Another precaution for better health: Best UV-C Germicidal lamps!

If you are taking germicidal light into account for your home or office, I bet, this is a smart consideration and sooner or later, you see how it is that beneficial. Generally, from the elimination of germs, bacteria, viruses, and mold in hard-to-reach corners to the improvements for indoor air quality and lowering your monthly bills… There are a host of reasons convincing you should proceed with your decision. Hopefully, the top 5 of the best UV-C germicidal lamps in the nominated list below will be somehow helpful to your final choice. 


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Top 5 best UV-C Germicidal lamps for your need

Top 1: 38W Real LED UV-C Germicidal Lamp

Plus points:

  • Effective: On the basis of high technology, this product is 10 times more powerful than the effectiveness of ordinary UV fluorescent lamps that you have ever seen before. Just with a fraction of the price, you get more than what you pay for, it is actually a bargain. Chances are you have tried multiple products before that were not basically efficient, but things change over time and maybe this is your destination of high-quality lamps.
  • Wide applications: No matter what your demands, this lamp can work to the best of its function, from applications for the living room, bedroom, kitchen at home to the bathroom of schools, hospitals, hotels, so on and so forth…Don’t worry about its adaptability, as it is made to adapt to high expectations.
  • Good guarantee: Nothing is perfect, even if you have just paid for the best products advertised. However, there are still always some obvious solutions to fix all imperfectness, if any. In the case that your lamp has any manufacturing defect, you can get it back to the company and get a full refund or a new replacement, of course, your claim will be handled in no time due to the professional customer service.

Minus point:

  • When you purchase the remote controlling version, there will be no UV-protection goggles included. 

Top 2: REKO Lighting R2000 Air Purifier Whole House

Plus points:

  • Stylish design: Designed specifically to fit in modern architecture and decoration for thousands of homes around the globe, this device appears to be a trustworthy friend of your apartment, no matter where it is placed, it blends in well with the surrounding and works aesthetically as expected also.
  • Good-looking and wide application: The inspiration of modern use gives this lamp a good-looking appearance that likely has a great impression on your guests coming around in the evening. It, thus, can be applied well in the bathroom, living room, or any other spaces inside your house. It is also suitable for office corners, for your workplace to be brighter even though there is nobody around, it should be still bright in its own way.
  • Careful instructions: As gorgeous as a lamp is, when it comes to assembly, many people have to surrender, as they simply don’t know how to handle the intricately related steps during the assembling process. This product certainly brings you another kind of feeling, with instructions carefully included. Just spend a little extra time discovering it, you can make your tasks a lot easier!

Minus point:

  • The grass of the bulbs included in the package is occasionally not clear enough, giving you a sense of unreliability regarding quality. 

Top 3: 2020 UV Germicidal Light Bulb

Plus points:

  • Powerful disinfection ability: On the basis of the latest disinfection technology, the lamp can offer a strong sterilization ability that basically protects your family’s health, leading to more inactivation of bacteria and different types of viruses at the same time. It can be easily applied to a range of spaces, ranging from offices, warehouses, stores, to shoe cabinets, washing room, etc.
  • Removable base and time control: The germicidal lamp can be put anywhere with its removable base for more choices of changing its spot. Furthermore, it features a time control with different time options for a vast variety of size rooms.
  • Easy to use: For tech-illiterate homemakers like me, nothing seems to be scarier than a complicated and hard-to-use product being inclusive of germicidal lamps. But I can totally be relieved with this brand, since it requires no special connection, making sure your experience is as easy as pie.

Minus point:

  • When the bulb is lit, it basically gives out an unbearable smell, so if you are smell-sensitive, keep this in mind before any other consideration. 

Top 4: Ultraviolet Germicidal UV Lamp

Plus points:

  • Good warranty: Coming with a 12-month manufacturer warranty, this lamp is a perfect choice, as in the case that the product fails to work within 1 year, you will be given a free replacement for sure. It sounds not too bad, right?
  • Efficiency: It plays a very essential part in the bacteria-prevention process of your living space, as it works to commit to the health protection of your family members. Aside from some manufacturing defects that may somehow affect its productivity (if unfortunately have), chances are you will see it efficiently working all the time whenever the switch is on.
  • Durable: Compared to some products at the same price range, this lamp outweighs its every rival with regards to durability. You rarely have to think of a new bulb replacement during its lifespan, believe me!

Minus point:

  • It is kinda inconvenient when you have lost your remote and there is no alternative instead to activate the light. 

Top 5: Dry & Store UV-C Germicidal Lamp

Plus points:

  • Fewer infections: Thanks to its high technology, the lamp is able to help you eliminate bacteria and fungus in your living corners, giving you and your family members a sense of comfort without itching and irritation every now and then. My parents honestly share that, since using this product, their small house has been better protected and their health seems to be improved to some extent, at least they can perceive.
  • Safe to use: Playing the key role to prevent bacteria from existing in houses, but you can be free from concerns that it does any damage to your health. As long as you strictly comply with the safety instruction attached when the package arrives, I am certain that there will be no harm detected during any time of use.
  • Second-to-none customer service: After hard-working hours, there is absolutely nobody who wants to claim about their products, unless it works improperly and not worth paying the money. Don’t be concerned with the process of requesting a new replacement for a refund, in case you need, the company will try their best to handle your issues, meaning that your benefits are ensured in any circumstance.

Minus point:

  • It is not that long-lasting as expected. 

Why do you need to buy a UV-C germicidal lamp?

It helps to curb mold and bacterial growth:

The primary benefit of UV germicidal light is actually to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. By deactivating bacterial and DNA and other pathogens, these lamps keep them from growing as well as further spreading. Additionally, germicidal lights are able to also kill existing germs and bacteria, at the same time, sanitizing spaces and fundamentally keeping your home or even your office clean and healthy all the time. 

It reduces colds as well as cases of flu:

By treating the air circulating in the system of heating and cooling inside your home, UV germicidal lamps can actually prevent mold and destroy airborne viruses, bacteria that result in colds, flu, and various kinds of other illnesses. This generally can keep you and your family or staff in your office healthy for the most part. Many professional experts suggest the addition of an air purifier to filter more germs and eliminate bacteria from your indoor air.

Lessens unwanted smells in households:

Mold and mildew generally happen—too much water or from time to time dampness gets trapped in air ducts, vents, and loads of other enclosed spaces, leading to undesirable growths and, from there, unwanted smells and odors as well. In killing mold and mildew spores, it is obvious that UV germicidal lamps not only eliminate the issue, then make your air healthier and more breathable—but those products also, curb the noticeable smells related to these growths. It’s a win/win—better, fresher air quality that generally says no to heavy decontaminants as well as chemical treatments.

Reduce even clogging in condensate drains surely:

Your condensate line is a vital piece of your HVAC system as far as almost all of us are aware of. While this line is mainly responsible for scores of key activities, the most essential is its draining excess water as well as moisture outside of your home for sure. Nonetheless, in the sense that these drains are non-intermittently exposed to water and moisture, it’s possible for algae to develop within the lines—and that can bring about loads of related issues being inclusive of less than-the-optimal flow and clogging. A germicidal UV light not only helps to prevent the growth of algae but, also, eliminates existing algae growth over time. This obviously will keep drains and lines algae- and clog-free surely.

Helps to reduce electricity costs:

These growths—mold, mildew, dust or insects, and even another buildup—are not only adverse from an indoor air quality perspective but, it is also from an efficiency view that needs to be taken into consideration. The bigger the build-ups are, the harder your appliances seem to be, lines, pipes, and the HVAC system need to work to move air through your house. That can, hands down, reduce efficiency and at the same time increase electricity costs. 

Best UV-C Germicidal lamps FAQs:

Can UV kill coronavirus?

People think that COVID-19 is an enveloped virus that contains a single positive-stranded RNA genome. Those have an envelope that is composed of a range of lipid bilayer, proteins, and sugars with a protein capsid as pointed out by experts. At this point, I do not think that any testing of this specific strain has been generally performed. However, a couple of coronaviruses similar in construction have been scientifically found to be vulnerable to UVC energy.

How does UV light actually kill bacteria?

UV is known not to technically “kill” bacteria, but it inhibits replication instead, or sterilizes it, by destroying the DNA of those bacteria. A more reasonable explanation is that the UVC energy is basically absorbed by the DNA and RNA that are contained in the cells, and this produces dimers or a thing called a “double bond” among adjacent nucleotides for sure. In general, the formation of those dimers is what inhibits the capability of the aforementioned chain to replicate, which in turn results in the death of the colony.

How much intensity is needed to kill an organism?

Exposure to germicidal ultraviolet rays is basically known to be the product of the time as well as intensity. High intensities for a short period of time and low intensities for a long period of time are vitally equal in lethal action on bacteria as sure as hell. The inverse square law works for germicidal ultraviolet the same as it does for light: the killing power drops when the distance from the lamps, in contrast, increases. The average bacterium can be eliminated for ten seconds at a distance of six inches from those lamps.

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