Let’s finding out the best task lights for sewing

Having for yourself a spacious, well-organized room for your sewing hobbies or simply for your work commitment is always the unceasing dream of all sewers. Your creativity is not the first priority when it comes to sewing but accuracy to the smallest details matters most. However, under the normal conditions of your house, an aforesaid ideal place seems nowhere to be found. If so, you still can create one on your own by adding a task light properly. Here are the top 5 of the best task lights for sewing so that you can choose at least one from the list for your preference and lighting needs. 


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Top 1: Madam Sew Sew Bright Sewing Machine Light

Plus points:

  • Useful: Equipped with 24 powerful LED lights, you now can see every detail in the dark, even the smallest part of your sewing. Accuracy and impressiveness are two specialties that this brand is offering for the time being.
  • Clean white light: Lightness with a subtle hint of blue/purple does wonders for your attention span and assists your eyes to see what you are concentrating on. I guess you would love the improvements on the quality of seams, hems, topstitching, and applique work with appropriate lighting every touch.
  • Special switch: What I am into when it comes to this kind of lighting assistant is that it provides separate dimmer buttons to adjust brightness with ease. The prominent quality strip lighting kit significantly enhances the sewing machine operation overall.
  • Convenient: Adhesive cord clips that are technically affixed to the backside of your sewing machine avoid interference influenced. Besides, with 5 adhesive-backed clips, you can effortlessly run the device and enjoy the accuracy ensured.

Minus point:

  • For some people who are not mechanically familiar with those products, you may feel a bit off-putting when installing it after it is delivered with a set of separate packages. If it is out of work during any time of use, it is not that easy to have it fixed on your own even with the smallest errors. 

Top 2: EVISWIY Sewing Machine Light LED Lighting

Plus points:

  • Bright light and vision protection: “Wow, super bright, daddy”… That was my little boy’s exclamation of joy when I brought this model home. This sewing machine LED light is also natural to sunlight with no radiation detected, even not dazzling when you expose it. Those are the compelling reasons why I gotta say: your eye protection is healthily ensured to the best during the accomplishment of your projects.
  • Strong magnetic base: Armed with a strong magnetic base, this product can be placed and attached itself to any metal surface, ranging from workbench, lathe, to milling or sewing machine. The strong magnet makes it stable and completely secure in spite of the vibration and shock, meaning you can perform your task with peace of mind.
  • Widely applicable: If you have an unceasing ambition for owning two-in-one products which can both be used for a workbench, drill press, and used as a desk lamp at home for learning purposes simultaneously, here you are. Your appliance bills are liable to be reduced strikingly.
  • Energy-saving for long life expectancy: 90% energy could be saved, yes, you didn’t mishear any word, it extraordinarily outweighs the functions of conventional lights. 50,000 hours is another number that I guess you are still surprised a bit, but they are all included in your one-sale package.

Minus point:

  • The sticky pad attaching the metal circle to a surface is basically not sticky enough to do the job assigned. The light will eventually pull on the metal and then separate it from the sticky surface right away, what I suppose to be a big downside. 

Top 3: Gold Star Hi-Performance Sewing Lamp

Plus points:

  • High performance: With the provision of up to 50 LED lights per product, this industry-leading brand promises to enhance customer’s experience to the highest level. You cannot imagine how great it is until you verify it yourself.
  • Special lighting: Not many people place trust in the fact that natural bright light can fundamentally be fabricated but I am certain that this lighting company can do. Though it is obviously artificial lighting, it is scientifically healthy for your eyes.
  • High energy-efficient: At least 60,000 hours of use for the lifespan of the lamp is possible if you carry out proper maintenance throughout.

Minus point:

  • As ideal as the lighting is, the lamp should be a bit brighter to deserve the price offered. 

Top 4: Brightech LightView PRO LED Desk Lamp for Close Work 

Plus points:

  • Healthy: I regret not having found this product earlier for the better vision of my eyes. I got some problems with my eyes and was afraid of being exposed to artificial brightness. However, now I can enjoy my news habit with complete comfort.
  • Avoid replacement hassles: The genuine diopter glass means the lens is not easily affected by time or heat, and it is also scratch-resistant. This means it lasts longer than traditional materials causing replacement hassles after a couple of days.
  • 3 years warranty: If your lights have any manufacturing defect or just stop working within the period of 3 years, you can keep in touch with the company and get your problems addressed, but I guess you don’t have to.

Minus point:

  • After using it for several months, the bulb may start flickering and this instability sometimes gets on your nerves. 

Top 5: LED Lamp Magnetic Base – Mounting Disc Included

Plus points:

  • Flexible: You can use the flexible-arm light as your sewing machine light that is designed with a magnetic base being great for metal lathe, mill, drill press work. Isn’t that good for consideration?
  • Heavy-duty magnet: The magnetic base is effortlessly attached and disintegrated by its ultra-strong magnetic base for sure. Whether being used on your sewing machine or your workshop or even anywhere else needed, the product is secure.
  • Long-lasting: The long life of their bulbs lasts for up to 50,000 hours and LED magnetic work light generally cuts back on 90% energy costs over non-LED lamps, meaning that money and time have no longer been your concern anymore.
  • Confirmed guarantee: As they stated, this brand takes responsibility for every light that is sold and customers who have arising issues can easily contact within 24 hours. Believe me, this company is second-to-none in customer service.

Minus point:

  • The magnetic piece has a fingerprint on it easily, so if you don’t clean it regularly, it looks a lot dirty.  

How to choose a task lighting lamp for your sewing?

Use ambient and natural lighting.

Ambient, and preferably natural, the light should be the main source of lighting in your sewing room for the best productivity. Ambient lighting typically serves as the main source of light in your house. It is advised that you use white light for the overall brightness of the room to make things more visible and you will find it a lot easier to move around and work on your projects. You should use bulbs that let out a bright white light and avoid having yellowish or orange light bulbs in the sense that they can add strain and fatigue to your eyes since you work on your projects.

Have task lights on your hands.

There are multiple choices when referring to task lighting. You will need to have this when sewing and especially if you fancy quilting. Because quilting has more detailed patterns, it is vital to up your task lights. It will reduce lots of eye fatigue and expose the real hues of your materials, especially the fabric being in use. Look for companies offering task lights with high-quality bulbs.  Never compromise your vision health for the sake of lightness, keep this in your mind.

Why do you need a task light for sewing?

Protects yourself against eye strain.

Scientifically speaking, by age 50, our eyes need 10x as much light compared to a child who performs the same tasks, but we can protect our eyes, deter headaches, and cut back on frustration by using high-quality lights.

Improves posture.

Hunching and hyperextending the neck may cause pain, tension, and fatigue any more serious health problems in the long run. A primary culprit behind poor posture is straining to see your work clearer. Therefore, using a task light can really help you out.

Best task lights for sewing FAQs:

How to avoid injuries while sewing even if you have already had a good task light?

Pins basically pose many problems, and many people aren’t lucky to remove them as they sew. Above all, the best solution is to use sewing clips and get rid of your pins concomitantly. However, if you’re still stuck on pins, you can consider taking a break, addressing your pins, and then working in cycles of pin removal and sewing as the last steps to keep safe.

Another good solution for the best pin handling is to pin the conventional way. Lazy sewers pin vertically, so they encounter the chance of going straight into the machine sometimes. Traditionally, you should pin perpendicular to the seam you’re working on, so the pins are easy to remove, and if they go through the machine smoothly, it’s for one stitch, not the length of the pin that matters.

Do you really need a magnifier to augment your task lights?

Magnifiers are extremely useful for tiny details in your sewing or quilting projects as proven. Apart from your task light, you can use a magnifier with it to aid you in hand-sewn tiny details and appliques while doing your work. Some floor lamps are inclusive of a magnifier so worth keeping an eye out for these, too. With a magnifier, I can make sure that you will enjoy working on those complicated details much more often than you did. If you decide to invest in a magnifier, do your further research and buy a good-quality lamp for improvements in your sewing proficiency.

Does a task lighting product totally replace natural light?

Nothing artificial can be compared to its genius version in the natural world and lighting products are not an exception also. Big windows, south windows are real benefits related to sewing in rooms that offer abundant natural light you can take advantage of. Research has repeatedly proven that natural lighting helps people be more productive in some types of work. Lighting psychology also notes that bright light creates a more positive and energizing environment for creativity to work to the best of it. Furthermore, It’s proven that natural lighting reduces eye strain and makes it easier for people to see. Natural light is absolutely free, and the more you have, the better you see, certainly. So, you shouldn’t regard lighting products as a whole replacement for your natural lighting source. 

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