Productivity-enhancing supplements: The best task lighting lamps!

Research shows that providing humans with access to proper task lighting lamps has a phenomenal impact on our productivity. In this article, we look at the various ways that this type of lighting actually contributes to physical and mental health, efficiency, and overall well-being regarding work by going deeply into the top 5 of the best task lighting lamps nominated for review below. Hopefully, the forthcoming interesting information provided will be somewhat beneficial to your consideration. 


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Top 5 best task lighting lamps you should buy

Top 1 of the best task lighting lamps: Neatfi XL 2,200 Lumens LED Task Lamp

Plus points:

  • Bright: With a color temperature of 5600-6000K, it obviously illuminates a bright beam of vivid light without glare. Many customers are looking for very luminous products that leave the darkness behind, I believe that you will never have to be afraid of the dark anymore, once using this lamp.
  • Dimmable: There are interestingly 4 different levels of brightness from 25% to 100% with easy control for more customization. Just imagine this, you need lighting with a brightness of around 50% but there is no way around it and the maximum will be always a little too-unnecessary for your task, leading to counter-productive performance later on. That’s the worst-case scenario, but you can actually avoid it by taking advantage of this light.
  • Stylish and high-quality: I considered the pros and cons of many task lighting lamps and then came to the decision of giving more precedence to quality as a lamp itself has to satisfy lighting needs at first before any minor functions. However, there is a product that has so far changed my whole perspective towards a “good product”, meaning it serves users well regarding both appearance and quality, and happily sharing, this lamp can be an example of stylish design and prominent quality as such.
  • Easy to operate: You probably don’t need assistance from any additional tools, just simply follow the instructions carefully and securely attach the clamp to your table without much effort. That’s almost all!

Minus points:

  • The lamp itself is far brighter than needed sometimes, even if you have lowered the brightness levels substantially. 

Top 2: Verilux SmartLight Full Spectrum LED Modern Floor Lamp

Minus points:

  • Healthy for the eyes: The worst that light can cause is inevitably nothing but fatigued eyes after long hours of enthusiastically engaging in the task. Work is not ever worth exchanging health, and should not be ignored at any time, as lighting, ultimately, is just an accessory tool assisting your work. However, the worst above has been removed as the light is flicker-free and equipped with a glare control lens, enabling you to work more efficiently. With a cup of coffee and a mind full of creative ideas, you can obviously burn the midnight oil for any type of deadline without almost any subsequent health problems, mark my words.
  • Versatile: This lamp is aimed to use anywhere you feel it is meant to belong. Actually, the customizable features and a flexible gooseneck make it indispensable for the office, dorm room, home, especially ideal for artwork, studying, with the highest performance as desired. Running for a deadline is not that comfortable, but with an aid of this, I bet you will feel it a lot more relaxing.
  • Perfect customer care: I normally don’t place much trust in the customer service promises of any company, aside from this brand. They work professionally with timely help and quick response, so you basically can have your issues tackled in a flash.

Minus point:

  • Personally speaking, the price is higher than most of the same quality products in the market, making it less competitive than others. 

Top 3: Phive LED Architect Task Lamp

Plus points:

  • Eye-protecting: Have you ever wondered why Nobita had to suffer from myopia all his life? Is his room too small for natural lighting to penetrate in enough? Is he so hard-working that he works all night every day? Or because Shizuka loves a boy wearing glasses? No. None of the above is right. The point here is that he used an improper lighting product, probably I guess so. Because generally, an eye-protecting lamp has to be close to daylight illumination, emit soft light without ghost, flicker, or glare and eventually protect the eyes from every danger caused by light-insufficient spaces as much. Wanna be a more healthy Nobita? This product is a good choice for you!
  • Dimming and memory function: The lamp features a memory function for easier and more convenient use. It is obvious that humans are not all the time free to just care about the latest mode of lighting used. If so, you just have to turn the light on only, and let a lamp help the rest! The dimming function also changes the inherent perception towards lighting, it makes the light more controllable.

Minus point:

  • You cannot change from soft to a white light like many other lamps currently offer. 

Top 4: Brightech Leaf – Adjustable Pharmacy LED Floor Lamp

Plus points:

  • Open the door to a brighter world: This product is able to illuminate your book, newspaper, sewing, and many other interesting hobbies brightly and efficiently. Reading the newspaper every early morning before getting to work has been old-fashioned. Reading books in daylight means you generally cannot totally focus on every paper of content too. Why don’t you seek another feeling of reading at night, with a brighter space offered by this lamp? Reading culture needs creativity and adaptivity as well.
  • Highly applicable: I once thought that a lamp was just specifically suitable for a chosen corner in the home, but my thought eventually turned out to be mistaken, at least for this product. The light itself can be applicable for a range of decoration and interior spaces including contemporary, industrial, traditional and etc… With a fraction of the price, you get more than what a lamp generally shows.
  • Durable: Demonstrated to last up to 20,000 hours under proper usage, you perhaps never need to think about any bulb replacement for sure. For some of you, I guess the light even lasts longer than a love-at-first-sight relationship of the carefreely youthful days.

Minus point:

  • In view of the height of the lamp and the weight of the base, the lamp is not stable enough, especially on a rug.

Top 5: Newhouse Lighting NHDK-WR-BK Wright Architect Desk

Plus points:

  • Two-in-one: If versatility is something you have been oblivious of for such a long time, now it is time you let it get back to choose a lamp much more properly. Both a weighted base and rugged clamp mount are carefully included for such a function.
  • Energy-efficient: For many customers, they can comfortably spend big bucks on monthly maintenance or even a new replacement of loads of household appliances or lighting products, but I guess, there are still many who are not willing to do so. If you need a little more money to get your children going to school, if you need a little more money to prepare well for an uncertain future with scores of unexpected twists and turns, you should probably purchase this product, as it reduces energy consumption to a substantial extent. Obviously, a penny saved is a penny earned.

Minus point:

  • Once installed, you cannot change the bulb even if you wanna use it bedside and it is a cooler bright light. 

Why do you need assistance from a task lighting lamp?

Health matters:

Lighting needs during the workday can be various by task. Many people feel that backlit screens, such as cell phones, computer monitors, or even laptops and tablets, have been in more demand of their visual attention so far. Yet, there is still the basic requirement for reading documents as well as printed materials. These two tasks require greatly different levels of light for better performance of tasks. 

Task lights, when applied as a supplement to natural or even overhead lighting, allow people to customize light at their workstations so as to meet their personal needs best. It enables them to add quality light into the pace of daily life, which, alternatively, helps to make improvements for vision and comfort at work. Task lighting is also proven to reduce workplace fatigue.

With personal lighting needs also being various based on age – most people in their 60s need 250-percent more contrast to see clearly the same documents than those people in their twenties– task lighting enables for the adjustment of light in order to meet maturity levels, too.

Enhance more performance: 

With improved health and comfort comes meaning that productivity increases also. Two of the most regular complaints from desk-based workers are obviously eye strain as well as poor lighting. With task lighting, these can be reduced and from time to time even nullified. Task lights enable employees to personalize their individual workstations with the right quality light for each task that they basically need to perform.

Task lighting lamp FAQs

What is the difference between task lighting and ambient lighting that many people still get confused about?

Ambient lighting is also widely known as another name: general lighting, and it is applied to provide light to an overall area like a room. To be most efficient, it is evenly distributed and bright without glare around. The purpose of this is to offer overall light to a room, enabling people to get around safely without any hazard. 

In contrast, task lighting is another type that is specifically designed to help you finish a specific task. For instance, in the kitchen, you may wish to illuminate the worktops so as to make cooking a lot easier. 

How has appropriate lighting affected work productivity?

A wide range of companies across the globe has indicated their level of productivity to increase as a positive consequence of business lighting renovations.

A late example of an enterprise that found lighting renovations to be more officer-friendly was the US post office in Nevada, in the late 1980s for sure. Not only did the renovation lead to an energy-saving of $50,000 every year, but also caused the employees’ productivity levels to increase substantially, which led to a better outcome than the actual energy saving bills. Do you see how important task lighting seems to be?

How daylight makes workers more energizing?

It is inarguably more effortless for employees to learn, think differently and be productive when they are working somewhere with a great deal of daylight. Research done by Eco-Business indicated that workplaces with enough daylight offered an uplift of around 5 and 40% in productivity as well as sales. Studies in schools have likewise demonstrated that students retain information far better if frequently taught in classrooms with plenty of windows.

However, not all the time is natural lighting available, so an artificial lighting-similar product can be beneficial when the dark comes. 

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