The best hurricane lights help you keep the dark away. Why not?

In the era of electric power, where automatic devices based on electricity are as easy as pie to find, people seem to have forgotten the value of a hurricane lighting product. However, life is full of unanticipated twists and turns, there might be a night without electrical power supply on account of natural disaster or defects on the transmission lines, who knows? It is time you think of a hurricane lamp to illuminate your space. Not as ideal as an electric lamp specializing for use in the home, but at least it can keep you away from darkness temporarily and give you loads of new experiences. Here are the top 5 of the best hurricane lights for your consideration.


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Top 5 of the best hurricane lights for your consideration

Top 1: Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern

Plus points:

  • Bright and long-lasting: With the equipment of 30 bright LEDs, this compact lantern lightens your dark space even in the harshest conditions. Other than that, battery life lasts over 90 hours, meaning it lasts for 3 times longer than any other lanterns advertised on the market.
  • Compact and lightweight: A collapsible design helps you to reduce and increase the light when you collapse or expand the lamp respectively. Interestingly, when collapsed, it is as small as your phone only, and hence easily fits in your backpack or emergency kit just in case.
  • Waterproof and indestructible: Made from selected materials, your lamp is able to survive a 10-foot drop and be temporarily submerged underwater to some extent within a certain amount of time without being destroyed.
  • Lifetime warranty: You actually can rest in knowing that this lamp is sold on the basis of the highest quality products offered by the company. However, there are some inevitable defects that possibly get on your nerves, but you actually can contact the customer service team being in charge of right away.

Minus point:

  • These lanterns don’t qualify as a luxury item that you may not be satisfied enough with.

Top 2: Blazin 750 Brightest Battery Powered Lantern LED Hurricane

Plus points:

  • Super bright: With a cool frosted white cover having 360 degrees of soft illumination with no dark patches, this lantern sometimes is even brighter than your ties of love’s future. Now you can relieve power outage boredom, or light up the whole room for recreational activities.
  • Long-lasting: Powered up to 100 hours by the most cutting-edge technology, those lamps are longer-lasting than most of their rivals. You just need to pulse location light then never have to fumble around a dark house to look for your light, isn’t it convenient?
  • Portable and lightweight: No one wants to take a rock along to anywhere, especially a must-be-lightweight item like a lantern. Customers lean towards this product for its portability and being lightweight, hopefully, this helps you have a whale of time being around your friends, family…
  • Durable: As far as advertised, water-resistant plastic is one of the remarkable reasons why the brand is so proud of this lantern. It can be submerged into the water without much possibility to be destroyed.
  • Refund policy included: If you are not happy with what you get, just keep in touch with the company and have your money refunded in the case that your reasons are plausible.

Minus point:

  • Those lamps are not as good-looking as expected regarding the design for the price offered. 

Top 3: LE Rechargeable Lantern Flashlight for Hurricane Emergency

Plus points:

  • Convenient: This portable camping lantern features 2 hooks, one on the top and one at the base, meaning that your tent light would be probably hung upside down to get better lightness when it comes to a large area.
  • Waterproof and bright: Whether you go camping, hiking, fishing, or even walk the dog in the park, this lantern is all suitable. Other than that, the lamp is bright in the light of its 1000 lumens brightness and 360-degree lighting.
  • Rechargeable: I prefer rechargeable devices to disposable batteries as these save a lot of money allocated, and are also more of a convenience than a nuisance. Just imagine this, if you cannot recharge your lantern, your trips cost an arm and a leg for the replacement of a new one that literally goes nowhere, as sooner or later you have to replace it.
  • 5 Lighting modes: The intensity of a high-powered lantern as well as the versatility of a flashlight is compounded in one super-easy-to-use design like this, bringing you a range of modes that suit you regardless of your needs.

Minus point:

  • As ideal as its functionality is, I still fancy a smaller design. 

Top 4: GearLight LED Outdoor Hurricane Emergency Lanterns

Plus points:

  • Better use: You can expect to light up a campsite or an entire tent with a powerful compact lantern like this. Don’t worry about its battery capacity, as a single set of 3 D batteries are about to provide up to 72 hours of use continuously.
  • Compact and safe to use: Designed to be portable and safe, this lightweight lantern is perfect for spaces such as camping tents, closets, or even attics as well. You can easily touch the power button allowing quick access to 3 versatile modes then you can adjust the lightness for any use.
  • Weather-resistant: Designed for rough handling, this lantern can survive accidental drops and work well in all weather conditions for sure. For that reason, it is super compatible with the outdoors, indoors, emergencies, and loads of other uses.

Minus point:

  • No batteries included, meaning that you need to pay extra money for a product that should have been full-accessory. 

Top 5: LE LED Flashlight for Hurricane and Emergency

Plus points:

  • Convenient for use: A compact and portable lantern fundamentally plays a role in your trips, especially when it comes to emergencies, you need this more than ever.
  • Strong brightness: Being suitable for camping, hiking, or any other purpose, this lamp can serve you best no matter what you fancy, with strong brightness for all night long.
  • A long time of use: It theoretically lasts for up to 12-25 hours thanks to the special power supply that helps it remain luminous longer than any advertised on the market.
  • 4 light modes: Personalization sometimes is the most critical thing that should be taken into account before buying a lantern, as it serves you directly. This device features 4 light modes from cool white to flash mode, you just effortlessly adjust the brightness for whatever you want.

Minus point:

  • Like the one mentioned before, this product arrives with no batteries included also, thus, if you are considering a full package, this is not a good choice. 

How to choose a hurricane lights?

Light Duration:

This is expressed as burn time (for gas-based lanterns) or average run time (generally for battery-powered lanterns). It tells you how long you can hope for a lantern to provide light on 1 tank of fuel (for fuel-burners as sure as hell) or on 1 set of batteries (of course for electric models). This specification—data is extracted by the manufacturer—gives you a good estimate before purchasing.

Most models feature a low and a high setting for better lighting versatility. Run times vary dramatically by that setting, therefore, don’t plan on achieving the maximum run time and also cranking out the maximum light intensity at the same time, it is nearly impossible.


With electric lanterns or any battery-based light, do not try to use lithium or lithium-ion batteries aside from manufacturer instructions stating that the specific light is specifically designed to operate with lithium batteries. If not, you take a risk, even ruining a light by mismatching it with lithium batteries surely.

Alkaline batteries lose power rapidly in a range of temperatures below 20°F. (Lithium batteries, in contrast, perform well in the cold.) So as to extend the life of alkaline batteries in the cold, you should remember to carry them under clothing during the daytime and then when needed, sleep with them inside a sleeping bag at night though.

Size and Weight

For car-camping excursions, size and weight, in general, are not concerns at all. For backpacking, however, they are actually what you should mind. To flood a campsite or tent interior with proper lighting products, candle lanterns was long the traditional choice as sure as hell. However, bringing a lit candle inside a tent, within a lantern’s casing, is basically a risky practice. Small, compact, new-generation LED lanterns are far better choices today. Or, an LED headlamp also provides all the light backpackers needed for you.

Best hurricane lights FAQ

How many types of hurricane lights?

There are some kinds of hurricane lanterns: dead flame, the one with vents below the burner to draw in the air; hot blast, and finally cold blast. The last two ones — often called tubular lanterns on account of the tubes in their design that draw in air from above the globe. Cold blast types burn comparatively brighter than hot blast ones. The latter uses less oil though.

What are some notes you need to keep in mind?

In any case, beware of old products that may contain damaged parts, or require hard-to-find wicks as well. Generally, simple, clear glass lamps from hardware or from time to time big box stores work well. You should note that turdy designs with a heavy base are less liable to be knocked over. You should consider models with large fonts so you won’t have to refill them frequently. Clear glass founts enable you to see how much oil is practically left, and if the wick is long enough to reach the fuel or not. For the sake of safety, flame and flammable fuel is actually a possible hazard, so use sensible precautions like this: place lit lamps on a solid surface, of course out of the reach of kids and pets, and basically away from curtains or anything that may ignite as much. One vital point: Use lamp oil designed for indoor use only. Fuels with a lower flash point are not recommended because they emit deadly fumes even if they don’t actually burst into flames then on. 

How do you practice using your hurricane lights (oil-based) before urgent cases?

Aside from hurricane lanterns burning based on battery, it’s a perfect idea to practice using your oil lamps prior to the next emergency. Generally, you need to fill the reservoir about three-quarter full and enable the wick an hour or so to soak completely. Afterward, you remove the glass chimney then raise the wick, and finally light it with a match. The wick has to burn evenly across its width for sure. After those steps, replace the chimney and turn the wick down so as to adjust the flame. To put out the flame, remember to turn the wick down below the burner, cup your hands and then blow down the glass chimney. Remember — that chimney will be extremely hot before touching. Frequently trim the burnt part of the wick, straight across, for brighter light for the next use. 

Isn’t it interesting, even if you don’t intend to buy the best hurricane lights that are oil-powered?!

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