An indispensable consideration: the best touch table lamps!

Indoor lighting systems are essential considerations no matter where you are living. Being a part of long-lasting history, touch table lamps have for many decades continually transformed our preferred environments by adding new special features to these lamps to be even more efficient. However, the more options to choose from, the more challenging that the purchase seems to be. Let’s have a glance at the list below for guidance to choose the best touch table lamps.


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Top 5 Best Touch Table Lamps For Your Home

Top 1: Touch Control Crystal Table Desk Lamp

Plus points:

  • Automatic: The lamp allows you to switch between three light modes of soft glow, ambient warmth as well as bright light. This automatically adjusts the brightness levels to suit user preferences most also. If you consider yourself indolent, you cannot skip this product, for sure.
  • Various brightness levels: If a fixed lighting mode cannot satisfy your demand for brightness, there comes a three-brightness-level product ensuring different kinds of emotions at any time. Your little kids can use a high level for watching Tom and Jerry, while you can switch to a lower level of brightness for better concentration on reading at night. Doesn’t it sound fantastic?
  • Convenient: Can lighting coexist with charging at the same time? Of course, as long as you want, there will be no need for sacrificing one of which. From now on, users are encouraged to take advantage of quick charging by charging their electronic devices and lightening their rooms simultaneously with ease.

Minus point:

  • It won’t charge whatever you have plugged into it unless you have the light switch on. 

Top 2: Touch Control Table Lamp Bedside Minimalist Desk Lamp

Plus points:

  • Simple and elegant design: Some people love colorful designs with a combination of many colors, but some just lean towards simplicity for the whole architecture of their house, including an elegant touch table lamp. If you belong to the second group, undoubtedly this product is for you, as it is designed to be as simple as possible, but still remains elegant as such. The minimalist lamp features a black nickel base as well as a white open-top cylinder shade ideally for setting a relaxing mood and creating a comfortable living environment as well.
  • Safe to use: Many customers are still hesitant to purchase touch table lamps as they are still concerned about safety during any time of use. Electronic devices may pose a hazard for users if used improperly or kids accidentally touch them, that is true! However, you can be relieved with the fact that this product is designed initially with safety as a priority, making sure every touch is harmless, for a better experience at night.

Minus point:

  • As reported by many buyers, it seems to be challenging to turn the light on after a period of use. It’s literally around once every 20 touches that you can get it to actually turn on.

Top 3: Crystal Table Lamp Touch Control

Plus points:

  • Multiple modes of lighting: It sounds cliche when saying that many types of lamps can be able to provide different brightness levels. Nevertheless, how far can it prove its capability to illuminate the entire rooms as per the expectation of users? Who knows? This lamp, happily, can let you choose between three modes of brightness levels for the distinguished demands of individuals. That is such a convenience for those who cannot bear just one mode of lighting only.
  • A great combination: As a thumb of rule, combination related to design is always the most striking feature when it comes to the specialty of a lighting product. With contemporary as well as modern crystal table lamps, you will never get disappointed with an addition of a large touch of elegance to your home, mark my words.
  • LED bulb included: It seems to be not-too-hot news as you think that a bulb is of course included in any package. No, that is not true, some brands don’t even feature a bulb inside, so you waste extra money to buy a LED bulb, not to mention the possibility of choosing the wrong model, for sure. This lamp gives you peace of mind as everything has already been included.

Minus point:

  • Personally sharing my perception, the price is far higher than that of many other brands, and this is somehow not worth that. 

Top 4: Touch Control Industrial Table Lamps

Plus points:

  • Easy charging: Are you annoyed to see your smartphone run out of power every morning but generally no way around it? Did you find the nightstand basically in cord chaos? This industrial bedside lamp will meet your needs without any concern for sure. At the same time, 3 devices can be charged to optimize your time allocated to electronic household appliances.
  • Two LED bulbs included: A bonus of 2 LED bulbs has made this brand and helps it to be more competitive with other rivals at the same price offered. Rated to last up to 20,000 hours with proper use, the product can aid you in being free from any worry related to maintenance or replacement. Instead, you can think about a plan to travel abroad, if saving money from that for at least 20 years.
  • Long warranty: Two years of warranty is enough for us to protect our product from any external impacts regarding the environment or even some defects from the manufacturing process too. I have been there and also done that, the service was super convenient!

Minus point:

  • The product appears to have a mind of its own, since it randomly turns itself on and off with no one being anywhere near it, from time to time.

Top 5: Bedside Lamp and 3 Way Dimmable Touch Control Table Lamp

Plus points:

  • Sensitive-touch function: What I highly recommend when considering this touch table lamp is its sensitive-touch ability allowing you to take control over it easily. My kids are really fascinated with this function as they feel cheerful every time they touch it. That is just so simple but I bet you will somewhat find it great!
  • Sturdy metal: Made of sturdy metal, the lamp stands the test of accidental touch, saving itself from being broken in the case that your children like to play around with the touch lamp. Moreover, metal-related appearance also gives you a sense of luxury if you seriously consider high-end materials.

Minus point:

  • The shades aren’t really secure to the base, thus, they just wiggle around as you touch them, which is actually annoying.

Top 6: Table Lamp Touch Night Light

Plus points:

  • Convenient: Have you ever envisioned you could be a super lazy person without any bad influence on your life? At least, now you can make that dream come true. With the remote control, you just touch or remote control to activate the night light, adjust the color or change the brightness. No obstacle anymore, believe me!

Minus point:

  • Sometimes you may see it flicker constantly and shut down all of a sudden.

How to choose the best touch table lamps for your rooms?

These are things that you absolutely have to take into consideration:


The prices of touch table lamps should also be an indispensable factor. This will aid you in purchasing according to your actual budget and hence making sure that you get the best possible lamp suitable for your pocket value. Though the more exorbitant touch lamps usually are the best with a range of features, the affordable touch lamps might not be fancy, but their features will make sure you have sufficient and satisfactory illumination of your living environment.

The area you intend to install it:

Different kinds of touch lamps are compatible with different environments. For example, the bedrooms need low lighting while living rooms, as well as offices, might need high lighting intensities.

The size of the room or even the installation area also matters. As it is being placed on a table for use on the tabletop, low-focused light is always a preference. However, the illumination of a whole room might need a high-rise touch lamp for even as well as the adequate spread of lighting. Nonetheless, the latest models have a range of adjusting features that can give comfortable illumination to any home environment.

The size:

This is related to the area of installation in that small lamps are usually recommended for small working areas and illumination points like desktops or workbench as well. On the other hand, large touch lamps feature a wider reach area that makes them greatly suitable for illuminating large rooms with a high sufficiency. Hence, choosing the right touch lamp will depend upon your desired purpose for the lamp.

Manufacture’ material:

This is a further important issue. The materials applied in the construction of a touch base lamp will basically determine the durability as well as elegance of the device. So, your lamps are highly advised to fall between the manufacturing products of metal, thick plastics, wood, or a combination of all the aforementioned factors. These materials make sure a long-lasting service of your touch lamp while also making improvement for the appearance of your internal décor with their elegant aesthetics too.

Best touch table lamps FAQs:

Do touch table lamps require special bulbs?

My answer is yes. This is for the reason that different bulbs are compatible with different areas of the indoors. For example, many people lean towards LED light bulbs over other bulbs as they are affordable and energy-saving in comparison to others such as incandescent and fluorescent. They are hence cost-effective and well-known with led table lamps. On the other hand, halogen bulbs are also cheap and very efficient for you to save more energy. Therefore, some people also suggest using them in their lamps. Nonetheless, the LED bulbs are more common as they are more long-lasting and safe compared to the halogen bulbs

Why does your touch table lamp turn on itself?

This can be related to some reasons. First, your desk lamp might be commonly faulty more thus the sensor regions as well as the circuitry as a whole. You may, hence, need to consult a professional technician for further information and guidance for sure. However, prior to coming to conclusions and resorting to extreme measures, you may think of changing the position/location of the lamp first.

This is because it might be near a couple of electrical appliances that emit electrons or charge the air around randomly, making the capacitance system on the lamp misbehave. Therefore, changing the location of the lamp or simply reshuffling the house will help to fix the problem and if it persists, afterward, you may proceed to consult a specialist too.

How does a touch table lamp work?

Touch lamps generally work on the principle of capacitance – the amount of charge that something can basically soak up. In circuits, components that are called capacitors store varying amounts of charge as well as are used to tune circuits such as radio receivers or even smooth out fluctuations in voltage. As we make contact with a touch table lamp, we alter its capacitance so that the lamp detects this then switches on or off accordingly.

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