Top best tripod lamps – a new option for home decoration!

In case you are in search of lamps, you should take tripod lamps into account aside from loads of other types because most of these are stylish with different designs, being the best options for both modern houses as well as traditional homes. Transparently, when referring to tripod lamps, customers, however, are still confused about models, brands, materials, so on and so forth… Consequently, many haven’t chosen the best one that suits themselves best. If you consider yourself a bit like those aforementioned, take a look at my list of 5 of the best tripod lamps, I am sure you will love one of them. 


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Top 5 best tripod lamps for your house

Top 1: LEPOWER Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

Plus points:

  • High-quality materials: The lamp is aesthetically integrated with a highly-rated wood tripod for being durable. Its sturdy design makes it safe to have your children around without worries related to safety. Even if you are obsessed with prominent materials, you still love them anyway.
  • Stylish design: Designed to fit in modern architecture and decoration, this device seems to be an indispensable friend of your apartment, no matter where it is placed, it blends in well with the surrounding.
  • On/off footswitch: A footswitch is located at the cord of the lampshade gives me an idea of better use and quicker touch if necessary. The more convenient the product, the more chances it would be prevalent, and this is absolutely true with the tripod lamp.
  • Customer service: “Adorable and quick” are two words used to say about the young team being in charge of the product’s warranty and customer service. They are extremely friendly and responsive to my request right away within the working hours, and of course, the bottom line, I got my product replaced immediately.

Minus point:

  • No battery included inside the package sent to you, so probably you need to pay extra money for that. 

Top 2: Brightech Emma Tripod Floor Lamp

Plus points:

  • Stylish: Considering stylish to be the most visible and important part, you may appreciate this option, as it suits many styles being inclusive of art decoration, with birch-toned wooden legs and cream white lampshade as well.
  • Compatible: Due to high technology, this device can have connections with smart outlets to turn on or off. Just with a little money paid as an extra, you can take control of your lamp with ease. It produces a comfortable ambiance to compliment your interior design plans.
  • Eye-catching: A combination of both modern and traditional styles makes this lamp a good-looking piece that likely has a great impression on your friends coming around. It is also compatible with office corners, for your workplace to be brighter.
  • Durable hour life: Just including 9.5 Watt and 800-lumen power, there is no need for a new replacement of a bulb during any time of use, as it is super durable and cost-effective surely. Outlasting energy-burning halogen or incandescent bulbs, its LEDs help you save a whole lot of money spent on periodic maintenance.

Minus point:

  • The two pieces of the lampshade don’t stick together well.

Top 3: Versanora Romanza Tripod Metal Legs LED Floor Lamp

Plus points:

  • Modern lamp: It features a classic matte black finish and a bonus of a white drum share for any space addition. It looks so elegant and is a perfect addition to your rooms’ look.
  • Versatile lightness: Tripod design offers a multi-use solution of lighting for reading tasks or simply adds a soft glow to your bedroom, office as well as living area.
  • Careful instructions: The assembling process has no longer been a nightmare as detailed instructions are attached to the product, so make sure you read it from cover to cover to make things less challenging when it comes to assembly.
  • Reliable brand: Among the fiercest rivals, this brand shows its uniqueness but is still qualified. Its warranty, customer service, and design outweigh any other opponents thinking of competing.

Minus point:

  • Even when a guideline in detail has been attached, it still causes a lot of difficulty to users, especially when you do the assembling process on your lonesome. 

Top 4: Brightech Jaxon – Mid Century Modern Tripod Floor Lamp

Plus points:

  • Power-saving: The full package is inclusive of a 9.5-watt power-saving LED bulb with every purchase, which not many companies claim to do. It has a natural Kelvin color temperature of 800 lumens also. The bulb will last for years before needing to be replaced. If personally desired, you can still switch it out with a dimmable bulb or smart bulb indeed.
  • Smart: As far as we all know, technology advancement is constantly being on the move, so the manufacturer shows their interest and effort day by day to bring customers the best quality products. Especially, this device works with smart home devices like Alexa or Google Assistant if connected to a smart plug, enhancing your experience all the time being at home.

Minus point:

  • It is not as sturdy as a single piece of the lamp, which should have been a plus point outweighing a single lamp in general.

Top 5: Brightech Bijou LED Tripod Floor Lamp

Plus points:

  • Stylish for all decor: Whether your house’s architecture belongs to modern or conventional types of decoration, you can technically place trust in this lamp, as its design seems to be fit with all decorations in different homes.
  • Gorgeous: This glowing warm light creates a comfortable ambiance, making nursery rooms, bedrooms, even living rooms and offices unique in their own way. Besides, it is also cost-effective with 800 lumens enabling your rooms to shine out as much as it is meant to be, without increasing the electricity bill to a substantial way.
  • Durable: Compared to incandescent bulbs, this type of lamp is actually more durable and you can think of using it for at least 20,000 hours of working with proper frequency and periodic maintenance.
  • 3-year warranty: If something here is still pale in comparison with other brands, it is absolutely not related to customer service and guarantees as they do well for most of the part. If you, unfortunately, need to return any piece, things will go smooth and your problems will be addressed in no time.

Minus point:

  • If you are mechanical-illiterate, chances are you will spend more than one hour struggling to assemble separate pieces together. 

Why do you need to have tripod lamps?

Tripod lamps can be defined as self-sustaining and lighting fixtures for interior accessories in any home. They are commonly used as reading lamps and sometimes also as additional lighting sources in an office space or loads of possible corners of any living room as well. All the contemporary tripod lamps make perfect use of a base essential enough to support the whole lamp. 

Another shield or lampshade is the way it is applied to diffuse and distract the light that is being created by all the bulbs. We also have many different settings for multiple levels of lighting or illumination for sure, when it comes to tripod lamps. These types of lamps are many times used together with overhead lights to provide more and more illumination and even an eye-catching interest for every task needed to perform. 

How to choose the best tripod lamp?

The foremost essential thing is that you need to select a floor lamp that matches the overall design theme. These designs can range from modern stainless steel to antique brass and the point is that it has to suit your styles or decoration.

You can also pick overhead lighting products as they can generally provide illumination.

Because a tripod lamp is free-standing, it can be put conveniently at any specific place of your choice and this can be adjacent to your most go-to chosen area or an electrical outlet.

You must also know that tripod lamps have different usage in the sense that some are manufactured for lighting and there are some that have a magazine or a shelf rack built into them as much. 

The lamp needs to be positioned in a corner or to one side of the living room furniture for the best harmonization.

Best Tripod Lamps FAQs:

Can I replace bulbs with tripod lamps?

Most older lighting fixtures accept the newer bulbs, including a tripod lamp, for sure. The newer energy-saving bulbs generally work with traditional, medium screw-base sockets as such. Manufacturers have worked so hard to build more and more products that are basically about the same size as the products they are replacing to make it easy on consumers and make things less complicated when a bulb breaks down. If in doubt, take the bulb you are preparing to replace to the store and ask for assistance if possible.

Why are your lighting choices changing constantly?

For so many years, researchers have been in an attempt to work on new lighting options that basically produce the same light, with less energy needed. Many of those designs are now on the market as successful applications. Qualified compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and light that emits diodes (LEDs), and halogen incandescent bulbs as well provide a wide range of choices that consumers expect more than that from conventional bulbs, including a vast variety of colors, bulb types, and light levels — all while needing less energy and reducing electricity costs to a minimum. 

How are those new tripod lamps’ bulbs better than traditional ones?

Traditional incandescent bulbs need a lot of energy so as to produce light. For most of the past, energy is wasted as heat. That lost energy is money we are throwing away every day when using this product.

Newer energy-saving bulbs such as energy-qualified CFLs and LEDs and halogen incandescent technologies are able to also create the same amount of light as a conventional incandescent bulb but happily using substantially less energy. So when you decide to replace your traditional incandescent bulbs with the energy-savers, you will pay less to get the same amount of what you expect to get obviously. 

What do environmental impacts incandescent lamps make?

Environmental lobbying groups have reported that incandescent light bulbs are harmful not only on account of the electricity they waste in producing heat but also related to the substantial amounts of CO2 they emit as well. In addition, the heat they make pushes cooling systems like air conditioners to work better, especially during the summer days when there are multiple scorchers. These cooling systems depend on coal power plants, which are known for the greenhouse gases they emit into the environment. It becomes a vicious cycle when it comes to incandescent lamps.

If possible, you should purchase LED lamps instead.

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