Top Trendy Best Torchiere Floor Lamps That Will Delight You Away

As various as types of the floor lamp are, a torchiere still draws big attention from customers as it offers the most convenient way to cherish your rooms by the provision of general illumination to one focused area. You have intended to purchase one but still need more practical reviews into the best torchiere floor lamps before making up your mind? Today, have a brief look at the top 5 with the striking features worth being considered most and you may have second thoughts after all, who knows?



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Top 5 Best Torchiere Floor Lamps Update 2021

Top 1: Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

Brightech Sky LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp

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Plus points:

  • Super bright lighting:

Living and working in the space of bright lighting without criminally expensive fixtures seem to be perfect, isn’t it? Even in a very large room, you can use this product as it has a high 2190 lumens and nothing is easier than repositioning the direction of what you prefer.

  • Remember brightness for the next use:

No matter where you are living, a palace, an exorbitant apartment designed based on modern architecture, or just a minimalist-style house… I bet you love the function of multiple matching brought to you. When it comes to brightness-saving, the pole lamp’s 3-way-built dimmer can recall the latest setup and automatically turns it on when needed.

  • Energy-saving:

Just imagine like this, your frequent usage is to turn the lamp on approximately 3 hours per day, if so, never have to worry about your device being out of energy as this product can last for up to 20 years during the aforementioned condition.

  • Safe design:

Maybe profit is the top priority that most brands pursue, however, I gotta say that the lamp being reviewed aims at kids safety as the most essential before the consideration of any other factors. Hence, just chill out and never mind being burned when accidentally you touch it. It is built to serve you best, not to hurt your innermost feelings as your soulmate does.


Minus point: the lamp works well for a couple of weeks initially but the on and off switch may stop working sometimes.


Top 2: Floor Lamp, 30W/2400LM Sky LED Modern Torchiere 3 Color Temperatures Super Bright Floor Lamps

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 Plus points: 

  • Multiple-control ways:

Your mom criticized you for being lazy when you are a kid? I’m sorry to say that even when we are already adults, we are still indolent, even far more. This product is made to perfectly assist your simple tasks as you don’t have to move, just keep being on the sofa or your warm bed and still easily take control over the floor lamp.

  • Longer lifespan for better use:

While the brightness of a 200W is available, the light is aimed at long-term use for up to 100,000 hours at a proper frequency. This makes the lamp a perfect choice for low maintenance and replacement costs as usual. Obviously, it’s worth being purchased more.

  • 3 Color Temperatures for the most comfort:

Getting home from work after being drained of energy, your wish is just to lay on the bed chilling out with multi-color temperatures. Here you are, the most adjustable from 3000K to 5000K, for the warm white, natural, and cool light respectively.

  • Minus point: If you don’t have an aptitude for assembling, perhaps you will soon get irritable and give up on the whole process, as I used to. Due to the wire running through the lamp, it is super tough to flip pieces on your own.


Top 3: Brightech Halo Split – Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp, for Offices  – let’s take a look.

Brightech Halo Split - Modern LED Torchiere Floor Lamp

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Plus points:

  • High intensive light for offices:

You are running your own business or just simply be in charge of office decoration? No matter what the role you are playing, I guess the Brightech Halo cannot negatively affect your emotions as the super bright light will perfect any corner needed.

  • Dimmable, halogen alternative pole light:

Consider yourself to be the only one blowing hot and cold easily? No, absolutely you are wrong, as Halo’s moods change even more often than yours do. Its moods are really adjustable modes of lighting, for whatever you lean towards, it can be thoroughly adaptable.

  • Easy to put everywhere:

Don’t wanna blow your initial budget away? Yes, certainly you can. With the presence of this product, I guess you don’t have to resort to any other ones concomitantly as its base fits under most couches and chairs. It even fits into very narrow spaces, which means no enlargement is needed for the room to hold the very convenient torchiere floor lamp.


Minus point:

in terms of customer services, the brand cannot meet the requirements of a top-ranked company. Instead of replacing the product as claimed right after, they may send a bunch of emails for problem verification first. It turns into such a hassle that you may give up in the end.


Top 4: Brightech SkyLite LED Torchiere Floor Lamp – Bright, High Lumen Uplight 

Brightech SkyLite LED Torchiere Floor Lamp – Bright

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Plus points: 

  • The mixture of the past and present hidden in the design:

The proliferation of modernized designs as an inevitable breakthrough of humans’ preference sometimes cannot meet specific demands of the mix between classic and contemporary. Fortunately, this device can, with the black cover, give you a sense of nostalgia and optimize your experience alternatively towards some certain kinds of styles.

  • Light satisfaction:

Need a product that allows you to set the light based on your task priorities or mood expressions? Here you are, at the right website for perfect direction. I gotta say, personally, this lamp is capable of making any satisfaction related to lighting, so don’t waste your time anymore if there has been exactly the function you have great affection for.

  • Endurable and energy-saving:

Within the price tiers, I am certain no product is as long-lasting as the Brightech Skylite. With 20,000-hour use and a built-in 24 watts, this lamp would be the best option when it comes to energy-saving needs. Normally, you don’t have to think of a replacement during the time of use.


Minus point: you cannot replace the bulbs as usual.


Top 5: Brightech Jacob – LED Reading and Floor Lamp for Living Rooms & Bedrooms – Classy

Brightech Jacob - LED Reading and Floor Lamp for Living Rooms

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Plus points: 

  • Omnidirectional light fixtures:

The Jacob brand is well-known for having 3 omnidirectional light fixtures that can be effortlessly adjusted to spread light all over every corner of your rooms, ensuring the best light quality ever.

  • Versatile design:

Whatever you prefer, this model can provide you with satisfactory functional features, including the versatility of loads of decoration styles that you can basically use in all kinds of rooms being in need.

  • Good guarantee:

Customers’ experience is always in the first place regarding their comfort and convenience. This brand claims to offer a full-3-year warranty conditionally. If there is any defect or problems related, The Jacob promise to stand by you till yours is completely troubleshot, regardless of a replacement part or a whole new lamp.


Minus points: It sounds like a cliche but I have to repeatedly remind you of problems belonging to the assembling process.


How to choose a torchiere floor lamp for your rooms to lighten?

First and foremost, know the height of the lamp you wish to have:

– An average torchiere floor lamp normally ranges from 5 to 6 feet tall. There are of course some lamps 7 to 8 feet high, but they are almost impossible to find and afford and are highly recommended to be used with big-sized rooms and high ceilings as well. Take the following into consideration:

– Apply the eye-level rule when choosing. The bottom of the floor lamp shade must be roughly at or slightly under the eye level of a sitting person for the sake of glare avoidance.

If you have the intention of placing the lamp further away from the seating area, chances are you are more suitable for a taller lamp. The taller the floor lamp is, the larger the area lit is.

– In the case that you only have a low ceiling, a very tall lamp would play the key role of a misfit that hides limitations to some degree. However, if you have a high ceiling, a short lamp will definitely look lost for the harmonization of the room intended to place the lamp.

– If your house is armed with low furniture, a tall lamp may look awfully out of place. Likewise, oversized furniture is aesthetically proven to somehow overpower a small or spindly floor lamp, especially a torchiere.

– There is a range of lamps with adjustable heights to solve the height-related issues and make sure that you can use the lamp in various locations as such.


Secondly, you need to know how much space you can take up for the lamp.

As far as I can see, torchiere lamps easily fit into a small amount of space. Consequently, a good estimation can help you purchase the best torchiere floor lamp that suits you perfectly.



=> What exactly is a torchiere lamp?

– As usual, a torchiere lamp is a tall, thin floor lamp equipped with an inverted shade directing light toward the ceiling. There are a couple of types of torchiere lamps, from traditional models to modern designs.


=> What are the advantages of a torchiere lamp?

– Torchiere normally never requires a great deal of floor space, and with the unobtrusive shape, this kind of lamp certainly has much to do with their popularity.

– The other plus point that a torchiere can offer is its capability to provide users with the general light. The shape properly directs light up at the ceiling, where it automatically diffuses into the light that covers the room chosen.


=> How to assemble the lamp?

  • Step 1

Before you commence to assemble the separate parts, you read the assembly instructions carefully and well prepare for the tools you may need

  • Step 2:

Spread all the parts of the lamp on a clean surface to check whether any parts provided are missing. Afterward, inspect the wiring for cuts or exposed copper necessary. If there are no defects detected, here you are heading toward the most important step.

  • Step 3:

Charily thread the cord into the bottom of the tube and out through the top as stated in the specific introductions. Merge the rest of the three tubes in the same way. Finally, place the base onto a flat surface then you come to screw the tubes into the hole in the center of the base as carefully as possible.

  • Step 4:

Here you are required to place the shade in position into the top of the socket assembly then you have to slide the ring, begin to turn the ring clockwise until tight.

Finally, let’s screw the bulb into the socket assembly and now you can comfortably make a test to see whether your lighting is okay or needed to be reconsidered.

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