all. 

In short, what colors do you need all depend on your personal tastes and preferences as well.

What are the health benefits of natural light?

Boosts vitamin D

When exposed to sunlight, our skin absorbs vitamin D, an essential nutrient that prevents bone loss and reduces the hazard of heart disease, weight gain, and a range of cancers.

The so-called “sunshine vitamin” also doesn’t discriminate based on whether you get your sunlight indoors or outdoors, but anywhere this can benefit you hugely that matters most.

Wards off some kind of seasonal depressions 

For lots of people, autumn is a giddy time of crunchy leaves. Getting as much natural light as possible can help keep these mood changes considerably.

For approximately 6% of the population, fall kicks off a time of severe depression known widely as seasonal affective disorder (aka major depressive disorder with seasonal patterns along).

Another 14% experience the less debilitating (but still comparatively) “winter blues.”

Improves sleep

Since mental well-being and sleep often go hand in hand, it’s not a big surprise that natural light affects both of those.

A small 2014 study of office workers discovered that the more natural light exposure they received, the better sleep they experienced.

Reduces the health-damaging possibility of fluorescent lighting

It is scientifically pointed out that the more time you spend in a source of natural light, the less time you’ll be liable to spend in the unnatural light of fluorescent bulbs, as sure as hell.

Even though compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are recognized as very safe, for some, exposure to fluorescent light seems to elicit an elevated stress response.

With CFLs, as your main light source day in and day out, this could pose a risk of migraines and eye strain.

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