Try on the best night light for child afraid of dark

When you have children, the deep restful sleep of your carefree days seems to become a nostalgic memory that once made you happy. Your kids scream when they are starving, or just need a diaper change as well. You can wake up at midnight and take care of your babies, but what matters is that it disrupts your sleep in the long run, if this happens again and again. That’s why you need a night light in the name of your kids’ sleep. Here are the top 5 of the best night light for child afraid of dark, particularly the kids being afraid of the dark. I guess your peaceful memory will be back and present soon. 


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Top 5 best night light for child afraid of dark [UPDATED]

Top 1: SUNNEST Kids Star Night Light

Plus points:

  • Starry star projector: If your kids or even yourself is a star enthusiast, four led bulbs projecting a complete colorful starry sky onto the wall appear to be ideally fantastic for a dream later. Especially speaking for kids, who are supposed to develop imagination and creativity, this light is a good fit.
  • Multiple modes: At least 4 pieces of LED beads with a range of colors from warm yellow, blue, red to green light are aesthetically added to the light, meaning it is ideal for weddings, birthday party decorations.
  • Night light: I desperately looked for some lighting products featuring night light but ended up getting nothing, till I accidentally ran into this brand. Warm and soft lights are as healthy as recommended since they will not stimulate your kids’ eyes and reversibly affect their sleep likewise.
  • Quick assistance: Not many industry-leading lighting enterprises promise to respond to every claim within 24 hours of working as this make does. No matter what problems you may encounter, they can be able to troubleshoot right after receiving complaints.

Minus points:

  • If you are tech-illiterate, you may get frustrated when it’s nearly impossible to figure out the sequence of button pushing to get it off.

Top 2: WINICE Night Color Moon Lamp for Children

Plus points:

  • Colorful design: I am extremely happy to speak about the product’s design as it features 3 upgraded LED bulbs projecting a much wider range and simultaneously generating far brighter light as well. Emitting 5 various light modes shining on, you can expect your dreamy corner to be brighter than ever.
  • 4 Brightness modes: Even if you are the most critical customer with different moods shown up on different periods, it is enjoyable to use this 4-brightness-mode lamp also. From 10% to 100% modes for each color set, a vibrant sky full of stars sparkling variously, your night along with little kids are the happiest moments of the day.
  • Safety: With low voltage and USB-charging features, this will not hurt your eyes in the darkness at all. Whatever you lean towards to see, ranging from a brilliant and romantic constellation effect to a gorgeous sea world above, you can still have peace of mind looking at.
  • Remote control: I am an indolent man and nothing has the right to abruptly break my sound sleep or force me to awake. Consequently, I chose this kind of lamp, and fortunately, its remote control has never disappointed me for sure.

Minus point:

  • If you do not hold a charge, the light doesn’t stay bright long, I mean, in other words, its battery is sort of low. 

Top 3: Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise

Plus points:

  • Multi-functional: With a phone in your hand, you can effortlessly take control over an intricate lighting device, of course, it is possible. Color customization, brightness adjustment are also ensured. Users should be able to set programs to turn off and on automatically based on their fixed schedules.
  • Easy to use: Nothing is far more fantastic than a familiar device that you can install and take advantage of on your own. Even if you consider yourself a bit tech-illiterate, you can actually count on the lamp’s functions as such.
  • Grows with kids: Soft light and white noise for midnight newborn feeding sessions, the comfort of those, I bet, your children will not ever be able to forget, even when they have grown up and grown fonder of a bigger space.
  • Encourages better sleep: As ideal as any other functions offered, the ultimate purpose of this light is always to create the ideal sleep environment for your child that nowhere to be found apart from your cozy home.

Minus point:

  • It is difficult to manually adjust this device when you are in a dark room, even when the remote control is around you.

Top 4: Mubarek Cute Night Light for Kids

Plus points: 

  • Soothing light: If I was not in my thirties, I would probably get one to decorate my own room as it is super adorable, but unfortunately, I am an adult. Looking at my babies being sound asleep under the soothing night light is an amazing memory.
  • Easy control: Users can switch among standard warm light modes or seven color rotating settings and stop on any kind of color you fancy most with ease.
  • Worthy companion: The rechargeable battery can work at best for up to ten hours as usual. Just picture this, you wish your kids to be parentally independent but still unsure about them being alone, this lamp can play the role of the guardian all night long.
  • Portable: I used to be a kid ages ago, hence, I am aware of the fact that those little humans love carrying their cute night light through the hallway to the bedroom at night as a toy. If so, you can place trust in this lighting product as it would probably let you see a smile on your kids’ faces.

Minus point:

  • The lamp appears to be not as durable as claimed by the manufacturer.

Top 5: Night Light for Kids – LED Soft Light for Nursery Bed

Plus points:

  • Soft-brightness: If you are in search of an easy-to-use light lightening your babies’ room without getting them out of sleep, here you are. With special function, the lamp just illuminates at enough range of brightness to let humans see where you are in the dark.
  • Easy on/off controls: How about a convenient lighting device that is user-friendly for every family member? Alright, it has been possible for the time being. This night light features dual on/off control that can be effortlessly operated by anyone in the dark.
  • Multifunctional: Apart from the primary use in kids’ sleeping corners, the product can also be applied in the restroom, kitchen, or bedroom for not resorting to the main lights around.
  • Energy-saving: Integrated with the latest LED technology along, your electricity bill monthly is no longer a nightmare anymore, I confidently guess so.

Minus point:

  • The on/off switch is actually on the bottom and you need to firstly pick it up and then turn it around to operate it. It’s really challenging because of the smooth top of the light, you’ll drop it or it’ll slip out of your hands.

Why do you need a night light for your babies?

Brain development enhancement. 

It is said that a child who is more intelligent than others seems to have been exposed to the proper lightness of night lamps as scientifically speaking by the American Optometric Association. 

It’s helpful for those who begin to have nightmares.

Often between the ages of 2-4, some kids commence to developing a fear of the dark. Having a nightlight in their room is obviously to help them feel safer, ultimately making it easier for them to go to sleep and stay asleep later on.

Parents can walk through a dark room more safely.

Having a source of light can help you when it comes to checking on your little one at midnight without turning on the main lights. It is also crucial for those early days when you need a small deal of light to see what you’re performing during nighttime feeds. Once your child is toilet-trained, a night light probably helps them find their way to the toilet as a piece of cake.

Other benefits:

It is a groundbreaking idea to spend a little bit more and get a light that does not require battery changes and is built with prominent materials. If you have a good night light it apparently will not last forever but, at least, a certain amount of time enough for your kids to beneficially develop little by little.

Best night light for child afraid of dark FAQs:

What is the best location for your power outlet to be placed?

Before considering a night light for your kids, take a look at the layout of your baby’s room first. Don’t forget to pay attention to the location of the electrical sockets in connection with your baby’s crib or bed. If the power outlet is too far away or too close to the crib to be good, you may see the light may be too dim or too bright either for your baby. If this is the case, then you may wish to consider a portable option enabling you to place it at a far more comfortable distance to your baby’s bed.

Is a night light designed with a timer?

A timer is a feature that can be found on certain night lights when it comes to choosing a product. Simply put, in lieu of manually switching the night light on and off, when you turn it on, basically a timer ticks down for a predetermined deal of time before automatically switching it off, once your babies have had enough time to fall asleep. Many parents like the idea of a night light timer as it means when the baby falls asleep you don’t have to leave it on all through the light in the dark. It can shut off when the baby is sleeping, meaning it saves electricity and, by association, money as well.

How to know if the night light is too bright?

A night light that is too bright can lead to restless, broken sleep also. There is nothing worse than looking at a grumpy child who has not had enough sleep on the night before.

You can easily determine whether it is too bright or not by using this simple method as provided:

  • Wait until nighttime and turn it on first.
  • Place your head where your child’s head would be when sleeping and close your eyes as a test as wished.
  • Turn your head towards the light source for the next step.
  • If you can still clearly see the night light through your eyelids then it is bright enough to interfere with your child’s sleep.

On the flip side, it should still be bright enough occasionally when parents need to safely tend to their baby in the middle of the night as such.

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