Best table lamp for study can help you boost your study career

Not all kinds of lighting are made equal, like human beings, we are from different regions, with various races and are built to cherish the beauty of life in our own way, and so does the lighting. A fixed scheme of general lighting is nowhere to be found or even if it exists, it is sometimes too good to be true as itself cannot generalize a common way of lighting as imagined. There comes a time you would like to decorate your rooms with different types of lamps but when considering one for your study task, it seems to be the hardest part ever. Let me help you end up finding out “best” among one of the top 5 of the best table lamp for study needs.


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Top 5 best table lamp for study you may need

Top 1: TaoTronics LED Eye-caring Table Lamp

Plus points:

  • A wonderful aid for the eyes: Provided with a flicker-free light capable of brightening your corners without doing any harm to your eyes, if you consider yourself a bookworm, and normally you love reading on your lonesome, regardless of what you are into, this product is perfectly ideal for your demands.
  • Endless lighting possibilities: There is a possibility that you don’t want your space to be lightened with a lamp that offers one color mode only, this is far more of a need than you ever think of. With the provision of uniqueness stemming from the combination of up to 5 color modes and 7 brightness levels, your moods can be alternatively taken care of at best.
  • Functional USB charging port: Some people are willing to sacrifice charging for the sake of lighting but I am not gonna do the same thing as a built-in USB port is designed to boost your charging experience but still allows you to be within reach of your phone all day long.
  • Adjustable design: Probably no one is in favor of an electronic device being useful to some certain circumstances without adjustability. If you are looking for a table lamp that can fulfill your expectation to the best of its function, here you are.

Minus point:

  • Endurability is not guaranteed, you may be a bit disappointed with its lifespan but…anyway, you get what you pay for.

Top 2: AmazLit Eye-Care Swing Arm Desk Lamp

Plus points:

  • Stepless dimming and adjustable color temperature: A wide range of color options for you to choose from is perhaps the most striking feature mentioned by the manufacturer. I personally lean towards the decent brightness shining out from the lamp whenever needing attention span or creativity involved. You, besides, can easily adjust the temperature of any color ranging from 3000K to 5500K.
  • Timing function: Just picture this, you and your kids are enjoying the happiest moments of family gathering around some pages of fairy tales, chances are you don’t want a wake-up to subliminally break your great emotions for the family bond, right? With a unique timing function developed, right after you hit the sack, the lamp will automatically turn off as setup. Alright, you have your hindrance removed easily.
  • Wide metal clamp: It is well-known that plastic products sometimes can also ensure the best endurability but they are still not ranked in the first place in terms of prestige. Having said that a wide metal clamp coming with silicone pads helps to support up to 2.1 inches tabletop and hold the swingarm tightly in any place, which is a must-try feature at all costs.
  • Other special functions: With an enormous investment in the process of customer’s psychology and unceasing effort to offer high-quality products getting our money’s worth, the brand focuses on power-off memorization meaning that the lamp will automatically return your last setting when it is turned on for the next time. Interesting enough to be considered?

Minus point:

  • It may be clamped on the same shelf the entire time, and sometimes won’t be adjustable that much.

Top 3: LEPOWER Metal Eye-caring Desk Lamp

Plus points:

  • Metal material: Integrated with a top-selected metal lampshade and a good-quality base, the table lamp is promised to enhance your specific room’s brightness aesthetically. I have grown fonder of this kind of material since it entered my corner, if truth be told.
  • Adjustable angle: Before making any decision, I earnestly advise you to take adjustability into account, if not, there is a likelihood that you have to discard your item right away after several months of use. Fortunately, no worries needed to be relieved when it comes to this lamp, as the flexible swing arm makes it far easier to reposition to any perfect lighting angle.
  • Stylish design: We may not share the same thinking about stylishness, as sure as hell, as we are born differently. However, I am somehow certain that if you have affection towards nice things, you are liable to be infatuated with this desk lamp, which is able to meet your basic lighting needs in a way you catch pleasure through beauty.

Minus point:

  • Bulb is not ever included in the delivery then you need to afford it on your own in addition to the package.

Top 4: TaoTronics Aluminum Alloy Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Plus point:

  • Transcendent aluminum alloy: Customers tend to fancy super-premium aluminum alloy construction for its protections against the annihilation of time, to have the best lifespan possible.
  • Adjustable light choices: You may have drowned in your own river of despair for not having a product that can be capable of serving your “blowing hot and cold” mood, if so, here you are welcomed because this model of lamp offers up to 6 brightness levels and ensure non-ghosting and non-flickering lighting source for the most effective working time or even leisure time.
  • Constant charging: As ideal as your battery is, you probably still need convenience as much. The production of this device is initially rumored to lead the lighting industry for its creative functions featuring. However, “been there-done that”, I kindly confirm that you can expect something even more than just a convenience with a USB charging.
  • Contemporary look: The world is constantly changing and if you are a bit into the allure of the up-to-date models of lamps, I bet you love it, in the sense that the device holds a modern look meaning that at any kind of space can it be placed and itself blend in with furniture also.

Minus point:

  • The USB port works efficiently intermittently is the only downside causing its grade overall to be lowered to some degree. 

Top 5: LEPOWER Metal Eye-caring Desk Lamp

Plus points:

  • Multipurpose: The reading lamp is introduced with a wide range of striking functions ranging from the capability to stand on the desk or you can simply clip it on with the clamp for sure.
  • Adjustable: It is a piece of good news brought to you today, that the lamp is highly flexible to its best as wished for personalization. It can be effortlessly repositioned to concentrate its lightness on any corner you want it to reach.
  • Good guarantee: I was at a loss for words when receiving the new product as a replacement for the flawed old one after it was claimed. This basically strengthens the testimony to customer service as declared. If you are still being drowned in the dilemma of so many options to choose from, this kind of lamp may spark your interest in considering it too.

Minus point:

  • No defect was founded, frankly.

Some tips on choosing the best table lamp for study time

Find the right spot to set it

Get started by determining where you want to place the table lamp, and chalk out the exact height, as well as its distance from the bed, couch, or any chair adjacent to it. Starting by first purchasing the table lamp and then managing to fit it into the bedroom or living room is not really a groundbreaking idea for sure. While it can work if you are a little bit lucky, normally the lamp would end up having been too short, tall, or too bright for the room as well. Additionally, you may not finally resort to a bedside table lamp to be as bright as one that sits on the side table in your living room! So, clearly define the purpose of the lamp first.

Sizing things up

This is certainly the tricky part when you are considering a new table lamp for your rooms. The height of the table lamp that you eventually pick is determined more by the room it sits in and the décor around the lamp than any other factors. If you have a tall bedside table, then it goes without having said that a shorter lamp will do and the other way around does also. The general norm here is to choose a lamp where the bottom of the shade is exactly at your eye level when seated or resting. This rule works whether you are looking for a table lamp that fits your reading nook, a bedside lamp, or even someone that goes next to the couch in your living room as such.

Best table lamp for study FAQs

What size of lampshade do I need for a desk lamp?

For this kind of lamp, the height should be approximately 60% and 80% of the lamp base’s height. For instance, a table lamp base that is 20 inches high should obviously match with a lampshade between 12 and 16 inches for sure. In the event that you need to consider floor lamps, the height of the shade should be between 30% and 50% of the height of the lamp base for the best lighting provided. 

What can people see from you through a table lamp?

Art deco or industrial? Classic or modern? Is your table lamp making a bold statement or subliminally blending in with things around?

The sheer variety of beautiful designer options on offer now means that you can pick a designer table lamp that matches your personality as much as possible, and the personality of your room as well.

You probably can choose a table lamp complementing the style and period of the rest of your decoration, or go for something really noticeable and bold for the best personalization.

Can you put a table lamp in the living room?

Normally, a table lamp should be placed adjacent to one’s bed and its primary function is to illuminate a narrow space chosen within the context of your bedroom. 

Table lamps are important for providing task lighting, of course, but in the case that you don’t like things to be a bit symmetrical, it’s obviously okay to move it to your living room as per your use. Please don’t mind others’ opinion, the space inside your house inherently belongs to your soul and how things are arranged should be based on your priority first before regarding external factors, like those different perspectives, for example.

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