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Arc floor lamps can be preferred for a variety of purposes from reading, writing, to the creation of ambiance and improving the internal decoration of your sweet house as such. The advancement of technology and information with scores of inadequate information may overwhelmingly gravitate you toward purchasing a lamp that may not really blend in with your interior pieces of furniture and suit yourself well. Here in this review, I am gonna arm you with 5 best-selected arc floor lamps with details related. You may deliberately or unintentionally have seen them before, but, hopefully, those following sharings can help you at least make a choice with ease in the end.



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Top Best Arc Floor Lamps For A Variety Of Purposes Update 2021

Top 1: The best compatible arc lamp: Adesso 4249-22 Bowery Arc Lamp, Steel, Smart Outlet Compatible, 77″

Bowery Arc Lamp, Steel, Smart Outlet Compatible

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Plus points: 

  • Modern use:

Designed based on modern taste, the lamp works best as a stylish light creating a flow of warmth around the room through a glow. Besides, the uniqueness of the arching design and marble base is probably the factors contributing to the style on offer that suits many settings. Consequently, the product can be adjusted to a wide range of heights, widths, or shade angles as per any expectation.

  • Sleek and classic design for meditation:

The Bowery is produced with a tall height and arms that are adjustable. Just imagine like this: under the light of a classic lamp that can be put next to the sofa or any corner of a bedroom, letting your hair down on the weekend, taking a sip of ice-scrumptious coffee, and taking a look at how life has passed you by… What a perfect choice!

  • Fabric drum shade:

Equipped with tweed-like linen fabric shades capable of the delicate-texture revelation when lit, the brand fills you with the most comfortable moments of living.


Minus point: The metal thread on one of the Adesso pieces deters it from screwing together and standing straight as usual.


Top 2: The same brand, the different design but still the best: Adesso 4250-22 Bowery Arc 3-Light Floor Lamp, Steel, Smart Outlet Compatible, 83″

Bowery Arc 3-Light Floor Lamp

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Plus points: 

  • White stylish marble base:

Regard plastic base as something that ruins the whole aesthetics of your rooms? If so, this would be number one in the list of yours as it offers users a white marble base made to fit into a curved design. As clear as day that, to the people who have undying devotion for marble things, the feature above may be the name of the game when it comes to floor lamps.

  • Special features:

If any of the previous mentions haven’t pleased your high demand for the best floor lamp, here you are, at the most noticeable assets to be shown. The way three 60-watt bulbs shine aesthetically through fabric shades is somehow dependent on the intention of the manufacturers to suit artistic souls best. In the case that you would like to take control over the light, there are up to 4 settings levels on offer, ranging from 1 light-on to 3 lights-on.

  • The uniqueness from a well-known global brand:

Designers from one of the most dominant enterprises in the field of floor lighting perhaps ensure specialties nowhere else to be found. If your friends give you a sense of trust and share for a while, your soulmate offers you a couple of romantic days not lasting for too long, this Adesso lamp surely surrounds you with warmth and comfort for the rest of your stay home.


Minus point: The direction of the lamp is not adjustable and this one itself can be a downside that sometimes disappoints customers.


Top 3: Major-Q 6938ES-XL Extra Large Shade 81″ H Steel Adjustable Arching Floor Lamp with Marble Base, x, Espresso

Extra Large Shade 81" H Steel Adjustable Arching Floor Lamp

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Plus points: 

  • Good-looking appearance and modern design:

Produced by the manufacturer constantly looking for up-to-date designs and customers’ preferences as well, the SH has no particular standardization for any room but serves well at any circumstance as per personal taste. The availability of a marble base devotes itself to the guarantee of an elegant look, whereas its metal-specialized body brings you the feeling of one hundred percent satisfaction.

  • Environmental friendly and energy-saving, no eye-harming glare.

For the purpose of environment protection, friendly and energy-saving functions feature one the most striking assets expected to contain. If you are not capable of looking directly at the light due to some health issues or simply you wish to experience a non-eye-harming product at all costs, this brand seems not to be a bad option at all.


Minus point: If assembling is not your forte, you probably feel this floor lamp a trick, because there are so many thick plastic pieces that may prevent you from assembling the pieces, and, there comes a shortage of introductions on how.


Top 4: The best one for living rooms: Brightech Mason – Arc Floor Lamp with Unique Hanging Drum Shade

Brightech Mason - Arc Floor Lamp with Unique Hanging Drum Shade

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Plus points:

  • Suit a range of decoration style:

At first, I stood up the Brightech Mason in the corner of the living room. Then, due to some inconvenience, I moved it to the bedroom. Just imagine wherever you put it, the versatility of the product can serve you all well regardless of contemporary or even classical architectures.

  • Assistant connection with unique hanging drum shade:

In the era of enormous technological advancement, you cannot resist the temptation of virtual products provided by Google or Apple like Google Home Assistant or HomeKit. Being the pioneer in the field of floor lighting, Brightech Mason is concerned with your demands and puts a lot of effort into the process, in order to enhance customers’ experience.

  • Long lifespan and energy-saving bulbs:

My best friend was once confused about how I could set aside a great deal of money monthly, and my answer was this brand. You perhaps may not care deeply about how much electricity you can save when using this, but in the long run, it might be effective as you don’t need to take care of it at a high frequency but still make sure you have no replacement at all after a long time of use.

  • 3 year of warranty:

Brightech Mason not only dominates the market with the commitment of meeting 100% demand of customers but it is also well-known for being one name that does stand by users for at least 3 years. In the case that you feel your product still leaves a little to be desired, contact Mason right after and there comes a timely replacement or any other attention within the guarantee policy.


Minus point: No significant downside visible.


Top 5: Brightech Trilage Arc Floor Lamp w/ Marble Base — 3 Lights Hanging Over The Couch from Behind 

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Plus points: 

  • Smart device stimulating your positive emotions:

Some people claim to be committed to working on their lonesome, and if you are one of them who desperately seeks new feelings concomitantly, take a look at this Brightech Trilage. Under the light of this product, chances are you may feel far more relaxed as your experience on reading or any other leisure activities will be positively boosted when you set the mood yourself. Three-way switches on the pole can help you turn off one or even more than that of the lamps.

  • 3 adjustable arms for more control:

Position the light exactly as per your wish then enjoy the ambient lighting as well as light bright sufficiently for your hobbies without any distraction. Isn’t that good enough for you?

  • Save energy means save your life:

Containing three 9.5 watts 3000K warm white LED bulbs, this brand ensures endurance for 20 years. With average use, saving a host of money spent on maintenance or replacement is transparently possible.


Minus point: for some of you, when assembling the base and middle part, the thread connections may be a bit far off, which means they don’t even grip a little when assembled.


How to choose the best floor arc lamp?

Here are some of the most noticeable factors to keep in mind when you are gonna purchase one:

  • Cost

The cost of floor arc lamps can vary a lot from low-cost for ordinary products or even up to thousands of dollars for artistic or design pieces for sure. To be honest, it all depends on the popularity of the brand and the quality of each type of lamp.

  • Size

Not only cost but size can also vary a lot. Shaded or torchiere lamps basically take up a narrow amount of space on account of their vertical orientation, enabling them to be fitted into surrounding spaces. Meanwhile, on the other hand, arc floor lamps are considered to take up more space in the light of their horizontal extension. It’s super essential to know how much space you intend to fit a floor lamp into, so you can be far more proactive about looking for the right size that suits you best.

  • Height

Height is another factor needed taking into account, in the name of a good product. As clear as day that the higher the light source is, the wider spread of the light is. This is great for ambient lighting, but maybe a bit less suitable for task lighting where you want the light to be closer and more focused.

  • The layer of Floor Light

Perhaps, you are advised to pick a floor lamp based on what exactly type of lighting the room is in need. Maybe you lean towards warm ambient lighting, which an array of shaded floor lamps can actually provide to meet your demands most. Or, maybe you just need some direct illumination for the reading chair to be lightened up, in which case an arced reading lamp may be an ideal option for consideration.


The floor is all yours so take advantage of your aesthetics and find out the best one specifically made for you.




What is an arc floor lamp?

First and foremost, arc floor lamps are likely to offer a bit more versatility whereas other ones normally remain stationary. As far as the stem is adjustable, you have choices to move the shade directly over the space to light it more directly as much as possible, making it great for task lighting especially when you are reading on a chair or working at a table, arc floor lamp appears to work best. Some of the other arc lamps can duplicate the effect of an overhead light, stretching way up and over a space as such, they, therefore, can be specified for a living room or even at a dining table as long as aspired.


What is the most essential thing to be taken into account when intending to buy an arc floor lamp?

Let’s take notice of the materials first. You can find this kind of lamp in a variety of finishes, ranging from bamboo, nickel, wood to chrome, and more. For the time being, the most prevalent finish in the market is probably chrome. Meanwhile, some lamps might come with heavy bases which are occasionally made of marbles, for example.


Where can you put it?

The arc floor lamps can be used on all the nooks and crannies of your house as long as space is taken up, maybe enough for it to be placed and that’s all. They may be located in the middle of the room or at the corner as well. If you have any intention of changing the lighting at your sweet apartment, you can take a look at those arc floor lamps to brighten your rooms.

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