Best touch lamps for bedside tables – Detailed reviews

A bedside lamp will never just be a source of light only, it’s a gateway to relaxation and positively emotional formation. There are a couple of factors to take into account while shopping, including whether they provide storage compartments or charging ports, what type of material they’re generally constructed with, and the bulb types available. All of the aforementioned features are worth to be reviewed carefully before all. In order to help you with such, I have just listed out the top 5 of the best touch lamps for bedside tables that you can take a quick glance at.


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Top 5 Best Touch Lamps for Bedside Tables

Top 1: Touch Control Table Lamp with 2 USB Ports

Plus points:

  • Charming and attractive: In the case that you intend to purchase a touch lamp that will attract your visitors whenever they see it, this cute and elegant-looking product is the one for you. It will not just give warmth to your small corner but also make it more stylish to a substantial degree. Life is hard on us, why not make everything easier on the eyes?
  • Multipurpose: A penny saved is a penny earned. Hence, saving money by not compulsively buying items also means that you are being in an attempt to build up better strategies for your life in years to come. This lamp is ideal for multifunctionality, you can do whatever you yearn for, from reading a book, performing tasks, or even to doing nothing and just contemplate about the day that has gone so far.
  • Easy for your eyes: Reading has become an indispensable part of a day for a bookworm like me, and I guess, for some of you too, but fatigued by the workload in daylight makes me drained of energy at night for reading any genre of book. Thanks to this lamp, fortunately, I now can focus on every page without eye strain.

Minus point:

  • It has to unpack from the box and should be a bit brighter for reading-related tasks.

Top 2: Touch Control Table Lamp with 2 USB Charging Ports

Plus points:

  • Elegant: Life is full of different styles, not everyone’s preference is related to one another, but I guess, there might be a lamp style that many of you are infatuated with. This product features a grey fabric lampshade and a back metal base suitable for everyone who leans towards elegance. Are you considering something similar? If so, this is a deal that you cannot skip.
  • Multiple brightness options for a colorful life: The dimmable lamp offers 3 level brightness options ranging from low, medium to high, making sure that you have yourself the most satisfactory mode of all. Just tapping on anywhere on the metal base, you are now able to adjust the lighting to the perfect setting. Furthermore, this touch-sensitive lamp can be effortlessly controlled by people of all ages, even your little kids attending kindergarten also.
  • Built-in USB: Still dream of a day you can charge your phone, your laptop directly to a lamp beside your bed? Nothing is impossible, and now you can be able to do such a thing. With a built-in USB charging port, users can take advantage of it to keep connected with any device around as needed.

Minus point:

  • From time to time, it’s very rapid, as soon as you turn it off it might almost immediately turn itself back on for sure.

Top 3: Bedside Lamp with USB port and  Touch Control Table Lamp

Plus points:

  • Super bright: Have you ever thought that the brightness of a lamp can actually be more dazzling than your future? I have, several times! Especially at the end of the day, getting home leaving tons of incomplete work behind, I feel exactly like that said. Honestly speaking, this lamp can fulfill your demand of illuminating any corner of your room due to its super intensity.
  • Gentle on the eyes: As bright as it seems to be, the lamp itself cannot do any harm to your eyes, causing no glare, no eye strain for even long hours of reading, working. Stop blaming yourself for being heavily exposed to materials at night, just because you didn’t know about a healthy-for-the-eye product doesn’t mean it never exists.
  • Warm atmosphere: For a more intimate atmosphere in any type of room, mostly preferred bedrooms, you can choose this touch lamp as is simple but has a classic design satisfying any of your need for a warm atmosphere.

Minus point:

  • Its plus point is also its downside too. Because the lamp is too bright, it is not suitable for a sound sleep if set at the highest brightness level.

Top 4: SOTTAE Modern Small Ceramic Table Lamp

Plus points:

  • Not much special but still outstanding: This lighting product doesn’t give you a sense of something out of the ordinary but it is eco-friendly and soothes your mood whenever you are down. A peaceful and cozy ambiance will benefit you hugely every night when there comes a presence of darkness.
  • Durable: Being a white-collar salaried employee, I don’t consider myself having loads of money for buying something on impulse. After much consideration, I decided to get this lamp as it was advertised to be long-lasting. Time has proven my choice since the product lives up to my expectation for its durability as such.
  • Good care: Generally, customers try to avoid keeping in contact with the company after receiving the product, but here, you are embraced to inform about every defect or inconvenience during the time of use. Your issues will be handled in a flash thanks to a caring and friendly team of customer service.

Minus point:

  • The overall appearance is not as perfect as what is pictured, especially the lampshade.

Top 5: Table Lamp LED Touch Bedside

Plus points:

  • Multi-scene lighting: This touch-control lamp for the bedroom is great for relaxing scene lighting and reading or whatever you fancy inside your introverted corner of the home. The product, hence, is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, and modern offices where a lamp can be used for different purposes as such.
  • Automatic: The thing I love most about the lamp is probably its function allowing me to enjoy the colorful spectrum circle alternatively changing. You can also personalize that by pressing once again and adjust the color you are actually into.

Minus point:

  • The lamp generally will skip red color when it changes the spectrum circle, so if you love red, just carefully consider it before getting it home.

How to choose the best touch lamps for bedside tables?

Consider your demands carefully:

The first tip when you are considering a lamp like this is to be sure you know where it is going to be applied. Are you gonna put it in your living room? Will you be putting it in your bedroom or any other place around your house? Just make sure you have all figured out what you really intend to use it for.

Always be aware of the fact that aesthetics matters:

When it comes to the looks of any type of lamp, you will need to mull over this as soon as you get the opportunity. You want to consider the atmosphere this lamp actually creates and how it will beautifully decorate your room. Remember that this is a big part of the room anyway, and will play a key role in the aura it has for sure.

Touch control matters:

You need to think carefully about how the response is from these touch controls that you will be taking advantage of from your lamp. If the response isn’t ideal enough, how are you going to stay cheerful all night? It won’t even work out at all, and that is a real concern for most people who are going to purchase a lamp for a bedside table.

Don’t be oblivious of comparing options:

You shouldn’t forget to look to compare among possible options as that is the only way you are gonna find the right touch lamp for your needs. Don’t imagine any touch control lamp is going to suffice in the sense that it won’t, and you will end up spending money on something that is useless.

FAQs about the best touch lamps

When should you consider replacing your bedside table lamps?

  • When the light constantly flickers: This may show that the light bulb needs to be instantly replaced, but if the bulb is new or this happens more than once, a defect in the lamp may be to blame for and you need to keep that in mind.
  • When the lamp’s frame wires are broken: If the lamp cannot deter the shade and bulb from being in contact with each other, then this might pose a fire hazard– particularly if the shade is made of fabric or paper.
  • When the lampshade is torn or damaged: Aesthetics aside, a damaged shade shows too heavy heat exposure to the bulb. Holes in the shade can lessen its light-softening abilities also, resulting in excessive brightness for users for sure.
  • When the base is damaged, causing the lamp to lean on one side only: Over time, this may make the lamp fall over, posing a fire risk if the bulb gets into contact with carpet fibers, or bedding, or any other flammable materials.

How much should you budget for a bedside lamp?

Even though price-points generally vary by design as well as features, most bedside lamps are possible to buy for less than $40. Bargain-seekers can commonly find models for less than $20 also if fortunate. In the case that the lamp is an antique and/or it is well constructed with non-affordable materials (like gold or crystal), then you can anticipate the cost to be much higher than usual.

Can you leave the bedside table lamp on all night?

As bedside lamps vary in bulb types as well as construction materials, it is dependent on the product. In the event that you like to fall asleep with a bedside lamp kept on, go with an LED light featuring a metal shaft and base; these are the most long-lasting regarding bulb type and material as well. You see, the answers all bank on specific circumstances. 

How many lumens is ideal for a bedside table lamp?

Generally for ambient lighting only, a bedside lamp that’s at least around 400 lumens is preferred. However, in case you want to read, write, or work in your own bed, something between 450 and 850 lumens is also best for all aforesaid.

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